How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube?

It is probably an age old question as to how much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube. In this blogpost we’re going to address that question. We’re going to cover all the factors that play role in this matter. Later we’re going to present the analytics of a moderately successful YouTube channel’s earnings and also where the earnings are mainly coming from.

how much money do you get for 1000 views on youtube

Generally speaking, YouTubers get nothing for the views they generate on YouTube. It’s the ads around their videos which could generate revenues for them, not the number of views. So anyone getting a lot of views shouldn’t be thinking that they are going to earn a lot as well. It’s like an exam: it doesn’t really matter how much content you have written in your exam papers. What matters is how many quality and correct answers you’ve provided. The same idea goes for YouTube earnings. So you can see that there is no definite answer to the question ‘how much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube’.

Let us put a number based example

Suppose your channel received 50,000 views and 1000 ads on a certain day. So you’re not going to get paid for the 50,000 views; you’re rather going to get paid for the 1000 ads that were shown around your videos. Another guy who received 25,000 views could earn more money than you if s/he luckily got more ads (like 1200 ads) than you did. Even a guy who received 1000 ads (same as you) could earn more money based on which countries he had most of the viewers from. So you can clearly guess there are many factors associated here.

An important factor to consider here is who’re watching your videos. If most of your viewers are from countries like US, UK, Canada then you can expect more revenues compared to your fellow YouTubers who receive traffic mainly from Asian countries like India, Pakistan etc. This is because advertisers from those developed countries pay much more to show ads on YouTube videos than their counterparts from under-developed countries. (This tutorial is on How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube)

What type of ads are mostly shown on your videos

According to some YouTube experts revenues on a channel depends to a great extent on what types of ads are mostly shown on the channel’s videos. You know ads are of different types: skippable ads, non-skippable ads, display ads, bumber ads. So different type of ads generates different amount of money.

Other than type of ads another important thing to consider is the type of content of your YouTube videos: what sort of videos you’re uploading on your YouTube channel. Are your videos funny, prank, tech reviews, educational, make-up or reaction-type? Every different type of content has different types of ads on them. So that way it also matters what kind of content you’re publishing in your videos and what type of advertisers bid on your videos. (This tutorial is on How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube)

Analytics on earnings of a moderately successful YouTube channel

Now we’re going to take a look at the earnings analytics of a moderately running channel. The name of the channel is not important here, just know that we’re presenting true and actual details; nothing is fake about it.

In terms of number of views, the top four countries are India, United States, Canada and Pakistan. The channel has received respectively 66682, 40497, 18325 and 9231 views from these countries in a certain month. So common sense predicts that the channel should earn maximum amount of its earnings from India. But surprisingly enough, it earns more from USA than India. Even the earnings from Canada is a little bit higher than that from India.

This data encourages you to create contents in English so that people from developed countries get to watch your videos. Also try to put good pronunciation and standard presentation skills including attractive slide-showing in the videos. (This tutorial is on How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube)

Type of ads play an important role here

Then we turned our attention to the types of ads on the channel. We found that most revenue were earned from Skippable video ads (Auction) and Display ads (Auction). The other three types of ads namely Bumper ads (Auction), Skippable video ads (Reserved) and Non-Skippable video ads (Auction) tend to generate lower levels of earnings. Interestingly enough, the ad types which earned lowest amounts had highest values for CPM. We hope you already know what CPM is. If not, then we shall describe those terms (associated with AdSense) in a future post.

Then again let me share with you what a certain expert and talented YouTuber taught me a few months ago. He is a very popular tech YouTuber from my country. I have watched many of his videos and really admired them. Well, according to him, we should not bother what types of ads are being shown on our videos. He argued that if we try to manipulate the type of ads to be displayed on our YouTube videos, this will not do us any good; it could rather do us harm by reducing our channel’s earnings. I personally never tried to manipulate the ‘type of ads’ to be shown on my channels’ videos.

So how much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube?

Let us now summarize what we have learned in this tutorial. Now you surely know the answer to the question ‘How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube’. Actually YouTube earnings has nothing to do with the total number of views a channel gets. It is the number of ads that matters the most. So you have to make your videos advertisers friendly. And we believe the following article is going to help you a lot in this regard.

How to make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly

In brief, you have to create quality content. And these contents must NOT be controversial. Try to focus on having global viewers on your YouTube videos instead of local viewers. And always remember that audience retention is really a big factor. If you have higher watch time (display time) on your videos compared to your competitors, then you’re supposed to earn more than them. Here’s a blogpost describing the importance of average watch time on a YouTube channel.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

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MediaCube.Network – power-ups for your creativity

Logo of MediaCube.Network
Mediacube.Network — is a large and reliable YouTube MCN that protects and supports creators on YouTube platform.
There are no specified requirements for your channel to be connected to Mediacube.Network. All the applications are processed entirely on an individual basis. However, there are a few important factors: the channel appearance, the quality of the offered content and the regularity of displaying videos.

