Questions & Answers on YouTubing – Episode 4

Q. As far as I am concerned, YouTube doesn’t allow monetization in Bangladesh. I set another country in the advanced settings of my channel. Well it somehow changed to Bangladesh now, but the monetization status is still okay. How is this possible?

A. From the looks of it Google may have changed its viewpoint towards a few countries including Bangladesh. As for Bangladesh, many people recently have been passing time on YouTube instead of traditional ways of entertainment like television. That’s why Google has understood the importance of such a big audience which they plan to utilize to their benefit. This is the reason they now allow monetization in Bangladesh. Also they changed the programming in their system so that any false/fake country can’t be set in the advanced settings of a channel.

Q. I am a mobile bank user from Bangladesh. Recently on 21st of this month I got a mail saying that Google had sent me $144, but when I checked my account I saw the balance was still the 77 BDT that I previously had. What happened?

A. Well, the payment Google has sent to your bank account is an electronic payment. It takes 5 to 10 business days for the money to show on your account. Have patience till then. If you don’t receive the payment even after 10 business days, then you’re supposed to contact Google regarding the issue.

Q. I have got 3500 clicks on my videos. Surely I have earned some money, but it doesn’t reflect on my AdSense account. Now what to do?

A. Probably you don’t know about the policy of Google that YouTube earnings are not daily updated on your AdSense, rather they are submitted to your AdSense balance on the 12th of each month (just once in a month).

Q. I got a strike on one of my YouTube videos. The video was fully created by me and the content of the video solely belongs to me. Why did I then receive a strike? I just copied someone else’s video’s title and tags.

A. Well, you should know that there are two types of strikes. The video’s content is fully yours, that’s why you didn’t receive copyright strike. But you used someone else’s video’s title and tags and thus tried to trick YouTube’s artificial intelligence in order to get more views and viewers in an illegal way. Since you cheated with YouTube viewers’ community, you got a community strike.


How to go back to the old YouTube Layout

If you’re annoyed with the new YouTube layout that Google kind of imposed on you, then you have ways to get back to the old YouTube layout. We’re going to show how to do that.

While you’re on YouTube homepage with the new layout, move your mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the screen where the channel icon or simply the ‘YouTube user’ icon rests. Now click on the icon, a menu will unfold. At the bottom of the menu you’ll see the ‘Restore old YouTube’ link. You need to click on that link if you want to go back to the old YouTube Layout. After you hit on the link you may provide an answer to Google/YouTube as to why you’ve chosen to leave the new layout. The popup will look like following. How to go back to the old YouTube Layout

Well, you have to figure out the answer for yourself; because the reason for this should vary from person to person. Then again, you can choose the option ‘I prefer not to answer’ and thus go ahead without bothering. Whatever you provide or choose, hit the submit button below.

Now once you’re using the old YouTube layout, you might feel that the new YouTube layout was pretty fine. Or you could think it’s time to go ahead with the new YouTube layout. Let’s face it, now that YouTube has changed their default homepage layout, you’ll have to get used to it, sooner or later.

So if you now choose to get back to the new YouTube Layout, it’s possible too. Chances are, while you’re using the old YouTube layout, you’ll get to see in a blue banner the invitation from YouTube team to try their new layout. They’ll be saying ‘We have been hard at work…’. Now you may choose to appreciate their hard work and try this new YouTube layout. In that case, all you have to do is click on the link ‘Try it now’, you’ll be directed to where you know.

But in case you don’t see that banner because you previously canceled that out, then click on this link It will direct you to a page where you are supposed to see a blue button ‘Try new YouTube’. You need to click on it. After you do that you’ll be on a page which contains the following:

How to go back to the old YouTube Layout

This time you’ll have to click on the big blue ‘Go to YouTube’ button. This is how you can get to the new YouTube layout.

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YouTube monetization policy 2018 and Q&A on YouTubing – Episode 3

Before we begin today’s Q&A episode on YouTubing Tips, let us brief you on recent changes in video monetization criteria of YouTube (youtube monetization policy 2018) unless you’re already privy to that. From now onwards YouTubers got to have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers before they can apply for monetization. And they will have to achieve this within the previous twelve months of YouTubing operations.

