Promote YouTube channel through the use of a blog: Have bigger watch time and earnings

If you promote YouTube channel through the use of an established or semi-established blog, you could have some excellent privileges which you would not have in case of promotion by a social media site like Facebook. The privileges or advantages are that you’re likely to have greater watch time and hence the possibility of bigger earnings from your channel.

You know when you share your YouTube videos on Facebook, people hardly care about them, unless you own a popular Facebook profile or page having a lot of regular and dedicated followers. When your Facebook friends or random visitors to your timeline click on those videos to watch them, it is likely that they won’t watch your full video. In most cases, they will watch only for 1 or 2 minutes, unless the video content is really exquisite.

Use a blog to promote youtube channel

If you’re able to use a blog to promote YouTube channel, then it might be a great idea to do that. This blog could be yours or someone else’s. In case you don’t have an established blog of yourself, find someone who has. Request them to embed your YouTube videos into the articles of their blog. If needed, be prepared to pay them an amount as if you’re about to put ads on their site. Just make sure that your videos have content that is relevant to that blog. For example you can embed a video with title ‘How to apply for AdSense’ in an article that describes ‘Things you should know about AdSense’.

This embedding of your videos into their blog/site will help you promote YouTube channel to a great extent. As previously mentioned, this way you’re going to have a bigger watch time on your videos. As a result your videos content will be considered great and hence YouTube’s AI will choose to promote your channel quickly.

The difference between blog readers and Facebook visitors

I don’t mean that a person who is a blog reader can’t be a Facebook visitor. The point is that while you’re on Facebook, your mood is totally different compared to that while reading a blog. While on Facebook, you’re likely in a casual mode. When people are in this mood, they don’t prefer to watch some serious tutorial videos.

Let’s face it, they don’t browse Facebook to watch videos in the first place, do they? While Facebook’s and Twitter’s news feed is so full of interesting images and stories, why would people prefer to watch YouTube videos there? Even if they click on a video, they may not watch it for an extended time. That’s why no matter how funny and interesting your videos are, they don’t get the appreciation they deserve on social media sites. The result is that you have a poor watch time on your YouTube videos and your channel keeps struggling to get established.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

Come to know why your channel might be stuck with no success

Unless your channel has a good recent average watch time, YouTube’s automated system may not choose to take it to the next level. So you had better find a blog or a serious platform like this to promote YouTube channel.

Also you should know that your YouTube earnings are kind of proportional to your watch time. It also depends on which countries the viewers are mostly from. If you can’t have majority of your viewers from countries like US, UK, Canada etc. because of your video content or language, that’s one thing you have to take for granted. It means you can do nothing about it, unless you change your video content and/or niche and start using a first world language.

But by putting your videos on a blog or a serious platform like this you pave the way to enhance your channel’s average watch time and hence the possibility of bigger earnings, compared to other new YouTubers who promote YouTube channel only on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How long have I been thinking about this kind of promotion?

I  have been thinking about the ‘promote youtube channel by a blog’ thing for quite a long time now, almost one and a half years. In 2016, YouTubing (earning through uploading videos on YouTube) was kind of easy. Once one of my channels was terminated, I easily created another channel and started my activities on that. It took me only 10-15 days to establish a channel back then. Here ‘establish’ means to have sufficient number of views and earnings (you know once YouTube earnings start like $10-$20 per day, it’s satisfactory for most new YouTubers).

But I was surprised to find that some people didn’t need to take even 10-15 days to have their channel established. It looked like they established their YouTube channel overnight. I was wondering as to how that was possible. Then I started scrutinizing their channel. On its homepage I saw the link to their blog. I found that their blog/site was well established and it had existed for a long time then. Naturally blogs like this could have thousands of subscribers and followers. Some of these visitors may surely choose to watch the YouTube videos that are embedded on the site. And they do it  for an extended period of time, because they’re surely in a serious mode and not in a hurry anyway.

Will these high watch time videos be ever suggested on YouTube’s watch page?

Now you might ask a question as to whether these high watch time videos will ever be suggested on YouTube’s watch page or featured on its homepage. The answer is – they sure might be. If a channel has many videos all with high watch time, YouTube’s artificial intelligence will surely at a point decide to promote that channel. It will then present its videos to viewers who like to watch similar content. This will be done by featuring the videos on these people’s YouTube homepage, even by suggesting them on their YouTube watch page.

