Don’t worry if you are losing YouTube monetisation – Here’s why!

About one month ago YouTube implemented their new monetisation criteria. According to that, many new YouTubers thought they must acquire 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in their first year of YouTubing. This is simply a misconception. We believe this is the right time to eradicate that wrong idea among YouTubers. Also, don’t worry if you are losing YouTube monetisation – Here’s why!

YouTube monetisation criteria

The misconception and the fact

The thing is that YouTube never put any time frame for acquiring the milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. It’s just that if you want to enable monetisation on your YouTube channel, you must have achieved this criteria in last 365 days which is the previous one year or twelve months – that’s all.

So people who have lost YouTube monetisation on 20th February, don’t you just worry. Because as soon as you have reached the above mentioned target line, you’ll be able to apply for YouTube monetisation.

How much money are you losing in the meantime?

Let me assume that you, a new YouTuber who had monetisation enabled on your channel before 20th February have negligible amount of cumulative watch time and subscribers. So if this new monetisation policy didn’t come into effect, how much do you think you would have earned before reaching 4000 hours of watch time? Just know that it should be within $100 unless you are a native English speaker.

So just forget about this $100 and move on; work hard and earnestly on YouTubing, Let’s hope you will surely reach the milestone of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, that too sooner than you think. You just have to focus on quality content – remember it. Quality and exquisite content will bring you success some day. And it will come through bigger average watch time than your competitors.

Don’t worry if you are losing YouTube monetisation

Now you surely get our point: even if your YouTube monetisation is currently disabled on your channel because of the new policies introduced lately, you’re NOT banned for monetisation for ever.

Finally, if you’re really passionate about YouTubing, then never ever quit on it. Also be sure to choose a suitable niche: this particular action will make your success easier. Happy earnings on YouTube!

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