YouTube monetization policy 2018 and Q&A on YouTubing – Episode 3

Before we begin today’s Q&A episode on YouTubing Tips, let us brief you on recent changes in video monetization criteria of YouTube (youtube monetization policy 2018) unless you’re already privy to that. From now onwards YouTubers got to have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers before they can apply for monetization. And they will have to achieve this within the previous twelve months of YouTubing operations.

Also monetization approval procedure of YouTube has been made more strict than ever. Channels that have even a single copyright or community strike may not be considered for monetization. Previously channels with almost all content appropriate and only a few videos with inappropriate content might have been monetized. But this policy no longer applies which means if a single video is found with inappropriate content or misleading metadata, the channel will not be considered for monetization. So new YouTubers, you had better watch your every step. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

Q. Today is the 23rd day of the month, I haven’t received my AdSense payment into my bank account yet. Why’s that?

A. Last month’s YouTube earnings show up on AdSense dashboard usually on the 12th of current month. Then the payment is automatically and electronically sent to your bank on the 21st of the month. It may take 3-5 business days for the bank to deposit the money into your account. The money usually reflects on YouTuber’s bank account on the 26th of the month. These timelines are approximate/estimated only and may differ a little bit from country to country. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

If you don’t see the money to reflect on your bank account within 10 business days counting from the day (usually 21st) you were sent an email saying ‘the payment has been sent’, then you’ll need to see your bank officials to know what really happened. Although the chance of this thing to occur is quite very slim, provided that you have properly updated the banking information on your AdSense and selected that bank account as the primary method of payment. In case bank officials say they haven’t received the funds, you’ll need to contact your regional AdSense team and let them know about your issue (FYI, AdSense payments are sent to south Asian countries from Google’s Singapore office). Then they will surely find out where the money is stuck.

To know more about YouTube AdSense AKA ‘Hosted AdSense’, click on the following link and read the article:

YouTube AdSense: Things you should know about it as a youtuber

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Q. I copied no one’s video, then why did I get the following strikes?

youtube monetization policy 2018

A. These are not copyright strikes, they are community guidelines strikes. You received them because you violated one or more of YouTube’s community guidelines. For your information, it is always risky to work on Adobe tutorials. One of the most expert and experienced YouTubers from my country claimed that he once had received a copyright strike from Adobe for no apparent reason. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

There are corporations/companies out there who allow you to copy or use their software/products for educational purposes only, you aren’t allowed to monetize videos created on these software. One such company is probably Microsoft. They allow you to create online tutorials (articles and videos) based on their content. But once you create these, you can use them only for educational purposes, you can’t monetize them, hence you can’t earn from such tutorials.

This is the reason you will most possibly NOT find too many MS Word tutorials on YouTube. There’s no denying that there are a lot of things to learn about MS Word and other MS office applications. And people all around the globe are using these apps extensively. So there might be a question as to why there are only a few online tutorials on these topics. Well, I guess you now can realize the reason behind this. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

As the title of the video (the second one depicted in the above image) suggests it most probably describes how to crack the paid version of a software. By uploading this video, the creator has knowingly/unknowingly attempted to cause monetary damage to Adobe Inc. who just happens to be a much bigger client/creator of YouTube than the infringing uploader. Both are community members of YouTube, one was about to cause harm to another in illegal ways. Also the uploader was actually encouraging general community members to do illegitimate things that cracking a paid software is. That’s why he received a community strike for that.

Now that he has received two strikes on his channel, he won’t be able to upload any video the next three months. If he doesn’t receive another community strike in the meantime, one or both of the current strikes may be lifted/removed after three months. Then he’ll be able to upload more videos on his channel and continue his YouTubing operations as normal. God forbids, should he receive another community strike in the meantime, his channel will be terminated once and for all. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

If you’re interested to know YouTube’s community guidelines in details, so that you accidentally don’t mess up anything, go ahead and read this nice article from our blog to the end. The link is given below:

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Let me remind you once again that YouTube is now more strict than ever. A single copyright or community strike can make your channel ineligible for video monetization. So just put yourself in a little bit of thought as to how you can save your dear channel. (This article is primarily on youtube monetization policy 2018)

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