The viewers have nevertheless the option to mark the videos as ‘Not interested’, but they are not likely to. This is because Youtube features and suggests videos from various channels based on your watch history. I have found some people complaining that an 18+ or adult video was suggested to them by YouTube automated system. And they claim that they never watched such video previously on YouTube. Well, surely they’re not speaking 100% truth. They must have previously watched at least one video which had similar content. (This article describes how to promote YouTube channel by a blog)

Now take my blog and YouTube videos for example.

Recently I have created a new YouTube channel where I have been uploading videos on YouTubing. The purpose of these videos is to present the content of my blog in video format. For example, there is an article on my channel that describes how to properly appeal the suspension of a YouTube channel. I’m talking about the following article:

How to properly appeal the suspension of your channel

On this article at a point I’ve provided the url to my YouTube video which describes how to do this appeal. On this video I basically have described the procedure orally and face to face. So once my channel has a good number of uploaded videos with satisfactory average watch time, they will be presented to people all around the world who’re interested in YouTubing tips. That way I will have a lot of views and subscribers on my channel. (This article describes how to promote a channel by a blog)

Gotta share my experience regarding this topic

I have gathered a little bit of bitter experience lately which I like to share with you, for your own good. You could say I’ve learnt a lesson. When I uploaded three videos I provided the links to the videos in respective articles of my blog, I didn’t share them on Facebook yet. As a result I started to get good average watch time.

Then I made the mistake of sharing the videos on Facebook. Like I previously pointed out: while browsing Facebook people are often in casual mood. Even if they might click on a shared YouTube video to watch it, they’re not going to do it for long. So sharing your YouTube videos on social networking platforms may get you some views indeed, but these views will likely come with  poor watch time.

This is why, after I had shared the videos on Facebook, their average view duration began to fall drastically. Whereas the average watch time was above 4 minutes previously, one day I found it to be only 10 seconds for that particular day. I was totally shocked and got to the traffic source for that day. I found it to be Facebook and not a single view from my blog. That’s natural, when I have only three videos on my channel, I may not get any traffic on a day from a particular source like Facebook, Twitter or blog. (This article describes how to promote YouTube channel by a blog)

The unnatural thing that I found and shocked me

What’s shocking is that why would someone/some people watch my videos only for an average view duration of 10 seconds? From the looks of it, it was surely some sort of ‘vandalism’ activity on my channel. I don’t know who, whether I know them or not, they just came along and caused my channel some damage in terms of view duration. I wonder whether every new YouTuber has to go through this.

Then again, as the owner of a new YouTube channel you have to share your videos somewhere, right? Why not share them on an established or semi established blog, if possible? This practice will rank your channel at such height that you can’t even imagine of. So I am on the way to progress, what about you?

Lastly, I hereby show you the recent average view duration graph of my newly created channel, it is shown below. Oh, one thing to mention, I lately deleted the links to my videos that I shared on Facebook. Since then the graph has started to renew and relive once again. I hope it will soon recover, pray for my channel please.

Track average watch time graph to promote YouTube channel
The ups and downs of average view duration of a channel

Watch the YouTube video on this article:

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How to get views on YouTube – A case study and some tips

First of all, let me tell you this is not exactly a detailed tutorial on the answer to the biggest YouTubing question, it’s more like a case study. Recently one guy from an Arab country asked me this question. He wanted to know how to get views on YouTube.  He basically want to have some quick and easy views on his channel, as I came to know later. I said, ‘There is no direct answer to your query. You just have to improve the content of your videos. Also make sure that your videos have good SEO scores and are constantly shared on social media platforms’. Then I promised to scrutinize his channel to find any possible ways to improve his contents and channel’s condition as a whole. I surely did that as I had promised. Well, I’m coming to that part later.

how to get views on youtube and grow your channel
how to get views on youtube and grow your channel

How to get views on YouTube – the biggest YouTubing question

Some might ask me as to why I termed this as the biggest YouTubing question. How about ‘How to earn more money on YouTube?’ Well, YouTubers who already are earning handsome amount might ask this beautiful(!) question. But the thing is that they already know the answer to some extent. They know that they have to create even more attractive and meaningful content than their competitors to earn more. If your contents’ quality remain the same while your YouTubing competitors are able to create even more innovative videos, then they will earn more and your earnings are likely to decrease, provided that YouTube’s total advert revenue remains the same. (This article is a case-study on How to get views on YouTube)

It’s like a family with fixed monthly budget; if they decide to spend more money in education, they will have to make a cut off in something else, like their food intake or residence status. Take another example: arm wrestling. No matter how strong you are, you will lose to your opponent if they’re stronger than you; plain and simple.

