Questions & Answers on YouTubing – Episode 3

Before we begin today’s Q&A episode on YouTubing Tips, let us brief you on recent changes in video monetization criteria of YouTube unless you’re already privy to that. From now onwards new YouTubers have to have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers before they can apply for monetization. And they will have to achieve this within the first year of YouTubing operations.

Featuring a Reader’s YouTube Video on Hate Comments at his request

Today I have been contacted by a reader of my blog who is known as Chris. He requested me to feature one of his YouTube videos on my blog. This video demonstrates how to fight hate comments, specially if they are troll comments and the commenter keeps posting these comments on various videos of the YouTube channel.

YouTube and Google don’t care who is misleading you to violate their guidelines

Frankly, YouTube and Google doesn’t care if you have been misled by someone else to infringe certain guidelines of them. But when they find you doing so, they just terminate your account or stop you from accessing a particular Google product such as YouTube or blogger.

How to Appeal for and Setup AdSense on WordPress blog – Come to know the requirements and the actual facts

If you’re the admin of a new WordPress blog, then you surely are planning to get approved for AdSense to show ads on your site. Here in this article we explain everything in details – how to appeal for and setup AdSense on WordPress blog. Read this super value article to the end and be benefited as a newbie.

How to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

In this tutorial, you will know how to take your face and presence off YouTube. You might require to do this in case somebody uploaded a video on YouTube that shows your face and/or presence explicitly. If you follow the procedure correctly, you may be able to take down such a video.

Questions & Answers on YouTubing – Episode 2

Q. If I put voice in a movie clip and then upload on my YouTube channel, will it be a problem?

A. It might be, unless the clip is a creative commons content. The thing is that you got to have explicit permission from the clip creator to use it. Also be careful while working with creative commons videos. Lately many people have been alleging that they used creative commons clips, yet received copyright strikes. This happened because those clips are NOT actually creative commons videos, they were just falsely labeled so.

Happy New Year 2018 – A different type of post at the beginning of the new year

Thank you all my readers and followers! Happy new year 2018 to you all. Thank you for staying and sticking with me. May the new year bless you with whatever you want! This is basically a welcome post on the occasion of the new year. In this post I’m going to tell you something different that I never shared before.

YouTube’s Community Guidelines Explained and Made Easy

There are many YouTubers out there who don’t know anything about YouTube’s community guidelines. Some people know where to find the guidelines page, but haven’t realized those policies fully yet. Well, this post from our blog details everything you need to know about YouTube’s community guidelines.

Comment Spamming on YouTube can actually lead your channel to termination

If you need to keep your YouTube channel intact and running, you have to follow YouTube’s community guidelines strictly. And one of these guidelines requires you to NOT comment spamming on YouTube videos. Because if you do that your channel can be suspended once and for all.

How to fight spam comments on a WordPress blog – My experiences and policies regarding it

As a tech blogger, for a really long time I’ve been wondering as to how to fight spam comments effectively. Well, I finally learned to do that and decided to share with you my success story. A captcha plugin made my job much easier and along the way, I learned some cool tips too which is worth sharing.

How To Start a Gaming YouTube Channel – A detailed guide for the beginners

This blogpost is on how to start a gaming YouTube channel. This post has been specially designed and written for beginners. Gaming is one of the best and most interesting niches on YouTubing. Also Gaming channels easily get a good average watch time which in turn helps them to grow faster than other types of channels.

How much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube?

It is probably an age old question as to¬†how much money do you get for 1000 views on YouTube. In this blogpost we’re going to address that question. We’re going to cover all the factors that play role in this matter. Later we’re going to present the analytics of a moderately successful YouTube channel’s earnings and also where the earnings are mainly coming from.

How to blur background YouTube – Learn to do it and be benefited

If you know how to blur background or any portion of an already uploaded YouTube video, you’ll be benefited at some point – I can guarantee that. I am going to teach you that and also share my experience regarding this. So you’ll come to know why I think it’s a must to know to blur background of a YouTube video.

Riddles new YouTubers face – Did you too go through these situations?

In this knowledge base article we’re going to present a few riddle like situations that almost all new YouTubers have to go through. Read this article to the end and see whether you too faced such riddles. Here we discuss ‘the view count problem’, ‘earnings are not reflected on AdSense’, ‘how to handle the AdSense PIN thing’.


This blog is based on YouTube tips
This blog is based on YouTube tips