Profitable YouTube Channel Ideas for newbies – Episode 1

This blogpost is for new YouTubers who are wondering as to which niche they should choose to have success on their YouTube channels. The thing is that you have to look inside you for YouTube Channel Ideas and figure out what you’re goo at. When it comes to YouTubing niche, you shouldn’t possibly be a copycat, it’s totally useless.

Just because one of your friends or associates has been successful on a particular niche doesn’t mean that you can shine on that too. You can nevertheless try it if you’re confident that you can make a fortune out of it. With that said, here we present twenty one nice YouTubing niches one out of which a new YouTuber can try. They are listed and described below. (This post is on YouTube channel ideas)


If you’re good at makeup, you can train people on that. And these tutorials may be based on YouTube. There are countless girls out there who want to look stunning in parties and interviews. Teach them how to do that properly. Then again, may be you’re a makeup man working for a film or drama productions company. In that case, let people know the details of this specialized profession and how to make a living out of it.

Gaming: one of great YouTube channel ideas

You may have noticed that most of the top YouTube channels with highest earnings are all gaming ones. The reason behind this is that it is really hard to look away from a gaming footage, no matter how old you are. That way gaming channels tend to have greater average watch time compared to other niches’ channels. So the point is that if you love gaming, you can try making a living out of it. Why not earning while you’re enjoying playing video, computer or play station games?

Yoga & fitness

People now a days are becoming more conscious day by day about their health and fitness. Many even have been trying Yoga and stuff. So if you think you are one expert fellow on these topics/niches, then you can give it a try. (This post is on YouTube channel ideas)

Unboxing products

This can prove to be a great niche if you buy new products every now and then. You may record a footage while you unbox your products and then upload that on your YouTube channel. Trust me, there are hundreds of thousands of people who love to watch footages of unboxing products. This is because this sort of footage gives them an impression that the products actually belong to them. It also helps them understand what they might expect when they unbox their own products.

Tech reviews

If you’re one of those techy guys, then you can create a channel based on tech reviews. It may be on Android, Windows, programming or anything you feel good at. I personally am a big fan of the big YouTuber ‘TheNewBoston’. From this particular channel, I learned a lot about web developing and programming. Also there is a famous tech YouTuber in my country whose channel name is ‘Shohag360’. I learned a lot of technical things from his channel.

At present I have been running two YouTube channels: one of which is named ‘YouTubing Tips’. As you can guess this is also a tech review channel, because a lot of technical activities and estimations are associated with YouTubing. (This post is on YouTube channel ideas)


Travelling around and recording footage on spectacular places is surely a good niche for YouTubing. If you’re a frequent traveler, then you can take advantage of your hobby that travelling is. You should most definitely record unique footage of beautiful places. Later you can upload them on your own channel or even sell them to interested people/party. Either way you get benefited.


If you consider yourself as a conscious person about fashion or even have taken a degree on it, then you can make it the niche of your YouTube channel. People always have been and will be interested in being up on modern and latest fashion. (This post is on YouTube channel ideas)

Sports: one of great YouTube channel ideas

People of all ages love games and sports. Some love football, some love cricket and others love wrestling. Whatever sport you like, you can always make it a niche for your channel. You may update your viewers about the latest scores, tournaments and results across the globe. You can even create top 10 videos on various sports: like top 10 cricketers of all time, top 10 wrestlers of all time etc.

Just be sure to use only creative commons clips while creating those videos. If you’re capable, then go ahead and take special permission from TV channel authorities to use their footage in order to create specially compiled videos. (This post is on YouTube channel ideas)


There are food loving people everywhere in the world. So creating and operating a YouTube channel based on food preparations and trying them may be one of good YouTube channel ideas. One of my favourite YouTubers is Mr. Chen who owns the channel by name of ‘Beyond Science’. If you’re a subscriber of that channel too, then you most certainly have noticed that he recently introduced a food channel of his which started to get a significant number of subscribers as well.

So if you are a food loving person and know how to prepare a number of exquisite dishes, then you can start your own food channel and be popular sooner than you think. (This post is on YouTube channel ideas)

Food is one great YouTube channel ideas
‘Food’ is one great YouTube channel ideas

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