How YouTubers Get Paid! – How To Get Paid without Adsense on YouTube!

It is probably an age old question as to exactly how YouTubers get paid and how much do they actually earn. These are good questions. As a full-time YouTuber myself I can understand that we have really weird jobs that couldn’t have existed even 5 or 6 years ago. I’m here to explain exactly how the whole thing works, from how we get paid and how much we get paid, to how you can get paid doing this.

how youtubers get paid - in multiple ways

How YouTubers get paid

Your average YouTube channel generates money every single time a viewer watches an advertisement on one of your videos. This means that they don’t have an ad-blocker turned on and they watch an skippable ad for at least 30 seconds. Once a user has watched the advertisement for 30 seconds or seen other smaller ads such as banner ads, YouTube will then generate a payment for that and split the money between you and YouTube itself. You get the 55% of it, while YouTube gets the rest 45% (in case of AdSense). The money generated per view is less than 1 cent, however we will get to how much that turns out to later. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Sponsored deals

Another way a YouTube channel can get paid is through sponsored deals. This is usually offered to only bigger YouTube channels that take part in more hands on networks. But occasionally smaller channels will have them as well. It’s just that the sponsor will pay them specific amount of money either per view or per click to the company’s link, or to make a video about a product, often some kind of other YouTube channel or video game.

It’s worth nothing that it’s required by law for the YouTuber to tell people that it’s a sponsored video in the video’s description. So if you ever watch a video that you think might be a sponsored one, check the description to know for sure. Sponsored deals range from extremely shady to where they buy off people’s opinion to sell games, to completely legend them, or they just want the person’s honest opinion on it while doing a video to show the game off to new players. Sponsored deals generate much more money than regular advertisements. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Through Patreon : Receive donations from viewers

The last way to make money on YouTube isn’t directly attached to YouTube, but it’s so common and extremely efficient that it’s worth bringing out. You see that a lot of YouTubers myself included use Patreon. It is a website where content creators can receive donations monthly from fans and give optional rewards in return. Patreon then takes 10% of the donations for themselves and gives you the rest 90% of what was sent. Not every viewer is going to donate every month, still it’s a much more stable income than YouTube itself. Yes, YouTubing is such a weird job that most channels with Patreon make more money from donations every month than they do from their actual paychecks from AdSense or MCN partnership. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

How much YouTubers get paid

As a YouTuber, how much you get paid actually depends on three factors: how many viewers you get, how many of them use ad-block and if you do sponsored videos. Let’s look at the number of views first. Many Multi-channel networks will attempt to have you signed a contract with them by saying that you’re going to earn $3-$10 per thousand views, where the reality is that it is not possible to pay you more than $2 for each 1000 views. That is assuming that most of your viewers are from USA, UK, Canada. If most viewers are from developing countries like India, you’d be paid much less than $2 for one thousand views.

Well, you have to be very careful before you sign a contract with an MCN. There are some contracts which won’t let you go before 5 years have finished. They do this in the hope that one day your channel will really earn a lot of revenue for them. So, if you’re going to choose an MCN, then choose one that will not compel you to sign a contract with them for a long period of time . That way you’re free to leave them any time you feel like, just like a job.

For those of you who depend on Social blade to have some idea about the earnings of a channel, just know that Social Blade estimates are very inaccurate. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Come to know aboutMulti channel network (MCN): Pros and Cons

How many viewers use ad-block – an important point to consider

1000 views is all well and good, but if all of those people use ad-block, you still don’t get paid. This is why the most financially successful channels have young children as their viewers (the gaming channels). Children are less likely to use ad-block than adults, thus generate more money from advertisements.

On the other hand, YouTube channels which have older people as majority of their viewers, can’t earn much money from ads for obvious reasons. But they can use Patreon account, as adults are more likely to donate on Patreon, because they have disposable income.

Well, now there might be a question as to who makes more earnings between these two types of YouTube channels? Currently channels that attract young people more are earning more due to the shear number of advantages. The thing is that Patreon is still somewhat a young website and we will see how things go in the future. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Sponsored videos

The pay you get from sponsored videos depends largely on the sponsored campaign itself and how big it is. Usually they have a pool of a set amount of money, let’s say $600 in this case and will open up their campaign for anyone within the network to take part in. Any of them can sign up and do sponsored videos and the company will give them its money based on whatever payment method they have set up, until they’re out of the money in the campaign.

The most common campaigns will either pay by views of the video or by how many times the viewers have clicked on the company’s link, in whatever they are trying to sell you. Because they don’t rely on YouTube advertisements that can be blocked by some ad-blockers, they pay much higher. They’re very popular with large channels, as this is an easy way to make much more money. YouTubers don’t get paid much unless they’re massive, like pewdiepie. And large channels tend to spend a lot of money to produce contents, so the sponsored videos help a lot with that. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

How do YOU get paid

If you’re trying to get started on YouTube and you wanna get paid, then you’re going to need to figure out what you want to do on your channel and actually do it until you get around 1000 subscribers.During that time you’re probably going to get a lot of requests to join networks promising all kinds of money. Whatever you do, don’t join them. Many networks try to sign new YouTubers to terrible deals, where they might be locked in for a period of up to 3 to 5 years at a time. They do it in the hope that your channel will be popular within that time and they can make as much money off you as possible.

