Ask yourself first why you like to Boost YouTube Videos and then go ahead

This article is about boosting your YouTube videos through your wallet, i.e. paid promotion. I’ve got thousands of questions on this topic over the years: whether and how to boost YouTube videos by spending money. Not that I’m against paid promotion, but the purposes YouTubers choose to go for it are often wrong. As a result their money is simply gone to waste.

What is boosting anyway?

When you decide to artificially boost any of your YouTube videos you have to spend some money. In exchange of this, you get some views and likes on that video. Now let us explain what happens when your YouTube video is paid promoted. (This article is on whether to boost YouTube videos)

You must have seen ads on YouTube videos: display and skippable (unskippable ads are very few in number). What do you do to these ads in general? I can bet in 95% cases you simply cancel the banner display ads and skip the skippable ads after watching them for only a couple of seconds. The same thing happens to your video while it is being promoted on others’ YouTube videos.

Is paid promotion of YouTube videos worth it? Think twice before you boost youtube videos

Now let me ask you a question: what is your purpose behind paid promotion? Are you simply looking for the number of views that are being added to your channel through this? Are you looking to get your YouTube channel approved for monetization? If yes, then you should also remember: 4000 hours of watch time is needed for that. Do you honestly think a few seconds of watch time on each promoted view could gather enough as to make a total of that milestone? I highly doubt that.

So my point here is if your purpose to boost YouTube videos is only to be eligible for monetization, then it is a wrong one. Some might opine that boosting on a high scale is surely capable of fetching 4000 hours of watch time. Well, think about the amount of money you need for that; it would be at least a few thousands of dollars. How long do you think you’ll have to take to earn that back from YouTubing?

If it was like once you’re enabled for monetization, you would still be getting the same rate of views afterwards, then it would have been worth spending that huge sum of money. But the reality is, once you stop doing paid promotion, the number of views on your channel’s videos will sharply decline and come back to the state it was previously at. (This article is on whether to boost YouTube videos)

viewers’ engagement is hardly present in YouTube paid promotion

Now you might be thinking as to why’s that. Why does your channel come to point ‘zero’ after the paid promotion and the expenditure of all this money? The reason behind this is that through this sort of promotion your YouTube videos hardly get viewers’ engagement.

Before arguing against the above statement provided by me, just consider what you do yourself. How many YouTube ads do you click on per 100 views? If you say you click frequently on ads, then what do you do if it’s an advert to visit someone else’s channel? How much interested do you feel in doing that, honestly?

If you get my point, then know this (in case you didn’t already): most viewers of YouTube behave the same way you do: skip the ads. Well, for your information, your YouTube videos could have good level of viewers’ engagement if they have quality content. Videos with exquisite quality don’t need to be boosted by spending money, they get views and watch time on their own. (This article is on whether to boost YouTube videos)

Quality content on YouTube videos does really matter

If your videos have more than average quality content, then viewers will watch them for longer periods. That way YouTube’s artificial intelligence will prefer your videos over others. So your videos will be organically promoted on YouTube, you won’t have to spend money for that.

The more people watch your videos, the more subscribers you get. And this way when you’ll have gathered a lot of subscribers (like 10k/20k), you’ll be said to have a good audience base who represent your viewers’ engagement. These people then stick to your channel for prolonged time periods and they often watch your videos: they basically become your fans and followers. (This article is on whether to boost YouTube videos)

If you’re willing to give money to YouTube just like that, then YouTube is also ready to accept it

Yeah, I mean everything of the above statement. Remember that at the end of the day, Google’s aim is to do business and earn money. They don’t care what purpose you have in your mind when you choose to go for paid promotion of your videos. They’re simply happy to have your money. Now don’t be thinking that I’m against Google; because I’m NOT. Neither am I strictly against paid promotion, as I told you guys before.

That being said, let me suggest you once again: be thoughtful before doing any such promotion. Ask yourself what is your primary purpose behind this. Don’t be stupid to spend a lump of money for nothing which you’re not sure you can earn back. Another point to note here is that boosted views are not monetized, that means these views can’t earn you money. (This article is on whether to boost YouTube videos)

you have to spend money to boost youtube videos
you have to spend money to boost youtube videos, right?
What did you think YouTube adopted the new criterIon of 4000 hours of watch time for?

In case you didn’t know the answer to the above question, here’s it: YouTube adopted this new policy to make sure that only the quality creators can sustain on this platform. In other words, YouTube wants to ensure justice for all YouTubers on the basis of merit and capability.

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