MediaCube.Network offers:

· convenient payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet, etc. Minimum threshold in the majority of them is as low as 1 US dollar.
· original music for your video! Partners get free access to the best music library, known as EpidemicSound.
· VidIQ Pro version, which will help you to analyze your content and make it better. You can grow your channel, get more subscribers and become more attractive for advertisers.
· the best and the timeliest tech support! If you have some problems with your YouTube account or your content – just let them know! MediaCube.Network can solve your issues on the spot.
· revenue share 80% to 20%. The same revenue share concerns Content ID system – in case your videos are being copied – you are welcome to benefit from those copies with the same revenue share.
· no lock-in partnership agreements: you can leave the network at any time with 1 month notice.
Here’s the video promo of MediaCube.Network from YouTube:
Who should join an MCN like MediaCube.Network
New YouTubers who face copyright problems too frequently, should join an MCN like MediaCube.Network. They will act on your behalf not only for your copyright protection, but also to keep you free from copyright infringement charges. You should most definitely stay honest when it comes to using others’ content. Still you could be a victim of copyright infringing charges when you could even lose your channel.

So my suggestion is that if you’re scared of copyright charges every now and then, you should probably join an MCN like MediaCube.Network. See, a 20% split of your YouTubing payment that you could receive through AdSense is nothing. Where will you get the money from if you lose your channel altogether? That’s why in my opinion, you had better join an MCN.
I too am planning to start a gaming channel. Then I will most definitely be facing copyright charges every now and then. That’s when I plan to join MediaCube.Network. Why I’m suggesting this MCN to you guys is that a few of my associates have already joined it and been paid every month the 80% of their revenue. According to them, their channel wouldn’t have lasted long if it were not for MediaCube Network.
Apart from copyright issue, this MCN offers you other advantages as well, which are listed above. So don’t wait any longer; join MediaCube Network right away and enjoy all the facilities and services it offers.

How YouTubers Get Paid! – How To Get Paid without Adsense on YouTube!

It is probably an age old question as to exactly how YouTubers get paid and how much do they actually earn. These are good questions. As a full-time YouTuber myself I can understand that we have really weird jobs that couldn’t have existed even 5 or 6 years ago. I’m here to explain exactly how the whole thing works, from how we get paid and how much we get paid, to how you can get paid doing this.

how youtubers get paid - in multiple ways

How YouTubers get paid

Your average YouTube channel generates money every single time a viewer watches an advertisement on one of your videos. This means that they don’t have an ad-blocker turned on and they watch an skippable ad for at least 30 seconds. Once a user has watched the advertisement for 30 seconds or seen other smaller ads such as banner ads, YouTube will then generate a payment for that and split the money between you and YouTube itself. You get the 55% of it, while YouTube gets the rest 45% (in case of AdSense). The money generated per view is less than 1 cent, however we will get to how much that turns out to later. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Sponsored deals

Another way a YouTube channel can get paid is through sponsored deals. This is usually offered to only bigger YouTube channels that take part in more hands on networks. But occasionally smaller channels will have them as well. It’s just that the sponsor will pay them specific amount of money either per view or per click to the company’s link, or to make a video about a product, often some kind of other YouTube channel or video game.

It’s worth nothing that it’s required by law for the YouTuber to tell people that it’s a sponsored video in the video’s description. So if you ever watch a video that you think might be a sponsored one, check the description to know for sure. Sponsored deals range from extremely shady to where they buy off people’s opinion to sell games, to completely legend them, or they just want the person’s honest opinion on it while doing a video to show the game off to new players. Sponsored deals generate much more money than regular advertisements. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Through Patreon : Receive donations from viewers

The last way to make money on YouTube isn’t directly attached to YouTube, but it’s so common and extremely efficient that it’s worth bringing out. You see that a lot of YouTubers myself included use Patreon. It is a website where content creators can receive donations monthly from fans and give optional rewards in return. Patreon then takes 10% of the donations for themselves and gives you the rest 90% of what was sent. Not every viewer is going to donate every month, still it’s a much more stable income than YouTube itself. Yes, YouTubing is such a weird job that most channels with Patreon make more money from donations every month than they do from their actual paychecks from AdSense or MCN partnership. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

How much YouTubers get paid

As a YouTuber, how much you get paid actually depends on three factors: how many viewers you get, how many of them use ad-block and if you do sponsored videos. Let’s look at the number of views first. Many Multi-channel networks will attempt to have you signed a contract with them by saying that you’re going to earn $3-$10 per thousand views, where the reality is that it is not possible to pay you more than $2 for each 1000 views. That is assuming that most of your viewers are from USA, UK, Canada. If most viewers are from developing countries like India, you’d be paid much less than $2 for one thousand views.

Well, you have to be very careful before you sign a contract with an MCN. There are some contracts which won’t let you go before 5 years have finished. They do this in the hope that one day your channel will really earn a lot of revenue for them. So, if you’re going to choose an MCN, then choose one that will not compel you to sign a contract with them for a long period of time . That way you’re free to leave them any time you feel like, just like a job.

