How to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

In this tutorial, you will know how to take your face and presence off YouTube. You might require to do this in case somebody uploaded a video on YouTube that shows your face and/or presence explicitly. If you go through all the steps of the following procedure correctly, you may be able to take down such an infringing video.

Recently I have been contacted by a lady named Karla on this particular issue. She sent me the following mail:

‘I created A YouTube account back in 2013 and posted some really stupid stuff. At this point I cannot remember the password to it and I want It deleted, I don’t care much about recovering it I would Just like it gone. I haven’t had any luck trying to claim the account and don’t know if there’s anything I can Do to prove to YouTube and google that the account is mine, I am Clearly in the videos. Please let me know if you can help me in any way !!!’

Well Karla, it seems like you didn’t leave any option to recover your account and you’re not interested to recover that either. In that case, to take your face and presence off YouTube you can still do certain things. First of all, you have to log yourself into a brand new YouTube/Gmail account. Then you have to visit the following link/page:

Info you need to provide on the page

Once you’re on this page, you have to fill in a couple of information about yourself, such as your legal first and last names. Then you have to provide the url of the channel which is revealing your personal information, face or presence. In your particular case, Karla, it’s your own channel that you no longer have access to. Still it doesn’t matter whoever this channel might belong to; you can go ahead and report it anyway. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

After providing the url of the channel, you have to provide the urls of the videos where your face and/or presence are shown. The urls of the videos have to be separate by spaces.

check boxes and radio buttons to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

Now you have to indicate the information you wish to report. Select all that apply here. These check boxes are not mutually exclusive, so you can select more than one. Karla, in your case, you might want to select the first three boxes. Because I believe not only your image and voice, but your full legal name is somehow revealed in those videos as well. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

time stamps and radio buttons

You also need to identify where the questionable content appears within the video(s). In Karla’s case, I believe it’s ‘within the video’. I think she didn’t provide personal information in the title or video description. Now Karla, You also have to indicate where in the video the questionable content appears. That means you have to mention time stamps, like 2:14 or 3:00-3:10.

If you have provided urls of multiple videos, you have to click “Add additional” to identify where you are located within each URL. So as you can see, this is pretty neat and precise. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

Now between the two radio buttons provided in the section ‘has this content been copied from your own channel or video’, you should select ‘No’. This is because, you’re reporting your own channel, Karla!

Do NOT check the box that says ‘I am the legal guardian of a child or dependent in the video’, because you’re representing none other than yourself. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

Additional info you have to provide

Now you have to provide additional information regarding your appearance or actions in the videos. You should be using the following language:

“The videos and channel I’m reporting actually belong to me. I just lost access to this particular Google account and don’t have an option to recover it either. Now I don’t want the videos to be online anymore; this would be an invasion to my privacy. That’s why I like to have this channel down (terminated) as a whole. I can submit proof of my claim if it’s needed.”

Yes, Karla, you must be ready to provide proof as to you’re that particular lady (seen in the video). Now it all depends on your location and country. In my case, a national ID card would do the job. If you’re in USA, then social security number may do the job. Frankly, I’m not a big expert on this. So you have to figure that out for yourself: which document you should submit to Google in order to support your claim. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

Now that’s How to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

If you’re successful in completing the procedure, those videos and channel of yours will certainly be removed from YouTube. Hope you got satisfactory answer to your concern, Karla. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

With that said, I’d like to add that this particular procedure could be used by anyone who thinks their privacy is infringed on YouTube. Because YouTube is growing in size every single day, someone might just upload a content on this social networking platform that reveals your identity and information to mass people. In that case, you can not only take actions through YouTube (in the above procedure), but can bring the culprits to justice also if they’re within your reach.

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YouTube’s Community Guidelines Explained and Made Easy

There are many YouTubers out there who don’t know anything about YouTube’s community guidelines. Some people know where to find the guidelines page, but haven’t realized those policies fully yet. Well, this post from our blog details everything you need to know about YouTube’s community guidelines.

YouTube's community guidelines

Recently YouTube calls its guidelines as ‘policies and safety’. For your information, YouTube’s main policy is NOT to piss off many users/viewers. It may sound weird, but it really is the truth. Let us give an example of it. The same content may be considered a ‘policy violating’ thing on a YouTube video and may just go fine on another YouTube video. I guess, YouTube depends on a report based artificial intelligent system to detect policy violations. That’s why when a huge number of reports are submitted against a particular video, it is automatically taken down.

Since the ‘removal’ process is automatic, the video uploader is given a choice to appeal the removal of a particular video. We hope that every appeal is manually reviewed to reach a resolution/verdict. For the same reason stated above, videos that violate YouTube’s community guidelines may actually sustain for a prolonged time. So we guess now you know what we mean by NOT ‘pissing up’ the majority of viewers.

