How to go back to the old YouTube Layout

If you’re annoyed with the new YouTube layout that Google kind of imposed on you, then you have ways to get back to the old YouTube layout. We’re going to show how to do that.

While you’re on YouTube homepage with the new layout, move your mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the screen where the channel icon or simply the ‘YouTube user’ icon rests. Now click on the icon, a menu will unfold. At the bottom of the menu you’ll see the ‘Restore old YouTube’ link. You need to click on that link if you want to¬†go back to the old YouTube Layout. After you hit on the link you may provide an answer to Google/YouTube as to why you’ve chosen to leave the new layout. The popup will look like following. How to go back to the old YouTube Layout

Well, you have to figure out the answer for yourself; because the reason for this should vary from person to person. Then again, you can choose the option ‘I prefer not to answer’ and thus go ahead without bothering. Whatever you provide or choose, hit the submit button below.

Now once you’re using the old YouTube layout, you might feel that the new YouTube layout was pretty fine. Or you could think it’s time to go ahead with the new YouTube layout. Let’s face it, now that YouTube has changed their default homepage layout, you’ll have to get used to it, sooner or later.

So if you now choose to get back to the new YouTube Layout, it’s possible too. Chances are, while you’re using the old YouTube layout, you’ll get to see in a blue banner the invitation from YouTube team to try their new layout. They’ll be saying ‘We have been hard at work…’. Now you may choose to appreciate their hard work and try this new YouTube layout. In that case, all you have to do is click on the link ‘Try it now’, you’ll be directed to where you know.

But in case you don’t see that banner because you previously canceled that out, then click on this link It will direct you to a page where you are supposed to see a blue button ‘Try new YouTube’. You need to click on it. After you do that you’ll be on a page which contains the following:

How to go back to the old YouTube Layout

This time you’ll have to click on the big blue ‘Go to YouTube’ button. This is how you can get to the new YouTube layout.

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  1. you can’t ask to go back to the old layout, looks like we are stuck with the shouty new version which looks like a mess

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