For those of you who depend on Social blade to have some idea about the earnings of a channel, just know that Social Blade estimates are very inaccurate. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Come to know aboutMulti channel network (MCN): Pros and Cons

How many viewers use ad-block – an important point to consider

1000 views is all well and good, but if all of those people use ad-block, you still don’t get paid. This is why the most financially successful channels have young children as their viewers (the gaming channels). Children are less likely to use ad-block than adults, thus generate more money from advertisements.

On the other hand, YouTube channels which have older people as majority of their viewers, can’t earn much money from ads for obvious reasons. But they can use Patreon account, as adults are more likely to donate on Patreon, because they have disposable income.

Well, now there might be a question as to who makes more earnings between these two types of YouTube channels? Currently channels that attract young people more are earning more due to the shear number of advantages. The thing is that Patreon is still somewhat a young website and we will see how things go in the future. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Sponsored videos

The pay you get from sponsored videos depends largely on the sponsored campaign itself and how big it is. Usually they have a pool of a set amount of money, let’s say $600 in this case and will open up their campaign for anyone within the network to take part in. Any of them can sign up and do sponsored videos and the company will give them its money based on whatever payment method they have set up, until they’re out of the money in the campaign.

The most common campaigns will either pay by views of the video or by how many times the viewers have clicked on the company’s link, in whatever they are trying to sell you. Because they don’t rely on YouTube advertisements that can be blocked by some ad-blockers, they pay much higher. They’re very popular with large channels, as this is an easy way to make much more money. YouTubers don’t get paid much unless they’re massive, like pewdiepie. And large channels tend to spend a lot of money to produce contents, so the sponsored videos help a lot with that. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

How do YOU get paid

If you’re trying to get started on YouTube and you wanna get paid, then you’re going to need to figure out what you want to do on your channel and actually do it until you get around 1000 subscribers.During that time you’re probably going to get a lot of requests to join networks promising all kinds of money. Whatever you do, don’t join them. Many networks try to sign new YouTubers to terrible deals, where they might be locked in for a period of up to 3 to 5 years at a time. They do it in the hope that your channel will be popular within that time and they can make as much money off you as possible.

If you have less than 1000 subscribers, you probably won’t even be making $20 per month in the first place. Wait until you get 1000 subscribers and then sign a contract with a company like Curse or Freedom who have no lock-in policy. So if you’re ever unhappy with your contract, you can put in your 30 days and leave, just like with any other regular job. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

The reason you might want to join a network

The primary reason is that by joining a network, they will allow you to bypass the need to prove that you own your own videos before you upload them. This is extremely important in the gaming side of YouTube, because YouTube will often outright reject your ownership of videos, no matter how much proof you give them, unless you’re a company. While you’re within a network, you don’t need to provide proof. And if you’re ranked highly in the network where you’re are managed, they will even make you often immune to id claim bots on YouTube.

ID claim bots are the brain of gaming youtubers, as despite the vast majority of their content being fair use, its very easy for companies to claim that they own it and take all the money from it and continue to do that for months until they run out of time and you get full ownership of your video again. You’ll never be able to get the money back that you lost during that time. So networks are very important for helping you avoid this issue. It will always happen to some extent, but networks help a lot with that.

I and my time on Youtube have literally successfully repelled more than 100 disputes and claims on my channel. And I still get them nearly every single week. Companies are aware that they’re just trying to steal money from you when they do this. However, they’re going to keep doing it. There’s no actual punishment on YouTube’s end for doing it, so nothing’s stopping them. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

Why you need a Patreon

A Patreon is extremely important for you, if you’re planning to make YouTubing your full tiime job. Let’s face it, YouTube is surely a very unstable place for money. You need a fair amount of it to have a good-enough computer to produce the content you wanna make as well as the stable funds to buy supplies you need for filming, whatever it is you film and you have left enough to pay your bills and eat every month. With Patreon you give your viewers the option to donate to you, to directly help you and your show and it helps a great deal.

Some people feel weird about it and think that it is just begging for money. But in reality you’re just an artist giving your work for free with a tip jar to the side. People with money to spare can choose whether or not they want to put money in the tip jar. But no matter what the content is still free for everyone to enjoy. If you really want to help out a channel, donate 10 cents every single month. That way you’ll be giving them more money than you would if you’d watch one of their videos every single day without ad-block. That is how big the difference is between Patreon pay and Youtube pay. (This article is on how youtubers get paid)

I hope enjoyed this article. If you did, then give us a ‘thumbs up’ on any social media platform and also be sure to share this.

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Make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly

Turning the green $ sign into yellow?

Many YouTubers lately are alleging that the green $ sign next to many of their YouTube videos have started to turn yellow. They’re wondering as to why’s that, since they think their videos are quite YouTube advertiser friendly. Well the thing is that there is surely something wrong with those videos, that’s why it’s happening so. They just have to figure out where the problem lies for each of those videos, that’s all.

yellow $ sign indicates video NOT YouTube advertiser friendly
The yellow $ sign that terrorizes many YouTubers now-a-days

Well, according to YouTube only a few ads might be shown on those videos; where the reality is that no ads will be shown on those, since many videos with green $ sign aren’t getting enough ads now-a-days. It’s because hundreds of thousands of new YouTube channels have come into existence lately and most of them have been approved for monetization as well. Like you and me, many people are now looking forward to earning some money on YouTube. So as a competitive YouTuber you must not leave any of your videos with yellow $ (demonetized) and let your channel ruin. That’s why you need to know how to make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly again. But first things first, come to know why green $ signs are turning yellow in the first place.