YouTube’s community guidelines regarding nudity and sexual content

The thing is that YouTube considers itself as a family platform for entertainment. That’s why something that can not be watched with family members together is considered to violate community guidelines. This is the reason sexuality and nudity are not allowed on YouTube. If you must upload such videos, you need to age-restrict them yourself. Because if these nude/sexually explicit videos are later found by common people and reported, they may not only be removed, but the channel may receive community strikes also.

You may have watched many sexually provocative scenes on YouTube, specially on Bollywood and Hollywood songs. But nothing is happening to them because the producers of these songs/scenes have special connection with YouTube’s top officials, even with the policy makers of Google/YouTube. So you can easily guess, as a common YouTuber you don’t compare to them at all.

That’s why, if you upload anything inappropriate on YouTube right this moment, it may be removed the very next moment. From this point of view, YouTube is surely not impartial. It certainly is partial to the ‘powerful’ parties and those living in north America. Because they can easily sue Youtube which Youtubers from India and other developing countries can’t do.

harmful or dangerous content

You’re not supposed to post videos that encourage others to do things that might cause them to get badly hurt or injured, specially kids. Videos showing such harmful and/or dangerous acts may become age-restricted or even removed from YouTube depending on the severity.

Now you might be questioning as to whether cycling over high rise building roof tops can be recorded and uploaded on YouTube. It depends on your location. If you’re a north american YouTuber, you certainly can. But if you’re from an ‘ordinary’ country like India or Pakistan, just keep in mind that these things are prone to ‘heavily reporting’. So you had better not upload such content.

Predatory behavior and threat

When you will have some success in YouTubing, you may have 10k, even 20k subscribers on your channel. Just keep in mind that these 10k or 20k people don’t work for you and each of them may NOT be loyal to you. Also you can’t think of using them for any unfair purpose as pointed out before. Just because your channel has 20k subscribers doesn’t mean that you’re the king of the world now. You still have to behave properly and that too – all the time. A single slip might lead your channel to termination. Never ever show predatory behavior. Such behavior may be proved to be bad for your channel.

The best way to avoid showing such inappropriate behavior is to think that you’re just a YouTube user like everybody else. Also never to threaten anybody on YouTube. If any intentional threat is found by users and then reported, consider your channel as good as gone. I told you guys in a previous article that my first ever YouTube channel was terminated because of comment spamming. Well. I’m not sure about it. It could also have been a result of predatory behavior that some users thought I had shown. Because the last sentence of the comment I posted in several of my videos was “Such thieves and bandits should be banned from YouTube anyway”.  Well, a statement like this can surely be reported to YouTube, can’t it?

YouTube prefers your viewers over you

We think at this stage you have surely got our point – community guidelines or whatever you like to call it, YouTube’s main policy is NOT to get against advertisers and viewers’ community. Here the number of ‘reporting’ community people has to be significant in order to consider a certain type of report/flagging. With that said, you can now come to know the rest of YouTube’s community guidelines by reading the following article:

How to report a YouTube video: In case you found infringing videos on YouTube

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Bulk edit YouTube videos: Save a lot of your time and labor

Do you need to edit YouTube videos on a massive scale after uploading them? Then just know there is a shortcut way to do that. It’s called ‘bulk-edit’. You can use this feature to put/change settings as category, common tags, comments approval, monetization etc. Nevertheless in order to edit other aspects of YouTube videos like cards, custom thumbnail, end screen etc, you have to click on each video’s ‘Edit’ option individually and then make the changes manually.

In fact, these aspects are not only sophisticated compared to the previously mentioned ones which are pretty much simple to bulk update, but they are also unsuitable for bulk edit. For example, you will not possibly use the same cards on many of your videos, right? Again, you’re not going to use the same thumbnail for many videos, let’s face it. Well, without any further intro, let’s now learn to use this amazing feature known as ‘bulk edit’.

Know the purpose of these check-boxes

You must have seen the following check-boxes while you were on your channel’s video manager. The purpose of them is to enable you to edit YouTube videos on a bulk/massive scale.

Check boxes before you bulk edit YouTube videos
Check boxes before you bulk edit YouTube videos

While doing bulk edit, you just need to check the boxes next to the videos you’re willing to edit. Then you need to click on the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu. It will unfold and you’ll get to see many attributes/aspects of your YouTube videos. You can click on your desired property that you want to change for multiple videos. If you don’t see your desired aspect there, then click on ‘More actions’. This time you’ll definitely see that, just click on it.

The menu for bulk edit youtube videos
The menu for bulk edit youtube videos

Suppose I have selected two videos to bulk edit (as depicted in the above image). And the first property I’m going to set/change for them is ‘Category’. Since I think these videos are educational, so I select the category ‘Education’; you can choose according to your discretion and preference. Now I can hit the blue ‘Submit’ button and the process will start.

But wait, I want to add another ‘action’ here. This time I am going to set ‘Video language’ for those two videos. So I just need to click on ‘Add actions’ menu and choose my desired attribute. I remember these videos were described and lectured in English, so that’s what I selected. Now I could obviously add more actions, so could you. But for me it’s kind of done, so I would like to hit the ‘Submit’ button now.

