What are the optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos?

There are a lot of arguments in favor of and against this particular point: whether or not there are optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos. Well, I’d like to say in favor of it. Naturally your channel doesn’t have the same number of viewers throughout the whole day, at certain periods it has more viewers and views than other times. For example, a news channel has most visitors/viewers right after evening and a music channel has most viewers after 9PM. This is because viewers belong to certain categories, occupations and habits. So their tendency to visit YouTube also increases after certain time instant.

Now if you upload your video at such a time instant, they will receive notifications of the upload. Not that they don’t receive notification if the video is uploaded at another time instant. But the thing is that the viewers aren’t active on YouTube at those time instants, so these notifications remain unnoticed and left behind. Thus you lose a big number of valuable views that you could have pocketed otherwise. And for your information, the first few views that you get for a certain YouTube video of yours are really important, for they decide how much popularity and viral your video is going to be. (This article is on optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos)

If you go to the analytics of a certain video and scrutinize its traffic source you will get to see how many views you got from notifications. In my case, it is around 5%. Now assume that the total number of views for a certain video up to a time instant is 100,000; then its 5% would be 5000. Surely this is not a small number. But if you publish the video at a wrong time, this percentage could go as low as 1%, thus you would lose 4000 views just like that. Additionally, if a YouTube video gets a good number of views right after its publishing, it is supposed to get good ranking in the future. (This article is on optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos)

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Now how to find optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos?

For this purpose you need to follow the realtime analytics of your channel. Unless your channel is new and still struggling to get established, it is supposed to be like the one that follows:

realtime analytics to find optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos

The blue portion of the image depicts the realtime analytics for the last 48 hours. So as you can see there is a peak of views in every 24 hours. If you publish only one video in a day, then you should do that at the beginning of this peak which just happens to be around 9:00PM-10:00PM. If you choose to publish two videos in a day, then you need to publish the other one at around 12:00PM-1:00PM, because at 4:00PM-5:00PM you will get to see another peak, which isn’t so big as the one at 11:00PM-12:00AM.

If you think you can’t publish a video manually at these time instants, then choose scheduled posts. (This article is on optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos)

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How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel – A detailed guide for the beginners

This blogpost is on how to start a gaming YouTube channel. Read this to the end and you will come to know what you need to buy and do to start that. This post has been specially designed and written for beginners.

Why a gaming channel?

If I ask you ‘Who’s the most famous and successful YouTuber till date?’, I know your answer would be ‘PewDiePie’. He may not be the richest YouTuber now a days; but at least he was, for a couple of years. In fact, many of the richest YouTubers of all time were Gamers. This is because gaming YouTube videos easily get a significant scale of average watch time. No matter how old the viewer is, once they start watching a gaming video, it becomes difficult for them to look away from the video.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

Also majority of the viewers of these videos are kids; they hardly use ad blocker and often click on advertisements put around the videos. That’s why the earnings on a gaming channel tend to become higher as compared to other niches’ YouTube channels.

How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel

4 main things you need to buy

There are four main things you need to purchase before starting your own gaming channel. They are: (i) capture card (ii) microphone (iii) editing software and (iv) PC.

Let’s start with capture card first and foremost. In this regard, you have to remember that HD is key, so you can’t possibly buy a second rated card. And your card must be able to capture video in 720p minimum and 60 frame per second (60 FPS). Frankly, this sort of cards are not cheap.

The capture card models we recommend to you are El Gato Game Cature HD and HAUPPAUGE HD PVR 2. You have to buy any one of them. Both of them are external USB cards with 1080p/30FPS and 720p/60FPS features. Either of them would cost you around $150. Since they are external, they are just super easy for you to set up.

[Besides the equipment, you also need to know how to create a YouTube channel and customize it. Here is our detailed article on that:

How to make a Youtube account/channel and also customize it  ]

how about cheap capture cards?

Frankly, if you’re looking for super cheap capture cards like DAZZLE DVC 100s or EZ CAPS or ROXIO GAME CAPTURES, then Gaming YouTubing is probably not for you. Days of using any one of those are pretty much behind us. If you need to stand out from the rest, you have to first ensure quality.

[If you think ‘gaming’ would be a costly niche for you, then you could choose another YouTubing niche that you think will suit you the most. We have an article to help you choose your particular niche out of many available. Here it is:

YouTubing niche: Choose a nice one ]

resolution, frames per second and bit rate

And speaking of quality, when you’re going to purchase a capture card, you need to keep in mind three things: resolution, frames per second as well as bit rate. Now ‘resolution’ is pretty obvious. You want the resolution to be at least 720p; the more, the better. Your frames per second is probably preferable if you record everything in 60 FPS, keep that in mind.