Why YouTube would demonetize your videos

Your YouTube videos were monetized so that ads could be shown beside them and viewers are supposed to click on these ads to view the advertisers’ websites and make some purchase of their products/services. Thus YouTube videos are a great way for advertisers to promote their business. But to serve that purpose these videos have to be YouTube advertiser friendly. It means that while watching those videos the viewers must not be in a bad mood. In other words, videos which tend to ruin many viewers’ mode while viewing are termed as NOT YouTube advertiser friendly.

Suppose a viewer is watching a YouTube video which has some violence or hate speech inside it and s/he gets agitated/angry. If any ads show up at a time like this, the respective company’s brand-image may be ruined to that person. Even if s/he previously liked the company and its products/services, they may not like it any more after this incident. So this sort of thing could prove to be even harmful for business organizations instead of doing them any good.

This very scenario stated above has ruined many companies’ image in past times, specially in 2016, so advertisers can’t afford it anymore. That’s why they have put pressure on YouTube to get rid of this situation. YouTube too decided to get rid of these videos and channels, so they terminated many channels a few months back. And the ‘termination spree’ is still continuing, although lately YouTube adopted a new policy: STOP serving ads on videos which are not YouTube advertiser friendly instead of terminating the channels. When they find videos that are not suitable for ads-showing, they mark them with yellow $ sign. YouTube mainly depends on viewers’ reports to decide whether or not a video is YouTube advertiser friendly.

Learn more about YouTube ads crisis: YouTube/Google’s latest condition

Which videos are NOT YouTube advertiser friendly?

YouTube videos that have sensitive and/or controversial content within them are flagged as NOT YouTube advertiser friendly. So as a creator/YouTuber you have to make sure that your videos don’t have such content. Be very careful if your videos are about news and views.

Suppose you published a video on your channel that speaks against Donald Trump, you being a strong supporter of the Democrats. Although this video may entertain many Democrat-supporters as you, it might ruin any Republican supporter’s mood as well. These people then may decide to report your video as inappropriate, they’ll opine that your video contains hate speech. YouTube’s automated system then takes these reports into account and may demonetize your video, that’s when the green $ sign turns yellow/black.

If a few reports are submitted, then it will turn yellow. If a lot of reports are submitted, then it may turn black. A huge number of such reports may even remove your video from YouTube as inappropriate content and impose a community strike on your channel. In a situation like this, you may even lose your channel (being terminated) out of the blue. So you need to keep in mind the factors which make your YouTube videos NOT YouTube advertiser friendly.

Your videos have to be YouTube advertiser friendly
YouTube now-a-days is a great way of earning money online, isn’t it?

Things you need to remember while making a video

While creating a YouTube video based on politics or religion, make sure it doesn’t have any content that is too much sensitive/controversial. Also you should avoid uploading videos that have violence, sexual and harmful content. Suppose you posted a video that shows how to perform a dangerous stunt. This may encourage many youngsters to try the same and get them in danger eventually. So videos that have this sort of content will be easily flagged as inappropriate, leading to NOT YouTube advertiser friendly. The same thing is applicable for videos that teach how to hack or something immoral.

In brief, to make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly, you have to strictly follow YouTube’s community guidelines. Violating those may not only deprive your YouTube videos from getting ads and revenue, but could lead your channel to termination as well. If you must create a video that shows something challenging/dangerous, then be sure to put a disclaimer at beginning. Make sure that viewers of any age/class are not misguided by your videos/channel.

Are your metadata YouTube advertiser friendly?

Apart from those stated above, your video may lose monetization if it contains inappropriate/misleading metadata. The metadata of a YouTube video consists of four parts: title, description, tags and thumbnail. Make sure that they have been appropriately/properly selected and designed. If your videos’ metadata are misleading and were designed only to get more views and revenue, then the green $ signs may quickly turn yellow before you can react at all.

To know more about Metadata: When it becomes misleading and leads your YouTube account to termination

What to do to get monetization status back

If any of your YouTube videos has its green $ sign turned into yellow, then in order to turn it green again, first check whether or not the content within the video is totally clean. To check that be sure to follow YouTube’s community guidelines strictly. If you make a little bit of Google search, you’ll definitely find where to read those guidelines. Also you can read our following article to know more details about YouTube’s community guidelines. Although designed to let the common readers know about the possible reasons of YouTube accounts’ termination, this article surely is a detailed version of the community guidelines laid by YouTube in the first place.

YouTube account suspended for no reason? Well, not really.

