Introducing me

My name is Md. Zakir Hossain. I am basically a writer. I work for a publications company. There I work for the Physics and Mathematics departments. Besides I have been YouTubing (working on YouTube) for the last two years and blogging for the last one year. I am one of the most successful YouTubers from my country in 2016. So as you can guess I have gathered a lot of experience on YouTubing. Now I want to share all my experiences and expertise on YouTubing with all of you guys who are trying to earn through YouTube.

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What is on this blog and why I started this?

In this blog I will present everything that you need to know to do YouTubing: from the basics to the advanced and complicated things/topics. I will try to bust all the myths regarding YouTubing and present only the right/truthful things and easiest/straightforward techniques. When I was new at YouTubing I had to learn everything all by myself and I remember how difficult and challenging things were for me at that time. That’s why I chose to share my expertise with everyone. I don’t want anybody else to go through that sort of hurdles.

Is it possible to earn through Youtube?

Earning through YouTube is not a difficult task. All you need is to have a lot of passion and dedication to the particular niche you want to work on. That means, you have to love and enjoy what you do. Also you need be sincere and true to your heart. You mustn’t violate community guidelines and steal other people’s creation. That way you won’t get any copyright or community strikes and your channel will remain in good-standing. So you will be able to earn from YouTube for a long term.

Who is this site/blog for?

This blog/site is for every YouTuber all around the globe. I don’t distinguish between people, race and nationalities. Whoever needs information and training on YouTubing, they can come here and visit/read the articles. All types of YouTubers are welcome here. Also be mindful to share my posts on social networking sites with your friends and associates if you  think these might be useful to them. Last of all, best of luck with your YouTube channel activities and earnings.

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