Also monetization approval procedure of YouTube has been made more strict than ever. Channels that have even a single copyright or community strike may not be considered for monetization. Previously channels with almost all content appropriate and only a few videos with inappropriate content might have been monetized. But this policy no longer applies which means if a single video is found with inappropriate content or misleading metadata, the channel will not be considered for monetization. So new YouTubers, you had better watch your every step. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

Q. Today is the 23rd day of the month, I haven’t received my AdSense payment into my bank account yet. Why’s that?

A. Last month’s YouTube earnings show up on AdSense dashboard usually on the 12th of current month. Then the payment is automatically and electronically sent to your bank on the 21st of the month. It may take 3-5 business days for the bank to deposit the money into your account. The money usually reflects on YouTuber’s bank account on the 26th of the month. These timelines are approximate/estimated only and may differ a little bit from country to country. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

If you don’t see the money to reflect on your bank account within 10 business days counting from the day (usually 21st) you were sent an email saying ‘the payment has been sent’, then you’ll need to see your bank officials to know what really happened. Although the chance of this thing to occur is quite very slim, provided that you have properly updated the banking information on your AdSense and selected that bank account as the primary method of payment. In case bank officials say they haven’t received the funds, you’ll need to contact your regional AdSense team and let them know about your issue (FYI, AdSense payments are sent to south Asian countries from Google’s Singapore office). Then they will surely find out where the money is stuck.

To know more about YouTube AdSense AKA ‘Hosted AdSense’, click on the following link and read the article:

YouTube AdSense: Things you should know about it as a youtuber

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MediaCube.Network – power-ups for your creativity

Q. I copied no one’s video, then why did I get the following strikes?

youtube monetization policy 2018

A. These are not copyright strikes, they are community guidelines strikes. You received them because you violated one or more of YouTube’s community guidelines. For your information, it is always risky to work on Adobe tutorials. One of the most expert and experienced YouTubers from my country claimed that he once had received a copyright strike from Adobe for no apparent reason. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

There are corporations/companies out there who allow you to copy or use their software/products for educational purposes only, you aren’t allowed to monetize videos created on these software. One such company is probably Microsoft. They allow you to create online tutorials (articles and videos) based on their content. But once you create these, you can use them only for educational purposes, you can’t monetize them, hence you can’t earn from such tutorials.

This is the reason you will most possibly NOT find too many MS Word tutorials on YouTube. There’s no denying that there are a lot of things to learn about MS Word and other MS office applications. And people all around the globe are using these apps extensively. So there might be a question as to why there are only a few online tutorials on these topics. Well, I guess you now can realize the reason behind this. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

As the title of the video (the second one depicted in the above image) suggests it most probably describes how to crack the paid version of a software. By uploading this video, the creator has knowingly/unknowingly attempted to cause monetary damage to Adobe Inc. who just happens to be a much bigger client/creator of YouTube than the infringing uploader. Both are community members of YouTube, one was about to cause harm to another in illegal ways. Also the uploader was actually encouraging general community members to do illegitimate things that cracking a paid software is. That’s why he received a community strike for that.

Now that he has received two strikes on his channel, he won’t be able to upload any video the next three months. If he doesn’t receive another community strike in the meantime, one or both of the current strikes may be lifted/removed after three months. Then he’ll be able to upload more videos on his channel and continue his YouTubing operations as normal. God forbids, should he receive another community strike in the meantime, his channel will be terminated once and for all. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

If you’re interested to know YouTube’s community guidelines in details, so that you accidentally don’t mess up anything, go ahead and read this nice article from our blog to the end. The link is given below:

YouTube account suspended for no reason? Well, not really.

Also know that a promising multi channel network like MediaCube.Network can save you from lots of misunderstood copyright and community strikes. You’re welcome to join this MCN under my referral link:

Let me remind you once again that YouTube is now more strict than ever. A single copyright or community strike can make your channel ineligible for video monetization. So just put yourself in a little bit of thought as to how you can save your dear channel. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

Questions & Answers on YouTubing – Episode 2

Q. If I put voice in a movie clip and then upload on my YouTube channel, will it be a problem?

A. It might be, unless the clip is a creative commons content. The thing is that you got to have explicit permission from the clip creator to use it. Also be careful while working with creative commons videos. Lately many people have been alleging that they used creative commons clips, yet received copyright strikes. This happened because those clips are NOT actually creative commons videos, they were just falsely labeled so.