After making sure that your content is clean, you need to check out if the problem is with the metadata you provided. If so, try to make a few changes there to turn the video YouTube advertiser friendly once again. In most of the cases, the problem is with thumbnail. So look at your thumbnail first. If it seems controversial, then change it and go to the monetization settings of your video and thus request to review your video again for monetization. It might take 2/3 days for YouTube authority to review it, while you’ll see the notice under the yellow sign that reads ‘under review’.

What happens when the review is complete

If they now find it as YouTube advertiser friendly, they will turn the $ sign green again, otherwise will leave it at that yellow status. Nevertheless you can make another slight change in your video’s metadata and once again request for review. Suppose that even if you provided a decent thumbnail this time, it didn’t work. So now you have to assume that the problem was with the title of the video; think how to make it more decent (less controversial) and YouTube advertiser friendly.

After appealing for another time, if your video is still not back to monetization, then you should take the final attempt: where you need to change everything about your video. This includes all metadata as thumbnail, title, description and tags. After doing these changes request for review again to see what awaits your video’s luck.

A few last words about demonetization of your YouTube videos

Some people upon receiving yellow $ sign on some of their YouTube videos might think that their channel is very close to termination. Well, this is totally a wrong perception; your channel will never be terminated due to demonetization status, rest assured about that.

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YouTube added Limit to display number of Ads on your Videos

Are you privy to this update on number of ads shown on YouTube videos?

Recently YouTube made a huge update on the number of ads to be displayed on YouTube videos. From now onwards there will be three different $ signs besides YouTube videos: green, yellow and black. The green $ sign indicates that the associated video is perfect for ad showing, there is nothing wrong with it. Plenty of ads will be shown on these videos with green $ sign.

But the problem is about the yellow and black $ videos. The yellow $ sign indicates either of the following two things:

(i) The associated video is not perfect for ad showing. It has a tiny bit of problem, either with the metadata or the content.

(ii) Even if the video has no problem at all, the thing is that advertisers are not exactly interested to put ads on these videos.

YouTube added Limit to display number of Ads on your Videos

Appeal if you think this is simply a misunderstanding

As the owner of the channel you still have one last chance, you can appeal for a yellow or a black $ sign video only once. Because anybody including artificial intelligence/automated system can make a mistake. After reviewing the YouTube authority will let you know their decision regarding your video. They will either correct any mistakes previously made or leave the monetization status of your video unchanged.

While no ads will be shown on black $ sign videos, only limited number of ads will be shown on yellow $ sign videos. As a result you can expect little earnings from these videos. This is why as an experienced YouTuber my suggestion to you is that you should always follow all the community and copyright guidelines of YouTube. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t have any unmonetized or partially monetized videos. If all your videos are fully monetized then number of ads shown on your videos as well as your YouTube earnings will have no upper limit.

Now that you have read the current article, I guess you might like the following one which describes why YouTube authority may consider your videos ineligible for monetization.

YouTube monetization: Video is Monetized Still No Ad_ Here’s why…

AdSense account: Know some details about it

Today we are going to let you know some details about your AdSense account. YouTubers who are new in the business don’t know how to use it properly. They have difficulty about it in almost every aspect, like how to add a new gmail/channel in an existing AdSense account, how to add banking details in payment section etc.

How to add a new gmail/channel in an existing AdSense account

While you’re on your AdSense account’s dashboard/homepage, you will see a panel of tabs to your left, click on the ‘Settings’ tab there.

AdSense account

You’ll be directed to the ‘Settings’ page. While you’re there and your mouse cursor is on the ‘Tab Panel’, just scroll down a bit and you’ll get to see this particular link with the name ‘Access and authorization’.

AdSense account

If you click on the link, the ‘User management’ page will appear by default. This is the page where you’re going to add another gmail/channel.

AdSense account

Some gmails might already have been added. Now type the gmail you want to add in the ‘Enter email address’ blank space. When you have properly typed it down click on the ‘Invite’ button. An AdSense joining invitation mail will go to that particular gmail inbox. Upon opening this mail, click on the ‘Visit this link’ link and go through the steps that follow. Your AdSense joining process will be complete.

By the way, it should be mentioned that besides inviting someone to join your AdSense account, you can also determine whether they are going to be a simple member or an ‘Administrator’. If you like them to be an admin, then check the box right to the added gmail id. You can also remove certain individual (gmail account) from your AdSense account simply by crossing them out, as you can see in the picture below. Remember that an admin can cancel out another admin. So consider these things before adding someone to your AdSense account, specially when making them an admin.

AdSense account

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Multi channel network (MCN): Pros and Cons

MCN stands for multi channel network. These are organizations where you can join as a youtuber and enjoy facilities like monetization, easy removal of strikes, content id dispute etc. An MCN is a group or organization who have created an AdSense account in their name and they allow any YouTube channel to get connected with their particular AdSense. As a result all the earnings from these channels will accrue in their account and later distributed among the channel owners after a certain split. Nevertheless the MCN company will cut a share of this revenue earned for themselves.