And bit rate, one of the biggest key factors in your recording quality, has to be at least 10 million bit per sec (Mbps). Most gaming YouTubers use 30 Mbps bit rate for good picture quality. Yes, this level of bit rate makes the file size really big; but to run  a gaming channel now a days, you’re just left with no other choice. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)


Recently we interviewed an experienced and successful gaming YouTuber and asked him what capture card he uses. He said he used AVERMEDIA LIVE GAMER HD which is an internal capture card and it costs around $225.

But we’re not going to recommend that because in order to set it up you actually have to open up your PC (CPU) and install this capture card to your graphics card which is surely a hazardous and daunting task. As a new YouTuber you probably might NOT want to do that. And we too are recommending for you to choose one of the two external capture cards mentioned above.

[As a gaming YouTuber, you will have to face many copyright issues; that’s why you had better join a promising multi channel network right away. We know such one who will do everything for you within their means. They are called MediaCube-Network. To know more about them, read the following article:

MediaCube.Network – power-ups for your creativity ]

Choosing a nice Microphone

The days of having a crackling headset MIC on YouTube are long gone, it’s not going to work for you guys anymore. The minimum microphone and also a standalone microphone for you to use would be Blue Snowball.

Now keep in mind that there are two types of microphones: condenser and dynamic. For your information, condenser microphones are great for interviews; they pick up all the sound within the room. On the other hand, dynamic microphones are suitable for solo commentating which is preferred for most gaming YouTube channels. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

The ‘Blue Snowball’ is not a dynamic microphone, it’s actually a condenser. But still it’s a very good starting MIC. One gaming YouTuber known to me has been using this for quite a long time now. Blue Snowball is available to purchase online, it will cost you $20-$75 and it’s a pretty good quality stuff. [These are US standard market prices. In developing countries like India they could be much cheaper.]

But while I’ll be running my own gaming channel (very soon, I hope), I’ll probably be using a RODE PODCASTER. It’s a dynamic USB microphone. The user doesn’t have interface with it. It may cost a little more than a condenser microphone; each piece might cost you around $230.

Also with microphone, you need to download the free program ‘Audacity’. This is a free audio recording program which allows you to isolate background noise from your recordings and remove it. It’s simple and free, I don’t see any reason for you NOT to use it. Here are a couple of articles which describe the use of Audacity:

How to remove vocal from a song and thus make a karaoke

How to Make a Karaoke Cover Song Easily with Audacity

choosing the right Editing software: A big step on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel

There are two main editing software used by YouTubers: SONY VEGAS or ADOBE PREMIERE. Adobe Premiere can actually provide better quality videos, but it also comes with big learning curve. This is the reason why you may choose NOT to use it. Anyway, it’s premier version costs you $20/month.

Sony Vegas is easy to learn, but it is not capable of providing the finest quality video which Adobe Premiere can. Also Sony Vegas is pretty expensive, it costs you a one-time fee of $600.

However, the gaming YouTuber from my acquaintance I just mentioned earlier says he has been using Sony Vegas since his first day of YouTubing. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

He gave me a few tips while editing with Sony Vegas:

(i) Disable resample: It is so simple that people often forget to disable it. Even if you’re recording with 60 FPS, be sure you have disabled resample on your video files. That way there won’t be any GHOSTING which is surely a gross thing. To get rid of ghosting, you must disable resample.

(ii) proper rendering: Sony AVC/MVC is the format he renders his videos in. While rendering your videos like recording your gameplay that bit rate is king, is super key to your quality. At least 10 million bit rate on most of your videos is recommended. You need to render your videos in 60 FPS, specially for YouTube. If your video duration is above 15 minutes, then you can drop it down to 30 FPS. This is just because a 60 FPS video is a giant file size as compared to 30 FPS videos.

YouTube video settings: Upload defaults and advanced settings of your channel

A good PC plays an important role in your gaming channel

Now what we’re going to talk about is having a good PC. This is a big part in running a gaming channel. Whether you’re recording stuff on your console or you’re recording PC footage, your computer plays a huge part in your YouTube channel. Rendering videos on a low-configuration PC or in a laptop can actually be a giant pain. We quote our specialist in gaming YouTubing “I know it, I’ve been there. When I first started my YouTube channel, it took me 8+ hours to render a 10 minutes video at a very low bit rate”.

It’s okay to start a gaming channel on a low configuration PC or laptop. Only you might have to go through a bad PC schedule which would be (i) make video during day, (ii) render overnight, (iii) upload next day and (iv) repeat.