It’s like someone just stole your video and passed it as ‘creative commons’ after uploading. If a third person/party uses this clip, they might get a copyright strike from you (the original creator of the clip). To know more about this, you can read the following article:

Creative Commons Videos – Things you should know

Q. Which one is better when it comes to AdSense account – personal or business?

A. As far as we’re concerned, it is always better to use a personal AdSense account than a business one. If you are to use a business AdSense account, you might have to go through many hazards which we can not discuss all in this short scope. Just to give you an example, even the mail containing the business AdSense account PIN may be much delayed to arrive at the destination compared to a personal AdSense account.

Our suggestion is NOT to use a business AdSense account if a personal account may be sufficient. You have to keep these points in mind while creating an AdSense account. For your information in case you were wondering , a personal AdSense can handle payments up to even $10,000 per month. We just don’t know the upper limit yet.

Q. Is it okay if I join a MCN after applying for an AdSense account?

A. It is always okay to join a MCN no matter what. To know more about multi channel network, click on the following link and read the article:

Multi channel network (MCN): Pros and Cons

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Q. How to record Android phone screen with voice to create a YouTube video?

A. You can use DU Recorder for this purpose; I have created many videos using it. My only YouTube channel at this moment has most of its videos created by this particular recorder. The above YouTube video from my channel ‘YouTubing Tips’ is also created using DU Recorder.

Q. What is the meaning of the following mail?

A. Lately this mail has been sent to many people. The mail tells the receiver that s/he has been selected as a moderator for a certain YouTube channel and prompts them to click on the given links. Well, this one is supposed to be a spam mail, so never to click on its links. The sender pretends to be YouTube itself; you always have to be aware of this sort of mail. Just use common sense – if someone would make you a moderator on their channel, they would first take permission from you, right?

Q. I want to add another gmail id to handle my YouTubing activities on a certain channel, it is possible?

A. It surely is. We actually have a nice article detailing this procedure, the link is here:

Use another gmail to manage y0utube brand channel

Q. I can’t upload custom thumbnails on my videos, what to do?

A. We guess you need to verify your channel using a phone number. Once you do that, you’ll be able to use custom thumbnails. The following article details everything on this issue:

How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages

Then again, sometimes this can happen if the channel has received community or copyright strikes or both. In that case, the channel may be disabled for custom thumbnails as a punishment. As such, there is nothing to do about it except to wait for the strikes to lift off when the time is right.

Q. If I upload the same video twice on my channel, will it be a problem?

A. It might be. Channels who upload the same video/content over and over are considered to spread spam, hence they run the risk of termination.

First of all, you can not upload the same video (same length and content) on your channel for a second time. If you do, YouTube’s automated system will be able to detect it. It will then reject the upload by marking it as duplicate content and show you the link to the original video. But it is possible to upload almost the same content again by modifying the original video a little bit. If you continue this practice on your channel for many videos, you’ll be caught sooner or later, then your channel might be suspended.

Q. I mistakenly provided a US physical address on my AdSense account, although I’m from India. Now I’ve requested for PIN three times, but didn’t receive any PIN mail yet. What to do?

A. Our advice is, you need to change your physical address first. If you had provided a US address while applying for AdSense account, you may not be able to change the country, hence the physical address as well. But if you firstly provided the correct address, then mistakenly changed it to a US address, then you may be able to back to Indian address. Actually the whole thing sounds fishy to us, because you’re never supposed to be allowed to change country in the first place.

Anyway, if you’re somehow able to change the physical address on AdSense to your current address in India, you need to upload an official document containing your address on your AdSense account. Example of such document is bank statement, utility bill etc. Once you’re able to upload such a document, your AdSense account should be instantly verified. We guess you should read the following article from our blog in this regard:

Riddles new YouTubers face – Did you too go through these situations?

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Q. What is the function of AdMob?