So the key-point is that if you join a multi channel network, you will no longer be paid from Google directly; the payment will be via that MCN. Most of the MCNs are certified by YouTube and YouTube allows you to join an MCN. Let us now see what advantages and disadvantages MCNs offer. They are listed and described below.

Advantages of joining a Multi channel network

1. Sponsors: If you join a reputed MCN, they will help you get a sponsor for your channel. It is difficult to manage a sponsor for your channel on your own. But when you join an MCN, they will do it for you; definitely they have some benefit of their own in doing this.

2. Removal of copyright strikes: If you wrongly get a copyright strike, then MCN will help you to resolve the issue and remove the strike. But if you really stole someone else’s content, then nobody will be able to help you. If you uploaded a video following fair usage policies and then get a copyright claim, then your MCN will try their best to withdraw that strike, because they too are earning money from your video. They have a direct connection with YouTube. So they will be able to resolve the issue quickly whereas it might be really time-consuming if you directly contact YouTube on the issue. In this case your multi channel network will file a dispute on your behalf through fair usage policies.

3. Collaboration: Multi channel network will help you to collaborate with other YouTubers, in case you found it challenging to find another established YouTuber to collaborate with you. YouTubers who are on the same MCN can easily find each other to collaborate. The thing is that if you already have had some success in youtubing then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find another successful YouTuber to collaborate with you, even if you didn’t join any MCN.

4. Protecting content: If your contents on YouTube are highly likely to be stolen, then you should probably join a multi channel network right now. Because if you join one such, they will search for culprits who might have stolen your content and impose copyright strikes on them, thus punishing and extinguishing them. For you to find the culprits manually and on your own should be a daunting task.

There are also some other minor facilities of joining an MCN: (i) You don’t have to verify your address to get payment, unlike AdSense. (ii) There are plenty of payment options in multi channel network, other than bank wire and cheque. (iii) There is virtually no minimum amount for payment/withdrawal in case of MCNs.

Multi channel network

Now let’s discuss the disadvantages of joining MCNs.

Disadvantages of joining a Multi channel network

(1) Revenue split: When you join an MCN, your revenue is definitely going to be split. It might be a 80/20 or 70/30 or even a 60/40 split. You get the bigger portion and they get the smaller portion. This split of your actual earnings is worth if you get the facilities from the multi channel network that you are supposed to get.

(2) Fake promises: Most MCNs come up with fake promises to you. Some trusted MCNs may not keep their promises they made unless you are able to have some real success in your channel. It means that when your associated MCN gets nothing or very little through your activities on YouTube, they may refuse to offer you the services they once promised, like copyright strike resolution, protecting your content etc.

(3) Period of contract: When you join a multi channel network, you have to get in a contract with them for a certain period of time which could very from 18 months to even 5 years. So should you have second thoughts on midway, you can not possibly get rid of your MCN and join back in AdSense. That’s why our suggestion is that if you are well-determined that you will stick with the MCN for that period of contract, then you should go for it.

(4) Lack of trust: You may not equally trust a MCN as Google AdSense. When you join an MCN you don’t have any guarantee that you will eventually get your earnings. Although most of the MCNs are responsible to YouTube, but many YouTubers have been allegedly scammed by MCNs in the past.

So consider the above advantages and disadvantages before you finally make up your mind to join a multi channel network (MCN).

Here’s a promising MCN you might want to join. Follow my referral link:

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YouTube monetization: Video is Monetized Still No Ad_ Here’s why…

YouTube monetization
Video is Monetized with green $ sign, still No Ad?

You have the green $ sign beside your videos, but no ads are shown..

You have properly monetized your channel and videos. But when you view your videos, you see no ads beside your videos. You get tensed. Because what is the use of a lot of views if ads are not shown and you’re unable to earn revenue. Many YouTubers have been reporting the same problem now-a-days, although their AdSense account is in good standing. This article is for those who have this ‘YouTube monetization’ problem.

Beware about the content of your video

Make sure that your video does not have any sexual or vulgar content or violence or controversial political content. There are many YouTubers who work with recently trending topics. If you are one of them, make sure to work with non-controversial topics only, no matter how alluring and tempting the controversial topics might be. Because YouTube wants to work with everyone and doesn’t want to go against any group of people with a particular political view or from a particular ethnic group.

YouTubers who have sensitive (including sexuality and nudity) content in their videos have ultimately those videos demonetized, although the $ sign would be still there. That means these videos with sensitive content have been filtered by YouTube’s recent algorithm/policies. Even many big YouTubers aka ‘Gods of YouTube’ have been victims of the same situation. Because many of them use vulgar or explicit words and abusive language in their videos. Try not to use these words in your videos. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

If you have this sort of language in any of your videos which don’t show ads, then consider that this is the reason behind this and try to get rid of it ASAP by muting or cutting off that particular portion(s). In a nutshell, leave no stone upturned to make your videos advertisers-friendly. Because at the end of the day, it’s advertisers who decide whether to put ads on certain videos or not. So the video content mustn’t offend them or their clients in any way.