Oh, please, we were just kidding a little bit! Seriously,  get a schedule so that you can create new gaming YouTube videos daily and consistently; even with a low config PC. If you want to grow your gaming channel, you’ll eventually have to upgrade your computer at some point, no doubt about that. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

Change YouTube homepage layout: Make your channel look stunning

How to customize YouTube homepage – part 2

Here are some quick tips on your gaming channel

Your channel’s name is really important, make it memorable, catchy and original; no Xs and numbers may be used in the name. Good titles for YouTube videos are really important. Make sure they look good and accurately describe the video and are clear.

If you’re NOT sure what sort of titles you should be using, then go ahead and check out a few renowned gaming channels to see what they’re using. It’s okay to do that at beginning level, just don’t copy and paste the whole title. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

Tags are also important for your videos. They play an important role in leading people to find your videos. Make sure they are clear and accurate. They should also indicate which video games you are making YouTube videos on. And be sure to use your channel branding as a tag in every video. That means, if your channel’s name is TopGamer2018, then you could use this keyword as a tag in every YouTube video of your channel. Also be sure to use this as a channel keyword.

How to rank YouTube channel with keywords

Remember that consistency is key

Consisting content is key, ladies and gentlemen! Daily uploads, five videos a week, anything like that – get a schedule and stick to that. At the beginning it could even be 1 or 2 videos in a week, if you like. The thing is that people can’t find you unless you have videos; they then might get unmotivated.

If a new visitor comes to your channel and finds only two videos, that too neither of them are exciting – then they won’t possibly visit your channel homepage again. That’s why you’ve got to upload a lot of videos in the first few months of your YouTube channel. YouTube’s automated algorithm decides to promote your channel when you’re consistent in video uploading. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

‘Longtail’ is your best friend

Longtail videos are those which are watched over prolonged period of time. Suppose I upload a video on my YouTube channel today, but it will be watched by viewers even three or five years later. Most successful YouTube channels have countless longtail videos. And they earn most of their revenue from such videos. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

If the term ‘longtail’ isn’t yet clear to you, then let us give you another example. Think about a news based blog; consider two articles on it. One article describes an accident that took place in Mumbai, India and another describes how to lose weight. Surely the first article might be read on a huge scale in the first few days of its publishing, later it is very likely to lose its charm. But the second article being popular over an extended period (like 3-5 years) of time could be called a ‘longtail’ post on the news blog. (This article is on How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel)

In order to create ‘longtail’ gaming videos, you might need to do a little research as to what games have been most popular in the last few months. And you could use AdWords keyword planner to find information like that. Here are a few posts you might find useful when it comes to keyword research:

SEO your YouTube videos – How to use AdWords Keyword Planner

Keyword research and analysis without AdWords: Here’s how to do it

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Riddles new YouTubers face – Did you too go through these situations?

In this knowledge base article we’re going to present a few riddle like situations that almost all new YouTubers have to go through. Read this article to the end and see whether you too faced such riddles.

A pretty woman can become one of successful YouTubers
Many pretty face are coming into the business of YouTubing now a days
The view count problem: Most new Youtubers face

May be you just started to have views on your YouTube videos. And you somehow learned to use realtime analytics to track number of views. These views also reflect on your AdSense dashboard. But you don’t see the views to increase on your channel’s video manager or dashboard page right next to the videos themselves. And you’re astonished as to why that is.

Well, for your information, Google/YouTube officials firsthand check whether you earned the views in a legitimate way or not. Once they have done the checking and found nothing wrong about it, they approve the true number of views on the video manager and dashboard pages of your YouTube channel. This approval usually takes a few hours, so nothing to worry about; just relax, you’re going to get what you deserve.

Earnings are not reflected on AdSense

YouTube earnings are different from blog earnings in the sense that they are not updated daily on AdSense. Rather they are updated once in a month.

You might be familiar with a blogger who says he has earned $21 today. So you jumped to a conclusion that earnings on AdSense are updated daily. Honestly, in case of blogging, it’s even better; because earnings are updated every once in a while (every 10-20 minutes). But you shouldn’t expect the same for your YouTube earnings. I am not exactly sure why AdSense has a different policy for YouTubers.

Well, at least you get to know your daily earnings on your channel’s dashboard. And the neat thing about this is that you’re going to get the exact amount that shows on dashboard. I haven’t heard of any exceptions to this day. If your channel’s dashboard shows that you have earned $300 in a certain month, then you can expect exactly $300 to be deposited into your bank account from AdSense at the end of the next month. It is that much neat, Google hasn’t ever played around with this thing yet.

If you are not satisfied yet and want to see some practical numbers on your today’s YouTube earnings on AdSense, it’s possible too. The numbers you can see are called estimated earnings which are most obviously not your actual earnings. We shall publish a post on how to find those earnings soon.