Choose as many aspects as you like to bulk edit YouTube videos
Choose as many aspects as you like to bulk edit YouTube videos

Well, this is how you’re supposed to bulk edit YouTube videos of your channel. I have just shown the procedure in simplest manner, in your case it could involve many actions. No matter how complicated it might look, it’s surely going to save you a lot of time and labor.

One thing to note here is that if you mistakenly added an action, then you can get rid of it just by clicking on the minus(-) sign next to it.

What’s the biggest number allowed when it comes to bulk edit youtube videos?

Now there might be a question as to how many videos can be bulk edited like this at a time. The answer is ‘All of them’. Yes, you surely can bulk edit all the videos of your YouTube channel at a time. But in order to do that you have to check the box next to ‘Actions’ menu, instead of checking individual boxes. Once you do that all the videos on the page (where you’re at now) will be selected. For your information, a page of YouTube video manager can have highest 30 videos.

Well, once all the videos on the current page are selected, you’ll be given an option to ‘Select all your videos’. You can do that if you want to, by clicking on the link shown. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have 50 videos on your channel and ‘comments’ were simply allowed to publish on all of those. But once you started having some hate comments published automatically, you just got alerted. Now you want to allow only manually approved comments. In that case you could select all your videos and hence do the bulk edit.

Also you can choose as many aspects as you like to undergo change/update at a time. The thing is that if you choose to add too many actions at a single time, you might just get confused and bored. So I suggest to split this ‘updating’ job into few parts. Like, if you need to bulk update 15 aspects of a few videos, then you may choose to have 5 actions at each time.

Once you hit the ‘Submit’ button, it is going to take a little bit of time to have the process finished. The time it takes depends on how many videos and aspects you’ve chosen at a time.

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YouTube analytics: Dig into the details of your channel

What are YouTube analytics?

In simple terms, analytics are the details and numbers of a website. A YouTube channel can be considered as a website from a logical point of view (just visit the homepage of a channel and look at the url). So your YouTube channel can be described in terms of numbers; like how many subscribers it has, the total number of views, which videos are getting more views, average watch time etc. Obvious as it is, analytics of a website or a YouTube channel are always changing. These data are sometimes ascending and other times are descending. If they are going down all of a sudden, then you have to find out the reason behind this.

If you never followed these data, you would never know whether or not your channel is going down. Then the only way you could know about this is your reduced AdSense earnings on a particular month. Frankly, when I first started YouTubing, I didn’t know anything about analytics for the first few months. But I was lucky, my channel only ascended in that period of time. Once I learned to observe these data, I could track the ups and downs of my channel.

Channel Dashboard: the gateway to YouTube analytics

Most new YouTubers only know how to upload videos, they don’t have a clue to what YouTube analytics are. The very first time they get to see some numbers on their channel, is through their channel dashboard. When they have uploaded a couple of videos which start to get views, they see a few numbers on the ‘Dashboard’ page of their channel. These numbers tend to increase on a daily basis and are accompanied by graphs. In most cases, the graphs are zigzag; which indicates that the numbers don’t increase steadily. Sometimes they increase, sometimes decrease. Even if the numbers increase only, the increment is not the same every day.

Part of YouTube dashboard shows analytics for the last 28 days
Part of YouTube dashboard shows analytics for the last 28 days

The above image shows part of a YouTube channel’s dashboard which is the summary of analytics for the last 28 days. It is obvious from the graphs that for a long period (almost 15-16 days) the condition of the channel only deteriorated. And then suddenly it seems to recover. So through the analysis of your dashboard or analytics page, if you realize that your channel is going down, then you can attempt to stop such decline.  That’s why analytics are so important to run a YouTube channel successfully.

Here we need to clarify the ambiguity the dashboard data creates for most new YouTubers. As you can see in the above image that views have values of 64k and 35k, which are different from each other. Well, 35k means the number of views the channel got in last 28 days; whereas 64k means the total number of views the channel got since it’s inception.

Dashboard leads to analytics page

At the lower end of this demo-analytics presentation known as dashboard, lies the blue link ‘View all’. You need to click on that to see the full-fledged analytics of your channel. The page with url where you arrive on shows these data for the last 28 days by default. Well, you can see your channel analytics for any time-frame, except for today and yesterday. Because it takes a little bit of time for the YouTube officials to process and verify a day’s data for a YouTube account and then to put it for display. In order to have analytics for any time-frame of your choice, you need to go to the upper-right corner of the screen and then select one from a drop-down list.

Select a time-frame to observe the analytics of your channel
Select a time-frame to observe the analytics of your channel

Upon selection, you get to see four main sections in the upper-middle portion of the page, namely: Watch time, Views, Average view duration and Your estimated revenue. Each section are summarized by a number and a graph. If you want to see the details of any section, you need to click on it; you’ll be directed to that specific page. Below these prominent four sections are a few small sections which depict how many Likes, Dislikes, Comments, Shares, Videos in playlists and Subscribers you got in your selected time-period.

