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A few myths regarding AdSense approval for a blog that need to be busted

All my life I’ve been hearing that ‘this and that’ are required to have AdSense approval for a blog. Well, I recently have had some firsthand experiences regarding AdSense approval on a blog and also ran a few experiments on this subject and found some amazing results. This is something I need to share with everyone who are planning to get AdSense approved for their blogs, because my findings will help them bust a few myths about AdSense approval they previously had.

First things first, a little bit of confessions

I need to confess here that I didn’t directly get AdSense approval for this blog. I actually had to get it approved for another blog first.

When I applied for AdSense on this blog, they informed me that this one had some issues which needed to be resolved first before the approval. Well, my bad luck was that they didn’t specify what problems it had, although I found that later. Actually I had a post named ‘YTD video downloader: How to use it properly’ on this blog. You may know that YTD is considered illegal by Google and YouTube, so they expected me to get rid of that article first. But I had no clue to this, so I kept getting rejected over and over.

That’s when I had the bright idea to try my other blog whose name I don’t want to disclose at this moment for some reasons.

How that other blog is

Now you guys must be thinking that the other blog I’m talking about must be extraordinary. Since this blog (YouTubing Tips) has 7 pages, the other one must have more pages. And also that one must be neatly designed. Well, if you have thought so, then you’ve thought it wrong.

This is because the other blog has only 3 pages. Currently it’s design is okay, but back in the time when I got the AdSense approval, the design was not only boring, but totally stupid also (frankly speaking). There was no ‘Privacy Policy’ or ‘Terms of Service’ page on it. Also in the contact page and Avatar section I didn’t upload my facial image. It’s just that someone had claimed I needed to upload my headshot as Avatar on the blog that I plan to get approved for AdSense. And the two pages mentioned above are a must for the approval.

So the bottom line is that your blog’s design doesn’t need to be perfect or extraordinary to get AdSense approved for it.

Is SEO must to get AdSense approval on a blog?

I have seen people say that a good SEO score on your blog is mandatory to have it approved for AdSense. Well, they’re wrong again; because the blog I’m talking about here still has a very poor SEO score, let alone the time of approval.

On top of that a good ‘Alexa ranking’ of your site is not required to have AdSense approval. For example, that blog of mine doesn’t have any ranking in Alexa, believe it or not.

It even had some controversial content written in Bangla. These contents were based on politics. I guess if they were written in English, they would’ve been caught. Well, I’m planning to get rid of these controversial contents from my blog. Also, I’m discouraging you guys to try anything controversial on your own blogs. Just because I got away with that doesn’t mean you’ll have the same privilege.

Now about the experiment that I ran

In Google AdSense Forum someone claimed that AdSense approval on a blog is automated, that means it is done without any human intervention. I didn’t believe this directly, but I kept in mind what he said. That’s why when my faulty blog was approved for AdSense I got surprised. I had a little bit of suspicion in my mind that it might have been a mistake and decided to run a test.

The blog after being fully approved for AdSense started to show live ads, but I got rid of all the ad codes from the site. Then I asked my friend to apply for AdSense upgrade (Hosted to full version) with my blog. Well, he too got the approval which proved that my blog getting AdSense approval in the first place was not a mistake. So I guess you guys now understand which myths on AdSense approval on a blog just got busted. Please share this post with everyone so they all know about the truths that I recently discovered.

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