How to handle ‘the AdSense PIN’ thing

Once new YouTubers earn at least $10 on their AdSense dashboard, they are sent a four digit PIN. But they just don’t know how to handle this PIN. They wonder as to how many times they should apply for the PIN. Well the answer is: they can apply for the PIN for three times. Every time YouTubers apply for a new PIN mail, the ‘official’ time it should take for the mail to arrive is twenty one days. But in actual case, it might be a little longer than that: almost one month or may be 35 days.

So once you apply for a PIN, after 21 days you can apply again. And don’t worry, no matter how many letters you get, they will contain the same PIN within them. So once you have submitted an application to have a PIN, it doesn’t mean that you can’t submit again; because you most certainly can do that no matter what.

Even if you believe the first mail is processing on its way to your physical address, you can appeal for a second time, and a third time. After three consecutive submissions, if you still don’t receive any of the mails, then you can use your bank statement. You need to simply scan this document and upload the image onto your AdSense.

My experience regarding the ‘uploading image’ thing

My experience says that AdSense doesn’t even verify this uploaded image. (Not that I’m encouraging anyone to adopt any unfair means.) I am saying this because one moment I uploaded the scanned image of my bank statement and the next moment they said my AdSense account was verified. How did they verify the document in the blink of an eye? I believe documents like this need to be verified manually and it takes around 6-8 hours on an average to do that. However, it is just my experience that I thought I could share with you guys.

May be AdSense has a policy that once a certain individual uploads the scanned copy of their bank statement or any other official document that has their physical address on it, their AdSense account is instantly verified without human intervention. Because you know AdSense account is really valuable to all YouTubers and they won’t possibly play around with it. That’s why Google’s AdSense team believes that anyone trying to upload such document has to be genuine and sincere, for their own sake. However, it is simply a conspiracy theory from me; I don’t claim it to be 100% correct.

YouTube AdSense: Things you should know about it as a youtuber

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Keyword research and analysis without AdWords: Here’s how to do it

In a previous blog post I described how to do keyword research and analysis using Google AdWords. Well, recently I realized that I don’t need to use that for this research; all I need is Google search engine itself.

Things that are more effective than AdWords search results

I decided to present this article to you because I think there is something more precise and effective than AdWords search results. It is the keywords suggestions by Google search engine.

Keyword research and analysis by google search engine

When you start typing in the Google search box, it automatically suggests similar most searched keywords. Instead of trying the ‘troublesome and clumsy’ AdWords you could collect your desired keywords and tags from here. More precisely, you should collect keywords from the bottom portion of a Google search results page. In case of Google Chrome, it may look like this.

Keyword research and analysis in Google chrome

In case of other browsers (e.g. torch), it may look like following.

Keyword research and analysis in torch browser

Further explaining this keyword research and analysis method

For example, when I planned to compose this article, I knew the focus keyword to use should be close to ‘Keywords research’. So I ran a Google search on that and found a few results. Instead of trying the instant suggestions by Google search box, I went to the bottom portion of the first page of results. What I got to see there is already presented in the above pics.

Now when I took a close look, I found that I should use the phrase ‘Keyword research and analysis’ as focus keyword, as it is the closest to the term I ran the search on. Surely more people run Google searches with ‘Keyword research and analysis’ than the term ‘Keywords research’.

Use a couple of other keywords as tags

As you can see in the above pic, there are eight ‘related searches’, out of which I used one as focus keyword for this blog post. What about the rest? Should I leave them to astray? Most certainly not, because they might be useful as well. You know you could use a few keywords as tags for your YouTube video or an article.

So I closely observed the rest seven keyword phrases and realized that I could use most of them as tags on my current article. This is because anyone searching on Google for keyword tools might find this blog post handy. Also may be they just don’t know they don’t need any extra seo keyword tool as long as they have Google. So I chose to simply put the ‘useful’ keyword phrases in the ‘Add Tags’ box.

The reason i switched to this method

I have been using this technique in my recent posts, as you can see by putting a little observation. It’s just that using 20-30 tags for a single blog post or YouTube video isn’t appropriate, which I came to know lately. Also the keyword phrases that you find in the bottom of a Google search results page are from recent history, likely within the last 4/5 months. Whereas the search results found on AdWords might be as old as 12 months. If so, then surely they may no longer be in search trends.

So I believe you have been able to catch the hang of it by now. If you have, give us a thumbs up. Also share this post among your friends and associates if you believe they might be benefited by reading it.

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Here’s the link to the article which I mentioned in the first paragraph of this blog post.