Top 10 videos are listed with varying earnings on them

Below the sections and subsections mentioned above are listed top 10 videos of your chosen time-frame. They are ranked on the basis of watch time. So between two videos the one with higher watch time will be placed higher. But the irony is that a top video may not have earned more compared to a lower-ranking video. That’s why it is often seen that a video has acquired a lot of views and watch time, but the earnings on it is very little to zero; whereas an average video has earned handsome amount for you compared to the previous one.

The probable reasons for this are content and selection by advertisers. If the content of a video is not advertiser friendly, then it may not earn you any money, no matter how many views and watch time it has accumulated. Also the advertisers may not select all your videos to put ads on, even if all of them have good content and are advertiser-friendly. Here’s an article for you detailing how you can make your YouTube videos advertiser friendly:

Make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly

The top 10 videos’ list shows every piece of data both in actual figure and percentage. This clearly demonstrates how much importance google/youtube puts on percentage values when it comes to analytics and ranking. That’s why it is better to upload 5-minutes videos onto your channel instead of 10-minutes videos, if you knew for sure that your average watch time would remain within 3-4 minutes. Here’s the link to an article of this blog which describes the importance of percentage watch time in the context of your YouTube channel’s ranking and growth.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

Top geographies of viewers on a channel

Your Youtube videos are watched by people from around the world, unless its content is based on a language and/or culture that is too much localized. If your videos are above average standard, they are supposed to get viewers and subscribers from every corner of the globe. This is more applicable for videos described in English. Previously it was said that most YouTube viewers were from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. That is, people from these two countries watched YouTube videos more than any other country. But in the last couple of years this scenario entirely changed.

Upon finding about the success and earnings of YouTubers more people are being interested in this profession day by day, specially from developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. While they create contents, they also stay updated about their fellow YouTubers’ and competitor’s activities. Thus they become bound to watch others’ videos, interested or not. This practice makes them kind of addicted to YouTube gradually. There are people now who watch YouTube videos, not because they are bound to, but because they feel interested and entertained. However the top geographies of a channel are depicted in percentage on YouTube analytics page.

Top geographies depicted in percentage on YouTube analytics page
Top geographies depicted in percentage on YouTube analytics page

Traffic sources: Where your videos are being watched

As you can see in the above pic, most views of the channel under consideration are from suggestions on YouTube’s watch-page and homepage. This is applicable for all channels that are not new anymore. The homepage suggestions are often referred as ‘Features’. That means when your videos are suggested by YouTube on a viewer’s YouTube homepage on their browser, then those videos are said to be featured by YouTube.

Second biggest traffic source is external websites, like social media platforms as facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Your YouTube videos might be embedded on other websites as well. People watching your videos on those websites and social medias are said to generate traffic for your channel which is termed as ‘External’. While your channel is still new, you might get most of your traffic from this particular source.

Now there might be a question as to what mean ‘Direct or unknown’. Someone watching your videos on your channel’s homepage or videos page creates traffic that is said to be ‘Direct’. Again, someone watching your videos from their browser’s history creates ‘Direct’ traffic for you. Apart from top geographies and traffic sources, another aspect to note here is the analytics of gender distribution among viewers. In all my channels, I have seen almost 94% male and the rest 6% female viewers. Nevertheless the percentage of female viewers might be a lot greater than 6%, if the majority of the traffic comes from developed counties like US, UK, Canada etc.

Gender and Playback locations of YouTube analytics page
Gender and Playback locations of YouTube analytics page

Also let’s analyze ‘Playback locations’ a little bit. Wherever viewers might have clicked on your videos (YouTube’s homepage/watch-page or channel’s homepage/videos-page/playlists-page), in 95% to 98% of the cases, they’ll be played back on YouTube watch page. In some rare cases (2%-5%) the videos will be played back on external websites and apps. Also the videos that are featured to new visitors on channel’s homepage are played back on nowhere else but the homepage itself. The percentage amount of these views is negligible compared to total views of the channel.

Average watch duration or audience retention in details

You surely remember about ‘average view duration’ which was mentioned earlier and described a little. Now let’s scrutinize this particular section for a channel. When you click on the ‘average view duration’ section of YouTube analytics page, you’re directed to another detailed page, where the graph might look somewhat like below:

Average view duration graph of YouTube analytics
Average view duration graph of YouTube analytics

As obvious from the above image, the channel’s condition is not exactly good, it’s kind of struggling. With an average watch duration of 56 seconds, this channel is not likely to grow and shine in near future. The most important fact is that the duration is not increasing either, it’s pretty much stuck near a steady value, or even degrading. If your channel’s condition is like this, then you have to take some drastic measures. The number one thing that you should try is uploading different sort of content. Like you can try tutorial or life hack videos, if you previously were uploading only funny videos. Surely you can upload videos based on multiple niches onto your channel and this practice isn’t going to harm the channel in any way.

