YouTube Videos that I found Interesting Today (April 29 2018)

Top 10 Things That Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth Dies

The first YouTube video that I watched today (April 29 2018) is given below. It describes what happens when queen Elizabeth dies. Well, One thing is for sure: the presenter lady with saggy boobs who shows a significant portion of those is really interesting and attractive to stare at. While her presentation and voice was nice, the points she presented were ‘common sense’, i.e. something that can be easily guessed. For example, points like ‘Charles will be king and her wife will be queen’ sound too obvious and to some extent stupid, if you ask me.

But this video is informative too. Through this one, I came to know that queen Elizabeth is probably the head of Commonwealth nations including Canada, Australia, New Zealand. And Commonwealth is most possibly the league of nations that were under British empire at some point. No matter what, I watched the video to the end, at least to be able to constantly stare at her: her semi-mature but luscious figure and the shakes of her body parts. April 29 2018

Frankly, I didn’t understand many of the points mentioned in the video. I guess I should been a college student of Political Science to realize those. But I came to know one interesting fact: after queen’s death there will be twelve days of national mourning which is a little too excessive, I feel. Then again it doesn’t really matter what I feel, right?

10 Ways Companies Are Secretly Ripping You Off Every Day!

This YouTube video is from MatthewSantoro. I am a big fan of this Canadian YouTuber, although he is controversial to some people. I came to know from another YouTuber’s video that MatthewSantoro was one of those guys who adopted unscrupulous means to upload videos. In Matthew’s case, he was alleged to be copyring content from a ‘top 10’ website and simply read those loud to his viewers, us. I’m not sure of it, all I know is I find him and his presentation style interesting every single time I watch a video of his. Well, the Youtube video that I’m talking about today is given below:

I got a lot of useful information from this video. I came to know how some companies are ripping common people like you and me off secretly. I like you to watch the full video and also share it among your friends and associates. April 29 2018

10 Most Intelligent People of All Time: best video on April 29 2018

I have always admired the YouTube channel Alltime10s. This is probably the second most favorite channel to me as a YouTube user. That means every time I create a new YouTube account, this is the channel I find and subscribe to right after Alltime Conspiracies, which just happens to be my most favorite YouTube channel.

Well. I came to learn a lot of new things through this video I’m talking about. It is given below. The video presents a list of the most intelligent people of all time, mainly based on IQ score. A few famous people namely Leonardo Da Vinci, Issac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie and Einstein have been mentioned here. And a few other people also have been mentioned, whom I didn’t know until now. The thing is that I don’t agree with the list provided here. That’s because if the list is really based on IQ score, then who knows – may be you or I could have been one of these ‘most intelligent’ people, right? I’m saying this because like most other people of the planet I haven’t had any opportunity to check my IQ level.

Also the inclusion of Issasc Newton in the list has irritated me, because many people have been recently saying that most of the discoveries and inventions Newton claimed to be his own, were actually collected. He might have done that while he was the president of ‘The Royal Academy’, using his influence and political power.

Another thing is that almost all the people who have been included in the list were scientists and/or inventors. So what about politicians and people from other professions? Aren’t there highly intelligent people from these sectors? The video creator should have taken this point into consideration. Nevertheless the above YouTube video is quite educational and informative. You’re advised to watch this to the end. April 29 2018

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