SEO your YouTube videos – How to use AdWords Keyword Planner

5 Apps Every YouTuber Must Have: Try them out

Today We’re going to share with you 5 apps that every YouTuber should have in their mobile phone installed. If this is your first time here and you want to know how to grow your channel, make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff, then keep following this blog so you don’t miss anything. Before we give you our list, let us know what apps you are using to help you with your YouTube creations, down in the comments below.


If you don’t have a computer-based editor and you want to make your thumbnail photos look incredible or even to improve the quality of the thumbnails that you use inside your videos, then ‘Snapseed’ is the solution for you. Snapseed allows you to add brightness, contrast, saturation; add ambiance to your photos and all types of other things that really make your photos grab attention and stand out from other photos that are out there in the internet. It is super-easy to use this apps and more importantly you can edit your photos using it while on the go.

image edited by Snapseed which is one of finest apps
image edited by Snapseed which is one of finest apps

Open camera

In a nutshell, open camera lets  you dial in all of your settings for your phone camera. In my case, I have a Samsung S7. When I do the selfie version (when I use the front-cam), it kind of doesn’t really perform that well. However, if I use open-cam, I can make all of these adjustments to make the picture look a lot better. Having that ability to dial-in your settings and hold the exposure in your phone camera is fantastic. Because it can help you shoot really good-looking views and footage that you can use in your videos. If you have a vlogs or any type of content on the run, then it can really help you dial-in, how good your video content looks. And when I say dial-in, what I basically mean by that is it makes that look better.


This apps is awesome. If you’re somebody that makes videos on your phone, or if you’re someone who wants to make some cool transitions or some text-slides, introduce the next segment in your video. In a case like these you could use this great phone apps known as ‘Legend’. Technically I can use ‘Legend’ to create the slides that would go in between each section if I were using slides.

With ‘Legend’ it is so easy to use, all you have to do is to put in the text you want and Legend will pre-make all of these awesome graphics for you. Once you have the graphics you want or the look you want, you can export those and use them in the files of your phone or computer. There’s a huge array of options in here; unfortunately you can’t customize them fully, but for what it is they offer they actually look pretty cool right out of the game.

YouTube creator studio: one of must-have apps

If you’re not already using the ‘creator studio’ apps to help manage your YouTube channel, then you definitely need to download it right now. The creator studio apps will let you deal with the comments posted, look at your analytics and manage all the back-stuff of your channel while you’re on the go. If you have a Patreon account like I do, I’m just starting to open it up. They have an apps where you can manage your YouTube channel there, but they actually have it on the way  called ‘linge’ that you can’t currently download it. But once they open it to everybody, you can actually add content on the run.

Let’s say you’re out doing something like adding a picture or video clip to your Patreon feed while on the go. So basically it gives you that more intimate connection with the people that you’re into. Unfortunately at this point of time my Patreon account is new, so I don’t have ‘linge’ yet; they haven’t given me access. As soon as they roll it out, I’ll definitely be using as well.

Google keep

Just in case if you don’t have Patreon, ‘Google keep’ is next-up on the list. Personally I use ‘Google keep’ to help me organize my thoughts and ideas that I wanna do on my channel and websites. If I have an image that I want to make sure to put on my Instagram account, I instantly add it to my ‘Google keep’ so that I remember to put that later on Instagram.

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Top 10 YouTube tips for the freshers

Ask the subscribers to press the ‘bell’ button

May be recently you have been acquiring a lot of subscribers, but your average views per day isn’t increasing proportionally. There could be many reasons behind it. One probable reason is that most of your subscribers haven’t pressed the bell button to get notifications from your channel. This button is found to the right of the ‘Subscribe’ button once a viewer subscribes to your channel. The bell button ensures that the subscriber gets notified once a new video has been uploaded on the channel. So asking the subscribers to press this button is surely one of great YouTube tips. You could do that at the beginning or the end of each video, even on live sessions/streaming.

Analyze ‘views by subscribers’

It is really important for your channel to get a lot of new subscribers each day, because YouTube takes into account views by subscribers. If they find that most views are done by people who didn’t subscribe to your channel, then you might be in trouble. This could mean a possible demotion for your channel. So the number of views per day and the revenue earned might also decrease. If you have a lot of views but viewers aren’t subscribing to your channel, then you have to find out why so. You might even upload a couple of videos on a different niche and observe the results of the change.

Treat your viewers as friends

This would be one of great YouTube tips to treat your viewers as your friends. If they make positive/constructive comments on your videos, be sure to respond to them. If the number of comments is really huge and it’s not possible for you to respond to all comments, then ‘Like’ some of those comments. These doings of yours put an impression on your viewers that you care for them.

