How to Get Started on YouTube – PewDiePie advises

In the previous article, I promised you guys that I would be describing an educational video created by PewDiePie. And it’s on how to get started on YouTube. You may want to read that one first unless you’ve already done that. Here’s the link for you guys:

‘The Boss of it All in YouTubing’ AKA PewDiePie

Now let’s move on with our topic today which is nothing other than how to get started on YouTube. Well, according to him, sincerity is really important. In this regard, he mentions about comment spamming. Like every other expert, he also opines that comment spamming can’t bring you anything good in the long run (yeah, it can get you some instant success). Some guys do the unfair sub4sub and like4like activities on YouTube; these should be prohibited.

PewDiePie says, ‘It is rude to simply comment and ask people to visit your channel or watch your videos’. He is right in that, because there’s no point in doing so. Just ask yourself, ‘Why would people do that?’ Remember that the world is all about interest. So you have to make your videos interesting and/or exquisite, they must stand out from others’ videos in some way. (This article is on how to get started on YouTube)

Now let’s talk any probable alternative to comment spamming. PewDiePie mentions of something which might sound much like comment spamming at first, but it’s a lot different thing. He confesses, back in 2012 and 2013 while his channel was still new, he used to do a weird(!) thing.  He checked out comment sections of channels that were almost similar to his channel and thus found  his potential viewers. Then he personally messaged these people that they might be interested in his videos too.

PewDiePie’s advice on equipment

Many new YouTubers have the misconception that they must buy costly equipment (like DSLR or webcam) in order to shine in YouTubing. Well, like every other wise guy PewDiePie advises newbies to NOT spend much on equipment. This is because competition is growing in this business and everyday thousands of new YouTubers are starting their activities to earn YouTube money, a term which amuses them the most.

So it is not certain whether you’re going to have success in this particular field. YouTubing was much easier before December 2016. But lately it’s quite tough to establish a YouTube channel even if you can create exquisite content that most other people can’t. I’m saying this because ‘content creation’ is not everything when it comes to YouTubing, you have to SEO your YouTube videos as well. In addition, there are a few other factors you need to master. (This article is on how to get started on YouTube)

‘YouTubing’ may not be so interesting to you after all

Earning through YouTube AKA YouTubing may sound interesting to some people at first. But later it may not be that interesting any more. Once you get the success in YouTubing that you’ve always dreamed of, the first couple of months may feel like ‘floating in the sky’ to you. But afterwards it will most likely feel like any other business or entrepreneurship to you, although this one is online based and comes with much more freedom than others. (This article is on how to get started on YouTube)

Well, the thing is that you got to love creating videos if you’re willing to earn some real YouTube money. If you find it boring to create new videos, then this particular profession or hobby (whatever you like to call it) is probably not for you. Because in that case you’ll feel exhausted and unwilling after creating a handful of videos and most likely decide to quit on it. So for the sake of your valuable time, ask yourself right this moment whether you love to create videos.

Let’s just assume for the time being that you love to create videos and at some point you start getting the views, subscribers and earnings that you only dreamed previously. Remember that sooner or later you’ll be overwhelmed with viewers’ comments and ratings. And it may even feel like a stress to you. So PewDiePie advises to separate your office space from home, if possible; now a days he does the same. (This article is on how to get started on YouTube)

How to get started on YouTube, PewDiePie advises
PewDiePie is one of the most experienced YouTubers, isn’t he?
Standout from others: don’t simply be a copycat

In one of my previous articles, I probably told you guys that your contents have to stand out from others. Otherwise why on earth would people love to watch your videos? Right?

I have seen guys who copied the successful channels: they tried to create the same content or at least the same type of content, they even did the crime of impersonation when they name their own channels/accounts. So our advice is: when it comes to choosing your channel’s niche, don’t rely on others or look outside, you had better look inside and ask yourself what sort of content you like to create and also what you’re good at. Here are a few nice articles from our blog that you can read to help you choose your particular niche.

YouTubing niche: Choose a nice one

Profitable YouTube Channel Ideas for newbies – Episode 1

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Maintain your audience

It may not be difficult to get to the top, but it’s really challenging to stay there. So in order to gain subscribers and viewers and retain them you have to constantly create even better YouTube videos. You naturally should be able to do that at some point, unless you find yourself ‘lazy’ and/or ‘busy in celebrating success only’. This is because day by day you will be learning new things and tactics on YouTubing. Now speaking of tactics, don’t rely on them much, or you’ll hurt your status. (This article is on how to get started on YouTube)

There are people out there who found success in YouTubing, then instead of emphasizing on quality and exquisite content, they chose to stress on SEO and other creepy things like this, as a result they eventually fell down NEVER to recover again. I don’t deny the necessity of SEO, just don’t forget to keep trying to improve the quality of your content, that’s all. This is the reason all SEO experts can’t be good YouTubers, can they?

Also remember that the days of making the Google or YouTube search algorithm fool are over, so don’t even think about using inappropriate tags and metadata. Stealing someone’s content knowingly is also a very bad idea. The following articles here might help you in this regard:

Metadata: When it becomes misleading and leads your YouTube account to termination

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Slideshow videos lead to account termination?

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