YouTube Videos that I found Interesting Today (May 01 2018)

10 Creepy Haunted Schools That Actually Exist

This is a YouTube video from MatthewSantoro, one of my favorite YouTubers/YouTube channel. I always have been a fan of paranormal activities. I am a regular listener of Bhoot Fm (Radio Foorti), which is a very popular Ghost Stories program in my country. So naturally I am attracted to anything that might sound spooky/other worldly. Today (May 01 2018) when I found this video of MatthewSantoro in the YouTube’s watch page/suggestion page, I readily grabbed it and started watching. I really enjoyed it and watched it to the end. And in doing that I didn’t have to force myself. The video is given here.

THE TRUTH ABOUT INDIA: Expectation vs Reality | India Travel Tips

I didn’t find this video too much interesting, but it was able to grab my attention. Actually it uses a misleading thumbnail, that’s why. Wherever you are from, you surely know the population size of India. The country most possibly has the biggest number of YouTubers and YouTube users across the globe. That’s the reason this video has become viral and it was able to take a place on my YouTube’s homepage as a video suggestion.

The thumbnail is misleading in that although the video actually speaks good of India: its environment and landscape, but anyone taking a look at the thumbnail is likely to think that the video might have content against India. Just to check that, they may start watching it. And after watching it for a couple of minutes, they will soon find out what the video is really about.

I was interested to watch it because I live in a neighboring country of India. But when I found that the video was basically speaking ALL good about India in the name of busting myths, I actually found it boring. So I quit watching it. But if you’re from India or interested about the country, you may choose to watch the full video which is given here. My suggestion to the lady YouTuber that she should have used some images and clips that describe urban and rural India in her video. That way it could have been more interesting. May 01 2018

Unique Facts About Hinduism

Now this is a really interesting video. While I was watching the above video, I was suggested this one. I have been a fan of FTD facts for a long time now. I have been watching their videos since 2016 when they were new in YouTubing. May 01 2018

Well, I learned a few interesting facts about Hinduism through this video. I came to know that Hindu might have been the oldest religion ever. Also, the word ‘Hindu’ comes from the Sanskrit word Sindhu which means river. I can’t recall all the points that I learned here, partly because I knew some of them previously.

The Difference Between North Indians and South Indians: best video on may 01 2018

This is another video from FTD Facts that I watched today (May 01 2018). As you may guess I use to pause videos while commenting about them in the blogpost. But this video was different, I had to watch it in ‘a single breath’ (at a stretch). So you understand how much interesting I found it. Also the content/title of the video should easily arouse interest in people who want to know more about India, including Indian citizens themselves. Well, why don’t you come to know for yourself the differences between the north and the south Indian people? The video’s link is given here:

Why Do North East Indians Look Different From Other Indians?

At this point I confess that this blogpost should have been titled ‘Featuring FTD Facts: A nice YouTube Channel’ instead of ‘YouTube Videos that I found Interesting Today’. That’s because most of the videos I present here on this post are from the mentioned channel. May 01 2018

Although I previously knew the information they presented in this video, yet I clicked on it to check if I should have something new. Then I got to see that I already knew the correct info: south-east Indians are descendants of Mongolian people, that’s why they look different from other Indians.

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