Misleading metadata may cause ‘YouTube monetization problem’

Beware of using misleading metadata. It may bring you a lot of views indeed, but in turn could demonetize your video itself. That means, a lot of views but no to poor earnings. So try to provide accurate and appropriate metadata. Go through the following article in case you didn’t know what metadata and misleading metadata are:

Metadata: When it becomes misleading and leads your YouTube account to termination

Here I would like to add a few words on ‘Tags’. Many people tend to use a lot of tags on each and every of their videos which is surely a bad practice. You should not use more than 10 tags for a single video and they must be to-the-point relevant with the video itself. FIY advertisements bids are placed based on the tags (keywords) of videos, so be very careful when using them. You should use proper tools to select tags, like AdWords Keywordplanner. Many people use other tools along with AdWords Keywordplanner for maximum optimization. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

Is your video language supported by AdSense?

The following languages are supported by AdSense. That means any YouTube channel or website looking to monetize their content through AdSense must use any one or more of these as their primary language.

YouTube monetization
Languages that are supported by Google AdSense

If Your channel videos use any language other than the above-mentioned, then most probably they will not be supported by AdSense. Hence you won’t be able to earn from those videos. So make sure that you are using one or more of the above languages in your videos. You just need to use these languages in your videos’ metadata (title, description, tags etc.), nevertheless while giving speech or lecture in the video you can use any language whatsoever. It won’t be a problem. There are many successful YouTubers out there who use English to represent their videos’ metadata, but they give speech in some other language (supported/non-supported by AdSense). You can do the same. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

The technique to use on custom thumbnail to make sure your video isn’t misleading

It would be wise to put some fonts of the language you’re going to use for lecturing on the video thumbnail. As a result of this a viewer easily understands whether your video is suitable for them or not, those special fonts tell it all. If all the metadata (including the thumbnail) of a video indicates that it is suitable/created for a English-speaking person and when such a person starts watching the video and finds that the lecture is given in some other language like Spanish or Hindi, they may be irritated and hence decide to report the video in some way. That’s why we give you the above suggestion about custom thumbnail.

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Are you using Ad-blocker? Calm down, ads might show on other PCs

Are you using Ad-blocker on your browser? If you are, then ads won’t show on your YouTube videos in that browser. So to properly check whether ads are showing or not, first withdraw/uninstall Ad-blocker. If ads still don’t show on that browser in your PC, then you can try it on some other browser, or even someone else’s PC. If it still doesn’t show on another PC, then try the whole thing some other time/day; for YouTube doesn’t always have enough ads to show on all channels/videos.

Then again if you’re trying this whole procedure in a mobile device (specially Android phone), then you should know that in such devices only skippable ads are shown, which are sometimes very few in number. Here you should be reminded that you must not click on your ads in any circumstances, because this is strictly prohibited by Google. Another way to do this whole procedure is to check your ‘ad performance’ in your YouTube channel analytics. There you will have some indication whether your ads are monetized or not. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

Try demonetizing and then monetizing your videos

When you make sure that all the above-mentioned criteria are met/satisfied, but ads still don’t show, then you can try the following method suggested by many expert YouTubers. Go to the video manager of your channel, select the video(s) where ads don’t show, demonetize them by following steps:

Actions (drop down menu) —-More Actions —— Monetization ——Off—–Submit

Your video(s) are demonetized now. Now you have to monetize them back by following almost the same steps:

Actions (drop down menu) —-More Actions —— Monetization ——Monetize with ads—–Submit

Look at the following pics, then you will understand this procedure better.



Now you can hope that ads will start showing on your videos. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

Other reasons why ads may not show on your videos

  • Those who have red subscriptions on YouTube, they may not see ads. Although this is really a very rare case.
  • YouTube channels with less than 10,000 views are not eligible for monetization, so ads won’t show on their videos.
  • Videos that have been age-restrcited are not suitable for viewing to people of all ages, that’s why they won’t be monetized.
  • Videos where third-party copyrights claims are and if that party chooses not to allow your video to monetize. Sometimes they allow monetization and takes the half of the revenue earned.
  • If you received copyright/community strikes then YouTube may not allow you to monetize your videos. This could also happen due to a bad-standing or termination of your AdSense account. So neither you nor your associates click on your ads.
  • Make sure that Ad formats (overlay ads, skippable ads, sponsored cards etc.) are turned on for all your videos (see whether the check boxes are properly checked).
  • Your videos must be public instead of private or unlisted to show ads on.
  • Go to your YouTube accounts settings page with url to see whether monetization/ads are enabled for your channel.
  • Make sure that your videos are advertisers-friendly and don’t contain any misleading metadata or sensitive content.
  • Sometimes you may be challenged by YouTube authority to show your commercial rights on every content of your videos. If you can show that, your videos will be monetized again.
  • Your video content must comply with YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube’s Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines. YouTube reserves the right to disable monetization for accounts that do not follow their guidelines.
  • You can’t monetize a video if it has music you purchased on iTunes or content you taped off of television. (Previously the television thing was pretty much allowed, but not anymore. Anyone caught doing that red-handed will have their channel terminated.)
  • You can’t monetize something when you edit together a compilation of content created by others.
  • Ads won’t show on content with violence and/or nudity meant to shock and disgust.
  • If you’ve enabled ad-blocking software or add-ons and extensions on your browser, you might not see ads on your video. Try turning off the software or extension.