If you have less than 1000 subscribers, you probably won’t even be making $20 per month in the first place. Wait until you get 1000 subscribers and then sign a contract with a company like Curse or Freedom who have no lock-in policy. So if you’re ever unhappy with your contract, you can put in your 30 days and leave, just like with any other regular job. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

The reason you might want to join a network

The primary reason is that by joining a network, they will allow you to bypass the need to prove that you own your own videos before you upload them. This is extremely important in the gaming side of YouTube, because YouTube will often outright reject your ownership of videos, no matter how much proof you give them, unless you’re a company. While you’re within a network, you don’t need to provide proof. And if you’re ranked highly in the network where you’re are managed, they will even make you often immune to id claim bots on YouTube.

ID claim bots are the brain of gaming youtubers, as despite the vast majority of their content being fair use, its very easy for companies to claim that they own it and take all the money from it and continue to do that for months until they run out of time and you get full ownership of your video again. You’ll never be able to get the money back that you lost during that time. So networks are very important for helping you avoid this issue. It will always happen to some extent, but networks help a lot with that.

I and my time on Youtube have literally successfully repelled more than 100 disputes and claims on my channel. And I still get them nearly every single week. Companies are aware that they’re just trying to steal money from you when they do this. However, they’re going to keep doing it. There’s no actual punishment on YouTube’s end for doing it, so nothing’s stopping them. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Why you need a Patreon

A Patreon is extremely important for you, if you’re planning to make YouTubing your full tiime job. Let’s face it, YouTube is surely a very unstable place for money. You need a fair amount of it to have a good-enough computer to produce the content you wanna make as well as the stable funds to buy supplies you need for filming, whatever it is you film and you have left enough to pay your bills and eat every month. With Patreon you give your viewers the option to donate to you, to directly help you and your show and it helps a great deal.

Some people feel weird about it and think that it is just begging for money. But in reality you’re just an artist giving your work for free with a tip jar to the side. People with money to spare can choose whether or not they want to put money in the tip jar. But no matter what the content is still free for everyone to enjoy. If you really want to help out a channel, donate 10 cents every single month. That way you’ll be giving them more money than you would if you’d watch one of their videos every single day without ad-block. That is how big the difference is between Patreon pay and Youtube pay. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

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Promote YouTube channel through the use of a blog: Have bigger watch time and earnings

If you promote YouTube channel through the use of an established or semi-established blog, you could have some excellent privileges which you would not have in case of promotion by a social media site like Facebook. The privileges or advantages are that you’re likely to have greater watch time and hence the possibility of bigger earnings from your channel.

You know when you share your YouTube videos on Facebook, people hardly care about them, unless you own a popular Facebook profile or page having a lot of regular and dedicated followers. When your Facebook friends or random visitors to your timeline click on those videos to watch them, it is likely that they won’t watch your full video. In most cases, they will watch only for 1 or 2 minutes, unless the video content is really exquisite.

Use a blog to promote youtube channel

If you’re able to use a blog to promote YouTube channel, then it might be a great idea to do that. This blog could be yours or someone else’s. In case you don’t have an established blog of yourself, find someone who has. Request them to embed your YouTube videos into the articles of their blog. If needed, be prepared to pay them an amount as if you’re about to put ads on their site. Just make sure that your videos have content that is relevant to that blog. For example you can embed a video with title ‘How to apply for AdSense’ in an article that describes ‘Things you should know about AdSense’.

This embedding of your videos into their blog/site will help you promote YouTube channel to a great extent. As previously mentioned, this way you’re going to have a bigger watch time on your videos. As a result your videos content will be considered great and hence YouTube’s AI will choose to promote your channel quickly.

The difference between blog readers and Facebook visitors

I don’t mean that a person who is a blog reader can’t be a Facebook visitor. The point is that while you’re on Facebook, your mood is totally different compared to that while reading a blog. While on Facebook, you’re likely in a casual mode. When people are in this mood, they don’t prefer to watch some serious tutorial videos.

Let’s face it, they don’t browse Facebook to watch videos in the first place, do they? While Facebook’s and Twitter’s news feed is so full of interesting images and stories, why would people prefer to watch YouTube videos there? Even if they click on a video, they may not watch it for an extended time. That’s why no matter how funny and interesting your videos are, they don’t get the appreciation they deserve on social media sites. The result is that you have a poor watch time on your YouTube videos and your channel keeps struggling to get established.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

Come to know why your channel might be stuck with no success

Unless your channel has a good recent average watch time, YouTube’s automated system may not choose to take it to the next level. So you had better find a blog or a serious platform like this to promote YouTube channel.