The next things you should emphasize on are SEO and sharing of your YouTube videos. If your videos’ SEO scores are good, they are likely to be found by many new viewers and potential subscribers. And you have to constantly upload new videos and share them on different platforms as well. People who don’t upload regularly may lose views and watch time in a great scale. Regular upload doesn’t necessarily mean daily uploads; you can upload a video every alternate day, no problem. But the thing is that you should upload at least two videos per day while your channel is still new or struggling to sustain in a competition with others’ new channels. Once your channel is fairly established, you don’t need to share your newly uploaded or old videos on social media platforms, nor you need to upload on a strictly regular basis.

How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages

Are you interested to have your channel verified?

In this article we are going to discuss how to get verified on YouTube with a phone number. Now there might be a question as to why Google would want to have your phone number. There are plenty of reasons for that. Google wants to make sure that you’re not using any VPN. Also it wants to know you personally, your phone number is a key to that. Once you give Google your number, they know for sure that you are real and don’t have intentions to commit crimes/violations. Even if you do any such thing, Google can contact the authorities and provide them with your phone number. These are some of the reasons why Google would want your personal number.

Advantages of getting your YouTube channel verified

There are lot of advantages of having your YouTube channel verified. Firstly you can upload videos with duration longer than 15 minutes. Once you’re verified, it doesn’t matter to YouTube how lengthy your video is. Although once I uploaded videos longer than 15 minutes on an unverified channel, but I can’t do that anymore. May be it was a glitch in YouTube’s system back then in October 2016. However you can still try that on your channel and let me know what happens.

Another advantage of having your channel verified is that you can use custom thumbnails. This is crucial thing/point. This is the reason why you must phone-verify your YouTube channel. Because you just can not do with thumbnails provided by YouTube’s automated system, most of the times they are very boring. These thumbnails may even seem irrelevant and misleading. I was obliged to verify my channels a couple of times just because of this situation, to be able to use custom thumbnails.

Also you are not allowed to live-stream while you’re still unverified. Previously scheduled publishing of videos was not allowed on unverified channels. But this is now allowed, at least according to my experience. If you experience otherwise, please let me know.

If you know any other advantages of having your YouTube channel verified other than the above-mentioned, then kindly let me know. You know when you share your knowledge with others, it never lessens. (This article is on how to get verified on YouTube)

Myths about YouTube channel-verification

There are some myths among people regarding the phone-verification of YouTube channels. Some believe that even though you can earn money on an unverified channel, it must be at some point phone-verified to withdraw that money. This is just a myth, is a false idea and has no basis. Because verified or not, your channel’s earnings will transfer to the associated AdSense account at certain time each month. So you can withdraw that money at your ease. Nevertheless every AdSense account has to be verified to withdraw earnings, but that’s a different story.

Another myth about channel-verification is that verified channels’ videos are likely to get viral, while it is very challenging to make videos of unverified channels viral. This is again just a myth, it has no basis. Because whether a YouTube video will go viral or not depends solely on the content of the video. It has nothing to do with the verification status of the channel. If the content is nice and percentage watch-time is close to 70%-80% (or at least greater than most other contemporary videos), then the video is likely to get viral. (This article is on how to get verified on YouTube)

How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages


Now how to get verified on YouTube

Now it’s up to you to decide whether your channel will be verified or not. You know in 2016 many YouTubers had countless channels. For example, I knew some YouTubers who each had 15-20 channels. And every now and then some of their channels got terminated, so they created newer channels. This is the reason these YouTubers didn’t choose to have their channels phone-verified. Because with each phone number you can verify only four channels in a year, two with message and two with calls. When the year is finished, you can use that number again to verify newer channels.

But the situation is different this year. I don’t think now-a-days YouTubers have a tendency to run multiple channels. So I don’t see any reason for you to keep your YouTube channel unverified. Also for the ‘custom-thumbnail’ thing I personally suggest you to get your channel verified. Now let’s show you how to get verified on YouTube.

First you need to go to ‘Channel’ tab while you’re on video manager or dashboard of your channel. When you’re on Channel’s Status and features page, you’ll see the blue button saying ‘Verify’, just click on it. Then provide your phone number without the country-code because your country will already be selected there. Now whether to use message or call. I personally prefer ‘message’, may be you do the same. But if you already recently used ‘message’ twice from your phone number and now want to have a third or fourth channel verified, you need to use ‘call’.

If you have chosen message, then a six-digit pin-code will come to your phone which you need to enter on your channel’s verification page. If you selected ‘call’, then a lady machine-voice will call you and it will let you know the six-digit number and also will tell you not to share the number with anyone else. This is how to get verified on YouTube.

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Creative commons videos – Things you should know

What is creative commons in YouTube?

Suppose you’re creating a video on top 10 tourist spots and you need a couple of clips regarding that. Now it is not possible for you to visit those places physically and record those clips. All you can do is use YouTube’s built-in resource known as creative commons. This is a library of videos that are basically owned by creators, still they are re-usable by other YouTubers. Before using them to create new videos, they must be edited.

