PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers – Episode 2

This is a continuation of previous article which is titled How to Get Started on YouTube – PewDiePie advises. So in this article we’re going to present a few other points PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers. They’re listed below:

Maintain an Upload Schedule

It’s not like that you have to upload daily, still you’ll just have to stick to an upload schedule. It could be two videos per week, or even once in a week. If possible try to upload 1 or 2 videos per day, this would be best for rapid growth of your YouTube channel. (This article is on PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers)

Get some help from another established YouTuber

According to PewDiePie, it’s okay to take help from another established YouTuber of your acquaintance. Ask them to feature your channel on their own channels. They can even present your videos on their own videos through cards and end screens.

You can also contact a blogger and ask them to feature your YouTube channel and videos on their articles. Whoever you would like to ask, make sure that their channel’s or blog’s content have similarity with your channel’s content. That way you’ll easily have more potential viewers. (This article is on PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers)

This ‘helping hand’ from someone already established is called ‘Shoutout’. Well, it’s going to help you build your base audience, but they’re not going to stick with you unless you maintain a fairly strict upload schedule and put continuous effort in improving your videos’ quality and content.

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Don’t trust anyone: PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers

This is another advice from PewDiePie to new YouTubers. When you’ll start having growth on your channel, many people will be coming around and trying to make a fool out of you. They’ll be offering you so many things, it is difficult to put any specific example here. Some will be interested in having a split of your earnings, others will try to snatch your audience away. Just use your head to distinguish between right and wrong. Don’t be naive to accept proposals from strangers. (This article is on PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers)

Back in February 2016, when I first started to have a lot of views on my YouTube videos, I was contacted by a few people who claimed to be from multi channel networks. They offered me in a language like this, ‘May be you’re satisfied with AdSense. But we think we can offer you something greater and way better.’ Well, I didn’t pay any heed to them and adhered to AdSense. On my part, the reason was ‘I’m not supposed to listen to strangers’. But there are other reasons as well, they are described below.

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Here ‘networks’ means multi channel networks. According to PewDiePie, as a new YouTuber you shouldn’t join one such. This is because MCNs don’t have much to offer to newbies. Before they can work for you, they’ll first see how much you’ve earned for them. Naturally, new YouTubers don’t earn much, so by joining a multi channel network at such stage they’ll simply split their own revenues and give away a part of that to the network for nothing in return. I hope you got the point and won’t make this stupid mistake. (This article is on PewDiePie advises for new YouTubers)

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