A. AdMob is basically a special feature or part of AdSense. It is used to serve ads on Android apps whereas AdSense ads are served on YouTube videos and websites. If you create an app and then upload it on Google Play Store, you can use AdMob to monetize your app. That way you may be able to earn handsome amount depending on the effectiveness and popularity of your app.

If you know good level of coding, you can create your own app. Then again, there are websites and web services out there who help to create Android apps just like that, without any coding experience. For example, if you have an website, you can create its app version using those services.

Q. I have earned 10k views on my channel. Most of my videos are in Bangla. Should I change the titles of the videos before applying for AdSense?

A. Well, Google recently approved Bangla contents on websites to be monetized with AdSense. We don’t know yet what they’re going to deceide about YouTube videos. But we guess that Bangla will be included as a supported language in AdSense for YouTube videos too.

Since you already have earned 10k (a significant number of) views with Bangla titles, you should not change your video titles and tags on a massive scale. Because if you do that, your channel may get community strikes based on multiple server violation. So we suggest that you go ahead and apply for AdSense with your videos titled in Bangla. The same is applicable for other unsupported languages in YouTube videos.

Well, for your information, previously YouTube always approved AdSense for channels in any languages whatsoever. But recently, YouTube/Google have been more strict(?) than ever. That’s why it may be tough to get approved for AdSense while majority of your YouTube videos are in Bangla. If your channel is not approved for AdSense after repeated appeals, then you can join a MCN like MediaCube.Network. Go ahead and follow my referral link to join it. The link is given above, in a previous Q&A.

YouTube myths that need to be busted

How long have you been YouTubing? If for a while, then you’re already familiar with a number of YouTube myths. Now I’m tired of these myths, so I think it’s high time I busted them here on my blog. In facts, it is these YouTube myths that made me introduce this blog in the first place. Well, here are the myths I’m talking about. Check to see if you already heard of and believe in them.

Channel activities shouldn’t be accessed from multiple devices

On many YouTubing groups and forums I have seen many throwing this question as to whether YouTubing activities is allowed on multiple devices simultaneously. Well, it certainly is. You can use not only your PC, but your phone also; it’s not going to be a problem. Rest assured about that.

New channels must be created in new devices with new internet connection

Now that’s a common misconception among most of the people. Once their old channel is terminated, they think they must buy new devices (PC or mobile) to create and operate a new channel. Well, they are totally wrong about it.

Some YouTube myths might prompt you to buy a new computer although you already had one
Some YouTube myths might prompt you to buy a new computer although you already have one

Google/YouTube authority don’t ban your device id and internet ip for trivial reasons like using misleading metadata, infringing someone else’s copyright and thus leading to account termination. Well, they might ban your device and ip if you had decided to play with them in the first place. I once did this sort of severe violations and as a punishment Google banned my device. I have an article on this blog describing that incident. May be you’ve already read it. If you haven’t, go find it yourself. (This post is on youtube myths)

The thing is that even if a device is banned, YouTubing activities are allowed to do on it; only you can’t create new channels in such a device. Because if you do, they will be terminated within 24 hours of time. I’m giving you all these advice based on my firsthand experience. So never think that I might be misleading you.

Someone else’s videos can be used without copyright claim if edited before uploading – one of most stupid YouTube myths

No matter how much edit and modifications you put into one of someone else’s videos, you don’t have any right to upload it unless you get written permission from the video creator. Some people even say that any portion with duration of less than 15 seconds from any YouTube video can be used without copyright claim. This is wrong too. You can’t use even 1 such second.

Once a guy took a few screenshots from one of my YouTube videos and made a slideshow video out of them. I filed a copyright infringement allegation against him and took his video down. So you see YouTube is very strict when it comes to copyright protection. (This post is on youtube myths)

Old AdSense account can’t be used on new channels

Well, I can’t blame others for having this superstition or myth. This is because I myself had this one. When my first YouTube channel got terminated, I thought the AdSense account on my name was useless. So I applied for another AdSense on my mother’s name. The thing is that AdSense team don’t justify who actually sent the application. I guess they’re not capable of it. Despite that AdSense’s current system is running pretty well. They just need to have legitimate bank accounts where they can send the payments, that’s all. (This post is on youtube myths)

Let me share with you a little secret of mine. Before I came to know that a single AdSense account can be used for as many YouTube channels as you want, I already had applied for and got approved AdSense accounts for my mother, my wife and my elder brother. The fact is all those accounts actually belong to me. I used all of them for multiple channels. I received payments from three of them. The fourth one was unable to send me a payment because I switched the channel to another AdSense.