But the question: How to get views on YouTube – is surely the biggest YouTubing question in the sense that every YouTuber has to ask this at least once in their YouTubing career. They make study, take counseling, do experiments and then may at some point realize what it takes to get views on a YouTube channel. That’s why many established YouTubers are not exactly willing and ready to share with you their hard-earned wisdom and experience on YouTube.

The honest answer – NOT in a single sentence

As an expert YouTuber I can bet that no one can give a direct or short (like one sentence) answer to this particular query as to How to get views on YouTube. Getting views on your channel up to expectation is equivalent to having success. Because once you start getting enough views, it’s guranteed that your YouTube earnings are going to increase gradually, unless your videos are not advertiser friendly.

So how to start getting views on your channel up to your expectations? The answer is kind of tricky, because success in YouTubing depends partly (40%) on luck and partly (60%) on your hard work and wisdom. Suppose you and your friend, both are creating quality and advertiser friendly contents. So you thing you two should have the same level of YouTube success in terms of views and earnings, right?

Well, the thing is that there is something in nature called ‘randomness’. Because of this people may like your friends’ videos more than yours. It’s totally random and coincidental, there is nothing you can do about it. Nevertheless the opposite can happen also, people may actually prefer your videos over your friend’s. (This article is a case-study on How to get views on YouTube)

What sort of hardwork is needed to have success on YouTube?

The first thing is choosing a unique niche. You have to find yourself a topic that viewers would like very much. Should for some reason this particular niche not work for you, then it can change later. Like I said in a previous article of this blog that the practice of uploading videos based on different niches doesn’t harm the channel. You just have to constantly upload. Until your channel gets enough success (considering the number of daily views), keep uploading at least two videos per day. Once your channel is fairly established, try to upload a video every alternate day.

Your must practice SEO on your videos, but don’t use misleading metadata. There are many contents on the web to learn about YouTube SEO. I’m going to write an article soon on this topic, so stay tuned. After publishing of new videos, be sure to share them on social networking sites. Above all, don’t lose hope. Remember that, Youtubing is not your day/official job, it’s just a hobby for you. So choose such topic/niche that always interests you. That way you’ll be able to upload regularly and continue your YouTubing activities, even if success might seem remote. (This article is a case-study on How to get views on YouTube)

What I found about that guy’s channel

As I declared earlier, this article is more like a case study. So now I am going to reveal what I found upon scrutinizing that guy’s channel. I did not exactly spend a lot of time on his channel, it was about half an hour. He uploaded some animated cartoon like childish videos with no apparent conversation, only movements. I don’t know where he found them; clearly he didn’t create those videos himself. He might have downloaded them from others’ YouTube channels or internet sources like websites, facebook, dailymotion etc. The thing is that no matter how much effort you put into your channel (including SEO and constant uploading), you’re not going to get success, unless the contents you’re uploading were created by yourself.

Video contents that were previously uploaded on YouTube by other people, or those containing copyright material kind of make sure you’re never gonna be established as a YouTuber. Because people already have seen those videos, why would they watch those again on your channel? That’s why videos like those are never promoted or suggested by YouTube’s automated system (artificial intelligence), let alone made viral.

Another factor is that the Arabic guy (who sought my advice) used Arabic as his content language. If you can use English, Spanish, French or Portuguese as your videos’ primary language, then they’re more likely to become viral. Because, let’s face it, most of the people around the world use these languages, don’t they? So in order to have quick success, you should preferably choose one of these for your Youtube channel; not that other languages won’t do at all. (This article is a case-study on How to get views on YouTube)

So the bottom line is although that guy has problem regarding content’s language, but his main problem is that he most probably has stolen someone else’s content. Even if he might have recorded those videos using TV card or set top box, the contents don’t rightfully belong to him and YouTube is fully aware of it. Although nobody may be imposing copyright strikes/claims on his channel right now, he may be facing them in the near future. And Youtube doesn’t promote contents that were previously uploaded by other YouTubers and watched by viewers.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to help/advise people

When I tried to explain the facts I found on his channel, he seemed to avoid being lectured. It’s like he wasn’t interested to hear what are the problems with his channel. That’s when he hinted that he basically was looking for some easy and quick views for his videos. I frankly said, ‘Sorry buddy, there is no such direct or shortcut way to have some quick views for your channel’. Then he asked me whether he should buy YouTube views. I replied ‘It would not be wise’. I will tell you guys why i opined so, in a future article.

Then he complemented me on being helpful towards people. I appreciated him from within my mind for being thankful and then added, ‘Just remember the points that I presented. You might be benefited in the long run, if not shortly’. And then we said goodby to each other, that’s all. So what do you think of this case study on How to get views on YouTube? Let me know in the comments.

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