Sometimes there might be a yellow $ sign beside a video. It means that if you change a certain aspect of that video, it might be eligible for monetization. Many a times simply changing the thumbnail does the job. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

The last choice that you are left with

If none of the above tricks help you, then you need to contact YouTube authority/official about this issue. Go to the bottom section of any YouTube page and click on the ‘Help’ button. A dialogue box will open where you will be clicking on ‘Send Feedback’. Another new page will show. In the feedback (upper) section you will write “My channel has unique videos that I solely own and I have maintained YouTube’s TOS and community guidelines. There are no strikes on my channel. My monetization is enabled, also the AdSense account is active and in good-standing. Dollar sign against every video is appearing green, still Ads don’t show on my videos. Also Ad performance is showing no monetized view. Please do look into this matter as soon as possible.” At this time be mindful to enclose a screenshot showing that the green $ signs are there beside your videos.

I hope you will have a positive reply from YouTube and ads will start showing on your videos. In case you get a reply stating that “It’s a technical issue for many. We’re working on it.” and ads still don’t show on your videos, then wait a couple of days and send the same feedback again. This time it might work. (This tutorial is dedicated to get rid of YouTube monetization problem.)

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Google AdSense: Beware while linking your YouTube channel

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a good way to earn money if used properly

Linking your channel with Google AdSense sometimes might be tricky

Linking your YouTube channel with your Google AdSense account might sound like a piece of cake. The thing is that you might be in a mess unless you know how to do it properly. Suppose you have two channels A, B from different gmail accounts and two Google AdSense accounts X, Y. X belongs to you and Y belongs to someone from your family, like your brother. A has access and authorization to X and B has access and authorization to Y.

Just consider the following scenario. While you were watching videos without logging in, all of a sudden you decided to log in. You logged in to YouTube account/channel A and later you added another YouTube account/channel B. You went to channel B’s monetization page. Upon seeing the details, you suspected that this channel might not have been properly monetized. So you clicked on ‘Review or change AdSense association’ link and you went through the steps that followed. Finally upon clicking on the ‘Accept association’ button, you were directed back to the channel’s monetization page. You thought you just got relieved. Well think again, ’cause you just made a mistake and your channel B was associated with the wrong Google AdSense account.

How this mistake happened? What should you be careful about?

This procedure would have got you to the correct association/result if you tried this for channel A, since this channel was logged in first. But this procedure would bring about undesired results for any further added channels. For any such channel, the association would have been with AdSense account X, which is the correct AdSense account for channel A (the first logged-in channel) and likely a wrong AdSense account for any channel (YouTube account) later added.

So the catch is this, if you are going to associate a channel with Google AdSense, or change its association, log in to JUST that YouTube channel/account and do not add any further account. In case further accounts are to be added, make sure that the channel/account that you’re about to associate with Google AdSense is the first-logged in channel during the association procedure.

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AdSense: How to monetize your channel’s videos

Attempt to monetize your channel with AdSense once you fulfill the criteria

According to a new rule laid down by Google, a new channel can monetize its videos once it hits 10k views. Once your channel reaches that milestone you can apply for that. To monetize your channel’s videos with AdSense: first of all, you have to click on the Channel Tab, while you’re at video manager. You’ll be directed to ‘Status and features’ page by default.


You can go to ‘Advanced’ page to set your channels’ country, in case you didn’t do that previously. In case ‘monetization’ isn’t available in your country, choose a country where it is allowed.


Then go back to ‘Status and features’ page. In the middle of the page, you’ll see monetization section. If this is the first time you’re going to monetize your channel, then you’ll see ‘Enable’, otherwise you’ll see ‘View monetization settings’. Firstly we’re going to show you the steps, if your channel is not monetized yet.


You have to click on ‘Enable’ button, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll see ‘Get started’ on a blue button.


If you click on that, a form will appear that will read ‘YouTube Partner Program Terms’, where you’ll have to check the three boxes of representing major terms and then click ‘I accept’.

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Then you’ll click on the blue ‘Set up AdSense account’ button.


You’ll be directed to a page that belongs to Google AdSense.


Create a new AdSense account if you didn’t have any

You’ll have two options, either to ‘Sign in’ or ‘Create account’. We hereby assume that the gmail id associated with your channel has already been included in an AdSense account. In that case, you’ll simply have to ‘Sign in’. Once you have signed in, you will have to ‘Accept association’ as depicted in the following image.


You do that and you’ll be redirected to your channel at this page with url


There you’ll have to click on blue ‘Monetize your videos’ link, otherwise the monetization process won’t be complete. Once you do that, the process is complete. Now you can click on ‘Review or change AdSense association’ link to see which AdSense account your channel has been linked to. You’ll get to see information like this as below.


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