Previously YouTube had a rule that creative commons videos could be used only through YouTube’s video editor with url But things are about to change as YouTube has declared that they will get rid of this video editor within 20 September, 2017.

Are you planning to use creative commons videos?

If you’re unable to create new videos, then you can use creative commons videos. Even if you’re good at creating videos and you do that once in a while, you might still need these creative commons videos. Like as in the case mentioned at the beginning of this article (top 10 video). So the thing is that as a YouTuber you should know the proper use and details of creative commons videos.

Firstly, come to know where to find these videos. If you’re using YouTube’s built-in video editor, then you’ll see a ‘cc’ link (in a circle) in the middle of the screen while you’re on the editor page. You need to click on it. Then you need to make a search on your particular interest. In my case, I just made a search for clips on ‘Mosharraf Karim’ who is a very famous and popular actor in my country. You can see my search results in the following picture.

Creative commons search results

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Make a direct YouTube search to find cc videos

There is another way to find cc videos, you can make a direct search for them on YouTube. Suppose I made a direct search of ‘Mosharraf Karim’ clips on YouTube and had some results. Now I need to filter the results. I click on the ‘Filter’ button first and then on ‘Creative commons’ option/feature, as shown in the following image. Finally I have the desired results, now it’s time to choose one or more from many clips available.

YouTube's search Filter

Is it okay to download cc videos and re-upload after modifying them?

If you’re planning to fully re-upload a cc video after minor edits like putting a brand, then you’re thinking wrong. Because creative commons videos are not meant to be used like that. They are supposed to be partially used and that too for specialized purposes. Like you’re creating a top 10 tourist spots video; to do that you can use a cc video on Tajmahal partially. If you’re going to use a cc video fully, then make sure that it’s a part of your bigger video. The point is that you can’t simple ‘copycat’ a cc video, they are not for that purpose.

Now the question is whether cc videos are to be used only through YouTube’s built-in video editor? Or they can be downloaded too and later modified and re-uploaded? Previously YouTube had a strict policy that cc videos are to be used only through the mentioned video editor, but lately things have changed. YouTube itself has decided not to keep this editor anymore. Which means only one thing – creative commons videos can surely be downloaded and edited by external video editor and later re-uploaded, but in the appropriate way indeed as described above.

Risk of copyright strike when using creative commons videos

Many people have been lately reporting that they used certain videos through creative commons policies, yet they received copyright strikes. Now there is a question as to why’s that? The thing is that you need to be 100% sure about the true owner of a certain clip and also if it’s available as creative commons, before you can use that.

Sometimes people illegally copy someone else’s clips to prepare their own video and they declare in the description of the video that it is re-usable (cc). When you decide to use their ‘copycat’ video, you basically are stealing the content owned by original creator. Thus unknowingly you are violating YouTube’s policies regarding users’ copyright. So always try to get to the root, i.e. the original creator of certain video clip. If they grant you permission to use that, then you can do that. Also you can request them to make their clip available as creative commons. When you have used a cc clip, be sure to give credits to the original content creator in the description box of your edited/made-up video on YouTube.

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End screen of YouTube: Learn how to use it

YouTube’s Annotations and end screens are excellent ways to promote other videos on the channel and even other channels and prompt the user to subscribe to the channel. In this tutorial we shall learn how to use ‘End screen’ on a particular video on your channel. In the next one, we shall learn to use ‘Annotations’.

While you’re on your channel’s video manager, click on the drop-down sign next to the ‘Edit’ option of the particular video; a drop-down menu will emerge from where you’ll be choosing ‘End screen & Annotations’.

End screen

You’ll arrive on the page for ‘End screen’. Here you can add up to 4 elements. It is best practice to give links to two of the other videos on the channel. These two videos have to be the most relevant to the current one. Then you can add a link to promote another channel of yours or somebody else’s or even a playlist on your current channel. If you have an website of your own which has been verified and approved by YouTube on your current channel, then you can add the site’s link instead of promoting another channel or a playlist. And you will use the fourth link to prompt the viewer to subscribe to your channel, even if they may already be your subscriber. Remember that the duration of the end-screen is 5-20 seconds. Your video has to be at least 25 seconds long to have an end-screen.

End screen

As depicted earlier, you can add up to four elements to promote your content, channel and websites. Elements can expand to show more information on hover on desktop and on tap on mobile devices. This is a great advantage of end-screen over annotations, as they work on mobile devices too whereas annotations don’t.

When you’re going to add a video or playlist, you will have three options: (1) Most recent upload (2) Best for viewer (3) Choose a video or playlist. if you go for ‘Best for viewer’ then YouTube AI (Artificial intelligence) will choose a video most relevant to the current one, so you can try this. But my personal favorites would be option no. (1) and (3). Since I like to add two videos on the end-screen, so I will choose ‘Most recent upload’ for one and select another video for my second option.