‘Refurbish’ your old videos

This YouTube tips is for new YouTubers, who recently started to gain a lot of views. Since the videos you uploaded long ago didn’t get enough views, so you can re-upload them. You can do that through YouTube’s built-in video-editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor) or you can download them first and then re-upload. (Although the built-in editor will not be available after September 20, 2017.) Once the old video is properly re-published, be sure to delete that, or your channel might be flagged as to publish same videos over and over.

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Let your viewers know when you’re gonna publish your next video

You must have noticed that every TV channel has a specific schedule, which they maintain strictly. This way the viewers know when to come back to the channel to watch their favorite shows. The same way, as a YouTuber you should tell your viewers at the end of each video when the next will be published. (You could do that at any point of your current video as well.) This will create interest in their mind for your next video and you’ll be benefited. You could let them know this information on a banner on your video at certain instant, or you could tell them that orally.

Improving communication skills: one of great YouTube tips

The way you speak to your viewers, or the way your video is presented to them means a lot. There’s a saying that ‘First impression is the last impression’. When you have a new viewer, it is highly probable that they will quit on you in the very first minute unless you have a good communication skill and are confident enough. Not only that they will also think ‘this is a bogus channel’. So try to improve your communication skills and gather confidence in your mind and body-language.

Voice clarity of your videos

You should know that the voice-clarity of your videos means a lot. And the picture quality is also important. If the voice/sound is not clear and there is a lot of noise in the video, then viewers get easily irritated and they quit your video sooner; no matter how much value it might have within. So it would be one of great YouTube tips to advise you to use gadgets that can record good quality video/audio.

Try to make short videos

As a new YouTuber you should make videos which aren’t lengthy. Try to keep the video-duration within 5-6 minutes. Because study and statistics have shown that the average watch-time for most YouTube videos is 2-3 minutes. (That’s why when a channel has recent average watch-time greater than 2 minutes, it is likely to become viral.) Short duration is preferred because YouTube takes into account average percentage watch-time of your channel. One thing to note here is that your channel’s revenue is kind of proportional to its average watch-time. That’s why don’t make many videos with very short duration (like 2-3 minutes).

Don’t miss any trending topic

No matter what might be the niche of your YouTube channel, you should never miss a trending topic. This is specially applicable for ‘tech’ channels. You surely remember, a few months ago many YouTube channels got terminated in a very short span of time. Also many channels lost their monetization. So had you made a video at that time describing how to get those channels or the monetization back, people surely would have appreciated your video very much. So ‘Not missing’ any trending topic would be one of great YouTube tips.

Make sure audience retention graph remains straight or ascending

When you go to your channel’s analytics page with url https://www.youtube.com/analytics?o=U#dt=nt,fe=17414,fr=lw-001,fs=17387;fc=0,fcr=0,r=retention, you get to see the audience retention graph for the last 28 days. Try to make sure this graph is always ascending, or at least straight. An ascending retention graph is likely to fetch you even more viewers and subscribers.

If your audience retention graph becomes descending at any point, then you should realize that there is something wrong with your videos’ content or niche. So you should try another niche or another sort of content then. In order to have an ascending or straight graph, you should emphasize on quality content of your channel.

Keeping the audience retention graph ascending is one of great YouTube tips

Extra YouTube tips for tech YouTubers: Do products/gadgets review

You should know that gadgets review is a very popular topic/niche when it comes to YouTubing. These videos are more likely to be viral. At beginning level, you should review cheap/budget-friendly gadgets which you may buy on your own. Once your channel becomes popular, companies will gift you these gadgets. There are multiple benefits of this sort of reviews/videos. First of all, you get free products/gadgets. Secondly, you are actually marketing on those companies’ behalf. So they will pay you for this service. The revenue will increase with number of views/subscribers.

10 mistakes that new YouTubers make: Advice for them

Are you frustrated because you’re making videos but you’re not getting the views and subscribers that you want? In this article we’re going to talk about 10 common mistakes that new YouTubers make. And how to fix them so that you can get more views. They are discussed below.

Looking into the viewfinder, not at the lens

If you have a camera with a front-facing screen, it could be tempting to just stare at yourself. Whether you’re shooting in your bedroom or out vlogging, you shouldn’t do that. What you ought to do is look directly into the lens, because that way you’d be making eye-contact with your viewers. Let us present a real-life example of that. Imagine one of your friends talking to you and instead of looking into your eyes, he’s basically looking at your forehead. How awkward would that feel! The same thing is applicable to your precious viewers. That’s why we would suggest the beginners to look at the lens while shooting.