Also you should know that your YouTube earnings are kind of proportional to your watch time. It also depends on which countries the viewers are mostly from. If you can’t have majority of your viewers from countries like US, UK, Canada etc. because of your video content or language, that’s one thing you have to take for granted. It means you can do nothing about it, unless you change your video content and/or niche and start using a first world language.

But by putting your videos on a blog or a serious platform like this you pave the way to enhance your channel’s average watch time and hence the possibility of bigger earnings, compared to other new YouTubers who promote YouTube channel only on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How long have I been thinking about this kind of promotion?

I  have been thinking about the ‘promote youtube channel by a blog’ thing for quite a long time now, almost one and a half years. In 2016, YouTubing (earning through uploading videos on YouTube) was kind of easy. Once one of my channels was terminated, I easily created another channel and started my activities on that. It took me only 10-15 days to establish a channel back then. Here ‘establish’ means to have sufficient number of views and earnings (you know once YouTube earnings start like $10-$20 per day, it’s satisfactory for most new YouTubers).

But I was surprised to find that some people didn’t need to take even 10-15 days to have their channel established. It looked like they established their YouTube channel overnight. I was wondering as to how that was possible. Then I started scrutinizing their channel. On its homepage I saw the link to their blog. I found that their blog/site was well established and it had existed for a long time then. Naturally blogs like this could have thousands of subscribers and followers. Some of these visitors may surely choose to watch the YouTube videos that are embedded on the site. And they do it  for an extended period of time, because they’re surely in a serious mode and not in a hurry anyway.

Will these high watch time videos be ever suggested on YouTube’s watch page?

Now you might ask a question as to whether these high watch time videos will ever be suggested on YouTube’s watch page or featured on its homepage. The answer is – they sure might be. If a channel has many videos all with high watch time, YouTube’s artificial intelligence will surely at a point decide to promote that channel. It will then present its videos to viewers who like to watch similar content. This will be done by featuring the videos on these people’s YouTube homepage, even by suggesting them on their YouTube watch page.

The viewers have nevertheless the option to mark the videos as ‘Not interested’, but they are not likely to. This is because Youtube features and suggests videos from various channels based on your watch history. I have found some people complaining that an 18+ or adult video was suggested to them by YouTube automated system. And they claim that they never watched such video previously on YouTube. Well, surely they’re not speaking 100% truth. They must have previously watched at least one video which had similar content. (This article describes how to promote YouTube channel by a blog)

Now take my blog and YouTube videos for example.

Recently I have created a new YouTube channel where I have been uploading videos on YouTubing. The purpose of these videos is to present the content of my blog in video format. For example, there is an article on my channel that describes how to properly appeal the suspension of a YouTube channel. I’m talking about the following article:

How to properly appeal the suspension of your channel

On this article at a point I’ve provided the url to my YouTube video which describes how to do this appeal. On this video I basically have described the procedure orally and face to face. So once my channel has a good number of uploaded videos with satisfactory average watch time, they will be presented to people all around the world who’re interested in YouTubing tips. That way I will have a lot of views and subscribers on my channel. (This article describes how to promote a channel by a blog)

Gotta share my experience regarding this topic

I have gathered a little bit of bitter experience lately which I like to share with you, for your own good. You could say I’ve learnt a lesson. When I uploaded three videos I provided the links to the videos in respective articles of my blog, I didn’t share them on Facebook yet. As a result I started to get good average watch time.

Then I made the mistake of sharing the videos on Facebook. Like I previously pointed out: while browsing Facebook people are often in casual mood. Even if they might click on a shared YouTube video to watch it, they’re not going to do it for long. So sharing your YouTube videos on social networking platforms may get you some views indeed, but these views will likely come with  poor watch time.

This is why, after I had shared the videos on Facebook, their average view duration began to fall drastically. Whereas the average watch time was above 4 minutes previously, one day I found it to be only 10 seconds for that particular day. I was totally shocked and got to the traffic source for that day. I found it to be Facebook and not a single view from my blog. That’s natural, when I have only three videos on my channel, I may not get any traffic on a day from a particular source like Facebook, Twitter or blog. (This article describes how to promote YouTube channel by a blog)

The unnatural thing that I found and shocked me

What’s shocking is that why would someone/some people watch my videos only for an average view duration of 10 seconds? From the looks of it, it was surely some sort of ‘vandalism’ activity on my channel. I don’t know who, whether I know them or not, they just came along and caused my channel some damage in terms of view duration. I wonder whether every new YouTuber has to go through this.

Then again, as the owner of a new YouTube channel you have to share your videos somewhere, right? Why not share them on an established or semi established blog, if possible? This practice will rank your channel at such height that you can’t even imagine of. So I am on the way to progress, what about you?

Lastly, I hereby show you the recent average view duration graph of my newly created channel, it is shown below. Oh, one thing to mention, I lately deleted the links to my videos that I shared on Facebook. Since then the graph has started to renew and relive once again. I hope it will soon recover, pray for my channel please.

Track average watch time graph to promote YouTube channel
The ups and downs of average view duration of a channel

Watch the YouTube video on this article:

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