In my third link I will prompt the viewer to subscribe to my channel. And in my fourth link I will promote someone else’s channel. In return I plan to have some advantage from them, like financial advantage. I could even promote my another channel or a channel owned by any of my friends or relatives. For that I don’t plan to charge them anything. The ‘website’ thing seems a little bit risky and confusing to me at this moment; also none of my websites have the same kind of content that my YouTube channel has. That’s why I don’t like to add my site’s link currently to the end-screen. Once the website thing (terms & conditions) becomes crystal-clear to me, may be then I’ll be brave enough to add my site’s link. Till then best of luck to everyone. Have a nice day!

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YouTube tutorials: How to make the most out of it

Let’s learn and teach by YouTube tutorials is an amazing website for watching videos and sharing them. There are so many things to teach and learn here on YouTube. As if this is a digital ‘genie of Aladdin’. Just upon a bit of scratch (read ‘search YouTube’) the genie will come out and ask, ‘What do you want to learn, master?’ Here we present an article on this popular medium of education named ‘YouTube’ and show you the basic points to make amazing YouTube tutorials.

We all have gone through certain schools and colleges, haven’t we? But do you know what the biggest school of current time is? It is YouTube indeed. Are you surprised? Surprised or not, it is a fact. YouTube is such a giant website where anybody can learn anything. YouTube tutorials might be regarding a mere childish game like ‘bottle flip’ or a difficult formula related with ‘rocket science’.

What you could share as YouTube’s learning tools

Suppose that you like to sing, people around you call you ‘a bathroom singer’. But you want to be a real singer. What might be the possible solution of this? It is YouTube itself. If you search it you will learn the procedure and rules to learn music, also how to play guitar or any other musical instruments. Now assume that you are a big football fan; football is your dream and passion. It is YouTube which will help you to watch any videos on football.

Want to learn a new language? Seek help from YouTube. When you have finished watching a couple of YouTube tutorials on your preferred language, you will have some idea about it. Again, you might be interested in cooking, but you don’t know how to cook. Not to worry, YouTube is here to your help. You can master cooking a certain recipes just by watching a couple of YouTube videos. From various scientific experiments and analyses to all the effective tips on life (life-hacks), it is YouTube who teach you all that.

Incredible things YouTube tutorials can do

Interestingly enough, YouTube even saves lives. Suppose someone is very much frustrated about their life. They decide to suicide and thus get rid of their painful and fatigued life. There are thousands of videos on YouTube to inspire such person with suicidal tendency. Upon watching these videos that person is obliged to think that even his life has significance. Once upon a time we all had different sorts of hobbies. Someone liked to sketch, someone to sing and others liked to write. You might have noticed that now-a-days all our hobbies have pretty much vanished. We tend to get involved in competition knowingly and unknowingly.

If you keep learning new things every single day, then your new and newer hobbies will be created. By constantly practicing your hobbies you will be able to discover yourself. Now that YouTube is providing so many new things to learn, why shouldn’t we utilize those opportunities?

YouTube tutorials
We must prefer the quality of the content over the technical details of the video

If you too want to be a YouTube teacher

YouTube has been one of the most popular sites in any country over the last 10 years. Many people have taken YouTubing as their profession. If you want to know how to earn from YouTube then read other articles from this blog. YouTube could be the right place for us to do something new. Many of us are expert in many things, then why don’t we become teachers ourselves? You don’t need to be a billionaire to become a YouTuber. Just a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection are enough to do that.

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When starting YouTubing you just need to keep a couple of things in your head. Let’s discuss a few topics like that.

# You have to find yourself a suitable theme. This is also known as ‘Niche’. Find what you’re good at, which quality of yours is appreciated by people – find that first. Then start acting accordingly. May be you can sing pretty well, you may go ahead with that. Don’t just try to mimic others, don’t try to do something you’re not good at.

# The content of your video is much more important than technical details like which camera you used to record or the captured sound quality. If your video’s content is unique, then viewers will watch that with a lot of enthusiasm.

Confidence does matter

# You have to be confident in front of the camera. Must keep in mind that you’re the king before the camera. That’s why you have to record the videos with faith and bravery in your mind. If you don’t feel confident in front of the camera, then the whole video will feel unacceptable to the viewers.

# You have to make sure that viewers are connected with the content of your video and they like your video. Also see to it that your presentation becomes easy and subtle. The more complicated and analytic video you will present, the range of viewers will be more limited. So you will have to make video content based on viewers’ mentality and psychology.

# You have to put a lot of integrity, time and labor to make a good and popular video. If you lack in any of these then your chance of becoming a good YouTuber will really be remote. The time of the day that we spend on social media platforms, we could easily use that time in YouTubing.

So you must keep in mind the above points in order to make superb YouTube tutorials.

