What are the optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos?

There are a lot of arguments in favor of and against this particular point: whether or not there are optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos. Well, I’d like to say in favor of it. Naturally your channel doesn’t have the same number of viewers throughout the whole day, at certain periods it has more viewers and views than other times. For example, a news channel has most visitors/viewers right after evening and a music channel has most viewers after 9PM. This is because viewers belong to certain categories, occupations and habits. So their tendency to visit YouTube also increases after certain time instant.

Now if you upload your video at such a time instant, they will receive notifications of the upload. Not that they don’t receive notification if the video is uploaded at another time instant. But the thing is that the viewers aren’t active on YouTube at those time instants, so these notifications remain unnoticed and left behind. Thus you lose a big number of valuable views that you could have pocketed otherwise. And for your information, the first few views that you get for a certain YouTube video of yours are really important, for they decide how much popularity and viral your video is going to be. (This article is on optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos)

If you go to the analytics of a certain video and scrutinize its traffic source you will get to see how many views you got from notifications. In my case, it is around 5%. Now assume that the total number of views for a certain video up to a time instant is 100,000; then its 5% would be 5000. Surely this is not a small number. But if you publish the video at a wrong time, this percentage could go as low as 1%, thus you would lose 4000 views just like that. Additionally, if a YouTube video gets a good number of views right after its publishing, it is supposed to get good ranking in the future. (This article is on optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos)

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Now how to find optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos?

For this purpose you need to follow the realtime analytics of your channel. Unless your channel is new and still struggling to get established, it is supposed to be like the one that follows:

realtime analytics to find optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos

The blue portion of the image depicts the realtime analytics for the last 48 hours. So as you can see there is a peak of views in every 24 hours. If you publish only one video in a day, then you should do that at the beginning of this peak which just happens to be around 9:00PM-10:00PM. If you choose to publish two videos in a day, then you need to publish the other one at around 12:00PM-1:00PM, because at 4:00PM-5:00PM you will get to see another peak, which isn’t so big as the one at 11:00PM-12:00AM.

If you think you can’t publish a video manually at these time instants, then choose scheduled posts. (This article is on optimum instants for publishing YouTube videos)

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Questions & Answers on YouTubing – Episode 4

Q. As far as I am concerned, YouTube doesn’t allow monetization in Bangladesh. I set another country in the advanced settings of my channel. Well it somehow changed to Bangladesh now, but the monetization status is still okay. How is this possible?

A. From the looks of it Google may have changed its viewpoint towards a few countries including Bangladesh. As for Bangladesh, many people recently have been passing time on YouTube instead of traditional ways of entertainment like television. That’s why Google has understood the importance of such a big audience which they plan to utilize to their benefit. This is the reason they now allow monetization in Bangladesh. Also they changed the programming in their system so that any false/fake country can’t be set in the advanced settings of a channel.

Q. I am a mobile bank user from Bangladesh. Recently on 21st of this month I got a mail saying that Google had sent me $144, but when I checked my account I saw the balance was still the 77 BDT that I previously had. What happened?

A. Well, the payment Google has sent to your bank account is an electronic payment. It takes 5 to 10 business days for the money to show on your account. Have patience till then. If you don’t receive the payment even after 10 business days, then you’re supposed to contact Google regarding the issue.

Q. I have got 3500 clicks on my videos. Surely I have earned some money, but it doesn’t reflect on my AdSense account. Now what to do?

A. Probably you don’t know about the policy of Google that YouTube earnings are not daily updated on your AdSense, rather they are submitted to your AdSense balance on the 12th of each month (just once in a month).

Q. I got a strike on one of my YouTube videos. The video was fully created by me and the content of the video solely belongs to me. Why did I then receive a strike? I just copied someone else’s video’s title and tags.

A. Well, you should know that there are two types of strikes. The video’s content is fully yours, that’s why you didn’t receive copyright strike. But you used someone else’s video’s title and tags and thus tried to trick YouTube’s artificial intelligence in order to get more views and viewers in an illegal way. Since you cheated with YouTube viewers’ community, you got a community strike.