Spamming comments

Many new YouTubers choose to spam other YouTubers’ videos’ comment sections. You probably have seen this before. People usually spam there with comments like ‘Sub4sub’, ‘Like4Like’, ‘Hey I have subscribed to your channel, now you subscribe to mine’ etc. What they try to do is heavily promote their YouTube channel on someone else’s channel by adopting unfair means. So we suggest that instead of spamming you could try to have engagement with other YouTube users. You may post positive comments in other people’s videos after watching them and thus they will get a chance to discover you.

Bad or confusing titles

We have experienced that many new YouTubers have a tendency to blindly imitate other successful YouTubers, specially the famous ones. Many of them start the title of all their videos with their channel’s name, or phrases like ‘Today’s vlog (a number)’. As one of new YouTubers you should have a searchable content in the first part of your video title.

You shouldn’t use any kind of ‘insiders’ language’; because let’s face it, there are no insiders on YouTube. This means that you should not use any language in the title that is understood only by you and some of your associates and by nobody else. If you choose to use such language your video may be considered as spam or it may get community strike because of having misleading content. By providing appropriate title and other metadata in your videos you basically pave the way for them to be found by your potential viewers and subscribers.

Being inconsistent

This is a mistake many new YouTubers make. They show inconsistency in uploading quality video content. We have seen many who uploaded for a couple of weeks to find that their channel hasn’t been popular or viral yet, so they got frustrated. You should at least upload a new video in every 3-4 days or a week. Because if there is no possibility of new videos to appear, then why would people subscribe to your channel? We have seen a few new YouTubers who uploaded like 10 videos in a month and then boom! No video in the next few months. So all that matters is consistency. It would be a great trick to go live on YouTube if you’re late to publish a new video. Also YouTube prefers those channels to promote that regularly and consistently upload videos.

Weak intros

The most important time of a YouTube video is its first 5 to 10 seconds. To have the viewers’ attention you need to make an intro for your video, but don’t make it too long like 30 seconds, or even 20 seconds. Nobody will wait that long to get to the point. You just need to summarize what the entire video is about, and really pitch it to the audience to create interest. And you have to do that in the first few moments of your video.

A power-tip from us to you new YouTubers is that you start the video with a question to the viewers. Have you seen YouTube videos that start with this question ‘Are you curious to know how to get more views?’ Then you know what we mean. By presenting a question like this you can compel a viewer to stick with you and watch your full video. In your case the question could most definitely be different. Just ask yourself what should be your question at the start of your video to hook the viewer and make them watch your video to the end.

Distracting background

We have found many new YouTubers to use busy and distracting background. Don’t make this mistake, as it is quite easy to clean up the messes and make a peaceful and attention-grabbing background. The thing is that your viewers are supposed to concentrate on your intended content, not on your busy and distracting background. If for some reason you can’t clean up that space, then go to another which is clean and appealing.

10 mistakes that new YouTubers make: Advice for them
This is a symbolic image of a new YouTuber who is looking for a good shot composition.

Bad AVL (Audio, Video and Lighting)

You now might be thinking that we’re suggesting you to buy new camera or expensive equipment. No, we aren’t doing that. All we mean that you should be thoughtful to shoot in a quiet place, so that the audio is good. You should be shooting in daylight in front of a window so that there is plenty of natural light available in the video. Don’t shoot in a dark room because video cameras need light to perform well. Now thinking about your video quality? The good news is that most smart-phones now-a-days record HD videos and there are many affordable cameras out there as well. So you can have high quality videos without exceeding your budget. As one of new YouTubers you should always think how to improve your AVL (audio, video and lighting).

Another mistake YouTubers make is that they try to center their face in the camera frame. It would be a good practice to keep your face in the upper portion of the frame instead of the center. And in order to do that you just need to bring the camera down a little bit. That way your head is near the top of the frame and your body is filling the entire frame. This is just a small trick to improve your shot composition.

Low energy

Low energy is the killer of attention. Nobody wants to see something boring, they want to see something exciting. Even if you’re searching something to get a quick answer, an exciting answer is much better than a boring answer. So here’s our tip for you: add up some extra energy in your body and mind while shooting a new video if that contains your audio or visual or both. You will see that successful YouTubers have a lot of energy in their body language while they give interviews and present tips-videos.

It’s a fact that when you perform in front of the camera your energy level might go down because of nervousness. You are not to blame for this, because there is a saying ‘The camera adds ten pounds’. So you have to work on boosting your energy. Always keep in mind that viewers like to find you energetic. You can connect to the person on the other side of the camera (the viewer) only by showing appropriate level of energy and enthusiasm.