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Make tutorial for Youtube: Learn how to do that in a simple way

How to make tutorial for Youtube in a simple way

Today I will let you know how to make tutorial for Youtube in a simple way. You can use the same procedure to create other types of videos as well. Different people use different techniques to make tutorial videos. I will present mine. I hope you will like it. If you know a better way to make tutorial videos, then at least be mindful to appreciate my hard work. Here I won’t show how to create intros and outros for videos.

The major challenge in creating a tutorial or lecture-based video is to combine a video and an audio file. There are many screen-recorders which let you record your device’s screen while you’re orally lecturing and recording your voice. But they come up with a very low recording quality. In my first few months of youtubing career I used to do this using icecream screen recorder.

make tutorial by icecream recorder
icecream screen recorder

As a result the first few videos that I created had a lot of audio noise. I even tried a number different microphones, but couldn’t find satisfactory results. That’s when I was planning to get rid of this problem and came up with the idea of combining video and audio files. That means, I planned to record the device’s screen with icecream recorder and simultaneously record my voice with some other means. This idea was a milestone in my attempt to make tutorial for Youtube.

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The android app to use for voice recording

I used an app by name of ‘Hi-Q mp3 rec’ on my android phone to do that. If you make a search on Google Play Store for Android for that app, you will find it. There might be many other apps for the same purpose. But I preferred this one. This lets me record my voice with crystal-clear sound quality, as its name suggests.

make tutorial by Hi-Q mp3 app
Hi-Q mp3 voice recorder

However according to my technique, you need to make some changes in the settings of icecream recorder. You need to ‘OFF’ the sound/audio input from microphone. Also select best video quality and web/Avi format. Normally when you hit the ‘REC’ button to record, it takes 2/3 seconds to start recording. There is another option, by selecting which you can start recording immediately without any delay.

But I prefer the first option, i.e. I want that 2/3 seconds delay. The moment I see the recording has started on icecream, I immediately hit the red record button on my Hi-Q app on phone. Then I put the phone very near to my mouth. Generally I lay my head on my pillow while doing recording. You can do the same, or you can do that in sitting or even standing position, i.e. while you record your device’s screen and own voice to make tutorial for Youtube.

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Once the recording is finished, I first stop recording on icecream and then immediately do the same on the phone-app. This way, in most of the cases, the lengths of the video and audio files are almost equal. Even if there is some difference in duration, it is very negligible. Then I take the audio file into my laptop or windows tab.

Combining the video and audio files

Now the challenge is to combine the video and audio files. I use ‘cutevideoaudiomerger’ to do that. Be sure to choose ‘best’ output quality and MP4 format here to make tutorial. Or you may get poor picture quality of your combined video which is totally undesirable.

make tutorial by cutevideoaudiomerger

The output video that you get by following this procedure might be of around 200MB in size for every 10 minutes duration. This is not such a big file size. It is worth to mention that in the free versions of ‘Hi-Q’ and icecream apps you can not record more than 10 minutes at a stretch.

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Subscriber count decreasing day by day? Here’s what really happened.

subscriber count
A glimpse of Youtube analytics on channel dashboard

My youtube views and subscriber count are decreasing day by day? Why is it happening?

You most probably followed your Youtube channel’s dashboard. Your dashboard shows analytics for the last 28 days. Suppose today is 31 January and your Youtube dashboard shows analytics for January 02-29 and in this time-interval you had 950,000 views, $190 earnings and 100 new subscribers; but your views were 1,000,000, earnings were $200 and new subscribers were 95 for January 01-28. So when your analytics were updated from January 28 to January 29, you saw a decrease in views, earnings and subscriber count and you got really shocked as to why the hell earnings should decrease.

Well, now you know the reason. People who started youtubing recently, are likely to go through this experience. If you want to see analytics (views, earnings and subscriber count) for lifetime, follow this link: . You will get to the ‘analytics page’ of Youtube. In the top-right corner, you will see this drop-down box.

subscriber count
The option to choose time-interval to view analytics

You click on the box and you get to see the following drop-down menu.

subscriber count
Choose one time-interval to view analytics

From here, you either select ‘Lifetime’ or ‘Custom range’, if you need to see analytics for a particular time-range.

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Can I get a copyright strike if I don’t monetize the video?

Yes, you can. Although you’re not monetizing the video, but you can still have new subscribers through this video and thus grow your channel. So before you use someone else’s video, be sure to have the video-owner’s permission, or they may choose to impose a copyright strike on your channel.

Do Youtube authority always work on ‘strikes’ basis?

Many people in recent days have been reporting that their channel didn’t have any copyright or community strikes. Yet all of a sudden it got terminated. Why this happened? Well, Youtube has a policy that they might terminate a Youtube account if the user is found to have done a severe violation, like threatening someone through a video or showing predatory behavior, impersonation, hate-speech etc. So if you ever find your Youtube account suspended all of a sudden without receiving any reason from the Youtube authority, just come to know that you most-probably have done such a violation. Nevertheless, you could still appeal the suspension of your channel, if you believe that it was terminated in error.

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