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Featuring Alltime Conspiracies – One of greatest YouTube channels

As a YouTuber I had my account suspended a couple of times in the past. And every time I create a new YouTube account, the very first channel I look for to watch videos and subscribe to is Alltime Conspiracies. This channel gives me a different sort of idea what the world is really about. It points out that whatever meets the eye is not everything. The channel currently has 1.5 million subscribers. So as you can guess this is surely one of the biggest YouTube channels in recent times. If you’re interested to visit the channel’s homepage, then click here.

In this blogpost we’re going to feature this channel and a couple of its greatest videos. Also, if you want us to feature your YouTube channel you can contact us or comment below.

The finest YouTube videos created by Alltime Conspiracies

Probably the greatest YouTube video by the above mentioned channel is on Illuminati. They even have their channel icon from ‘Illuminati symbol’. The video is given below.

This one talks about a secret society that intends to control everything on the planet. This elite society is alleged to consist of people as members only from the highest and the most powerful class.

Another interesting video is about the sugar conspiracy. According to it, people did not intake so much sugar even 100 or 150 years ago. But something unexpected happened at some point and the ‘high fructose corn syrup’ was discovered. In order to avoid commercial losses they then tactically imposed this ‘weird food’ on the common people, which resulted in increased number of diabetic and obese individuals. Because the leaders of sugar industry always have had strong ties with the government and policy makers, they have never been caught and ‘sugar’ is still a blooming industry. Instead, the blame is put on ‘fat’. You can watch this neat YouTube video right here.

The ‘Big Oil Lie’ and suppressed electric cars:  Alltime Conspiracies

According to this YouTube video by Alltime Conspiracies, the crude oil industry is being manipulated and the oil prices are being rigged. The countries and authorities producing crude oil are responsible for this. Scientists have shown that oil can even be synthesized. But the crude oil producers have bribed the governments and hence brain washed the public by saying that synthetic oil is ‘slow and cumbersome to manufacture’. They even have systematically suppressed the electric cars industry, so that people are and always will be dependent on cars that run on chemical fuel. Here are the YouTube videos for you:

‘The Missing Tesla files’ by Alltime Conspiracies

Last but not the least, I’d like to present a nice YouTube video by Alltime Conspiracies. It’s about Nicola Tesla’s missing files. You may not find interest in this inventor, but I do. That’s why I couldn’t but talk about this video created by the featured channel.

The YouTube video implies something like which follows. After Tesla’s death all his papers were seized by FBI agents. The ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ system used by many countries now a days to stop enemy missiles carrying ‘Atom bombs’ was originally envisioned and designed by Nicola Tesla. Rumor has it that after Tesla’s death in New York, American government illegally photographed his papers and thus started to build the system. Later Tesla’s nephew and only heir to his legacy came to New York to collect his papers and he then handed those over to Soviet Union’s authority and thus they too were able to build that system.

Even the ‘HAARP’ project run by US are based on Tesla’s ideas. Once the inventor dreamed to transmit electric power through the ionosphere and thus provide everyone all over the globe with free electricity. He even built ‘the Worden Cliff’ to implement his idea. The same technology is alleged to be used in the ‘HAARP’ project. Rumor has it that the US government is actually planning to illegally manipulate the global weather and climate through this project and their vision behind this is supposed to be ‘evil’.

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