Monetizing too early

Some YouTubers like to monetize their channel from the very beginning. Well that way they are basically distracting their potential subscribers with ads. So our suggestion to you new YouTubers is that you don’t plan to monetize until you have a good number of subscribers. Lately YouTube has changed some of their policies. Now a channel can’t be monetized until it gets 10k views. We’d say, this policy turned out to be good for beginner YouTubers. You know you shouldn’t worry about your earnings at first. Once you have gathered a significant number of subscribers, you surely will be able to earn handsome amount from then on.

Impatience of new YouTubers

Majority of the YouTubers that are successful today had to wait for a long time. They had to work very hard to build their audience. Your career on YouTube is more like a marathon than a sprint. So don’t get discouraged, keep learning, keep growing, keep getting better about all the details of YouTubing. Keep leveling up your content and keep hustling to build your influence on YouTube.

Lastly we would like to know what mistakes you think most new YouTubers make in their early stages. Let us know through your comments.

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How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

Hate comments and dislikes are a big factor for many on YouTube, because they tend to be demotivated from these. As a YouTuber I have gone through similar experience. Many-a-times when I received hate comments and dislikes on my videos I felt like quitting on YouTubing. So today we are going to describe how to deal with hate comments & dislikes on YouTube.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

When you have a hate comment or dislike on any of videos on your YouTube channel, that’s actually a positive opportunity for you. Let me explain. When YouTube considers your video to rank higher on search results they consider a number of factors, like viewers’ engagement. This term ‘viewers’ engagement’ means to how much extent your viewers are engaged with your video. YouTube considers the fact whether your viewers are liking or disliking (in a word, rating) your video and commenting on it. They don’t bother if this engagement of your video is positive or negative. Recently many big YouTubers have revealed that dislikes on a video never affects a video negatively. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

It is not like that your video will not get rank just because it got some dislikes. On the contrary, dislikes on your video may help it rank higher, because they indicate higher viewers’ engagement of your video (so it is better to have negative comments than no comments at all). Remember that NOT every viewer is going to like a video no matter how good it is. Someone watched your full video and then put a dislike – this gives YouTube a clear indication that there is at least something positive about your video content; otherwise that person would never watch your video to the end. Like or dislike – it increased your video’s viewers’ engagement. Comments will do the same – be they positive or negative ones. The thing is that YouTube will never read the comments posted below your video, it will just count their number to have a measure of viewers’ engagement. YouTube’s system is designed only to detect spam comments. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

So now you see there is no reason for you to hate back your haters, because they are a blessing for you in a way; they bring about good results for your videos and you. Now let’s learn how to deal with these haters. The very first trick is that you must not hate them back. If you post ‘hate replies’ to their comments below your video, then the amount of ‘hate attack’ will simply increase on you which in turn will solve nothing. If you must reply to a negative comment, then try to be as polite as possible, behave like a call center or customer care representative. Your good manners will finally shame that culprit and make them behave good with you. Mark my words, they will be your best subscriber after that. So never to be disappointed. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

Another risk of posting bad replies to certain individuals is that if you keep doing that, then at a point YouTube’s AI will detect that there are a lot of spam comments on your videos and may ultimately suspend your channel. So giving back the same rude behavior will cause damages only to you, the channel owner and NOT the haters. We have seen that many YouTubers have reached success even if they initially received a lot of hate comments and dislikes. They never lost their heart because they were dedicated to their passion, the particular niche they worked on as a YouTuber. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

If you still want to get rid of these hate comments and commenters, then there are certain tricks that you can follow. First of all go to the ‘Channel’ tab of your channel (if you are on video manager, then you should easily find it.) Choose ‘Upload defaults’, then in the ‘comments’ section, allow only the ‘Approved’ ones.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

If you use YouTube’s built-in video editor to create a video, then you should go to the ‘Advanced settings’ of the video once it is created, because the ‘Upload defaults’ don’t work for videos created through the use of this video editor. In order to do that, first be on the video manager of your channel, then click on the ‘Edit’ option of your particular ‘created’ video.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

You’ll see the following options.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

Click on the ‘Advanced settings’ and then allow only ‘Approved’ comments.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

If you have this type of setting for each of your videos, then comments posted on your videos won’t be directly published, they will wait for your approval. To see recently posted comments and approve them go to ‘Community’ tab while you are on video manager and click on ‘Comments’ (unless you’re already there). Here you’ll see the published and the probable spam comments, also the ones awaiting your approval.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

From here you can unpublish or trash any published comment, also choose to reply to a particular one. If you mark a few comments from a certain YouTube user as spam, it is likely that they won’t be able to post further comments on your channel. Also an user marked as ‘spammer’ by many runs the risk of losing their YouTube account/channel. If you think that a certain user has been harassing you by posting bad comments and you want them blocked from doing that, then you can choose to ‘Hide this user’s comments on your channel’. Watch the following short video to learn how to do that:

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