The point here is that you don’t need to create new AdSense account to monetize a newly created YouTube channel, your old AdSense will do just fine. To know more about AdSense, click on either or both of the following links.

AdSense account: Know some details about it

YouTube AdSense: Things you should know about it as a youtuber

Slideshow videos won’t be given ads from AdSense

This is another of wrong YouTube myths. I have seen many slideshow channels earn handsome amount of money. Some are happily earning to this day. I too created a few slideshow videos for one of my channels and they earned me a good sum.

Well, you need to use multiple images to create a slideshow video, right? If you use someone else’s copyrighted images to create a show and YouTube finds about this, they may choose to NOT serve ads on that video. Though they’re not going to terminate your channel right away for this, unless of course you receive three consecutive copyright strikes based on people’s allegations. (This post is on youtube myths)

So before creating slideshow videos, make sure that you have explicit right to use the associated images. Here’s the link to a detailed article on this topic:

Slideshow videos lead to account termination?

Creating a lot of BACKLINKS to YouTube videos can lead the channel to termination

I have seen a couple of YouTube videos based on YouTubing tips where the viewers are suggested to use backlinks in a limited number. The reason why it’s so is that backlinks in mass quantity supposedly creates artificial traffic on a YouTube channel. Thus according to them the channel runs the risk of being terminated. I too believed this myth for a few days. Then I thought it through and realized that the backlinks sites never verify whether the video really belongs to the person who’s using their service. (This post is on youtube myths)

If excess use of backlinks really could lead the account to termination, then your enemy party would have founded an easy way to ruin you. So the bottom line is that use of backlinks in any size can not be bad for a YouTube channel. Another of YouTube myths is busted just like that.

Learn how to use backlinks:

How to create YouTube auto backlinks – for new YouTubers

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YouTube FAQs: Commonly asked questions – part 1

If you are a new YouTuber then there might be a lot of questions in your mind on YouTubing. Here we answer 2 commonly asked questions aka YouTube FAQs. They are listed and described below:

Q. My channel is not found when I make a YouTube search on it, why’s that?

A. Many new youtubers make a YouTube search on their channel’s name, but they don’t find it. There could be many reasons behind it. One is channel’s name itself. Is it unique? Suppose your channel’s name is ‘Funny videos..’. There are thousands of channels and contents with this particular keyword and many of them have been successfully running on YouTube for a long time now. So it’s natural that when someone makes a YouTube search with a commonly used keyword, the most popular channels will appear at the beginning of the search result. That’s why be sure to choose a unique name for your channel. (This article is on 2 YouTube FAQs)

Secondly your channel’s name may not be found on YouTube search results even if the name is unique. This could happen if you have a little content (may be only a few videos) on your channel and that too with an insignificant number of views. Since your videos have not been popular yet, your channel’s name may not be suggested by YouTube even if it sounds unique.

The thing is that as a new youtuber you shouldn’t worry about this issue. When your videos will get rank and popularity and thus help your channel grow bigger, it’s name will automatically be suggested by YouTube when searched with proper keywords. So at this moment just concentrate on uploading quality content. (This article is on 2 YouTube FAQs)

Q. How do I know whether my channel has been monetized?

A. If your new channel has got at least 10k views and then you applied to YouTube to monetize your channel and they approved it, there might still be a question on your mind as to how you know if your channel has really/properly been monetized. To be sure of that, just go to your channel’s video manager page and then click on ‘Channel’ tab. Here in the ‘Monetisation’ section click on the ‘View monetisation settings’ link.

YouTube FAQs

If you see the blue ‘Review or change AdSense association’ link in the following page, then your channel is surely monetized and you have nothing to worry about it. (This article is on 2 YouTube FAQs)

YouTube FAQs

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