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Featuring a Reader’s YouTube Video on Hate Comments at his request

Today I have been contacted by a reader of my blog who is known as Chris. He requested me to feature one of his YouTube videos on my blog. This video demonstrates how to fight hate comments, specially if they are troll comments and the commenter keeps posting this type of hate comments on various videos of the YouTube channel. Here I like to show the mail he sent me.

Featuring a Reader's YouTube Video on Hate Comments

So I watched his video a couple of times and found that this video might have some misleading content/idea. You’ll get to know what I’m talking about once you watch it to the end or go through this article. I hereby like to present his video describing a method which according to him is capable of fighting repeated hate or troll comments posted by the same individual back. Go ahead, watch the video and give your verdict in this article’s comment box or his video’s comment section.

Tricks suggested by Chris to dumbfound the hater

Well, in the video Chris advises you to go ahead and visit the hate commenter’s channel and gather some information about the guy. Then you’re supposed to select one special information out of all these which is capable to surprise the guy. And then you’re to contact him personally. In order to do this you have to visit his channel and look for any Facebook or gmail address he might have provided in the ‘About’ section. You can also look in his video description in search of that. Once you find that you may send him the surprise mail mentioning the information he thought he kept secret from general viewers.

Oh, one other thing: you can send the message in the ‘Discussion’ tab if he allows it. There should even be an option to directly send a message to the channel owner once you visit the homepage. This option is supposed to be in the same section where you find the option to ‘flag’ the channel. Recently YouTube has brought about some changes in its overall design including ‘channel layout’ and thus complicated matters. That’s why I couldn’t find enough time to show you by presenting an image where to go to directly send a private message to the channel owner.

Now if you need an example as to what might be such a surprising mail, go ahead and watch the video because Chris has provided an example like that. Now the problem with this method is that haters usually use YouTube accounts that have no uploaded content or information to post hate comments. This is because they’re aware that too many hate comments can lead their YouTube account to termination.

Chris’ suggestion to sign the hater up for porn is not a good idea

When Chris suggests to surprise the hate commenter by an expected reply, I can accept it. This could really be a good technique if a certain guy has been cyberbullying you for a prolonged time period. But when Chris advises to sign the commenter up for something like ‘gay porn’, I can’t appreciate it. This is the part where the video might be termed ‘misleading’. I’m afraid that if this video is reported by a significant number of YouTube users, it could be removed and Chris’ channel might receive a community strike.

So Chris, beware. You have a nice presentation skill, just don’t be uploading misleading content. YouTube is now more strict then ever when it comes to misleading content and advice. Countless channels have been terminated lately because of these actions. If a guy harasses you by posting hate comments in your YouTube videos, you can send them ‘surprise mails’ in retaliation. But signing them up for porn is really too much. YouTubers, you mustn’t listen to Chris when he advises you to do that. Yet I featured his video on my blog because he as one of my readers had requested me to do so.

Also I thought it would be a good idea to bring up/feature his YouTube video to show you guys another example of misleading content. While people create videos for YouTube, some of them think they just can upload anything they feel like, which is NOT true. YouTube has specific guidelines; you must follow them to the point.

Remember that some people are going to bombard you with hate comments no matter what

This is a harsh reality that you’ll be trolled and harassed by some YouTube users no matter how nice your content is. They will be doing that just because they’re jealous of you, they can’t create quality content like you do. And unlike you they can’t earn handsome amount through YouTubing; some even can’t sustain their channels for long.

So as long as you’re a content creator on YouTube, you’re likely to be trolled, hated and made fun of by at least a few people. Now their number means nothing compared to your overall audience number. When 0.5% of your viewers are trolling you and the rest 99.5% aren’t, I guess you have nothing to worry about. You can even ban some users from commenting on your channel. Our following article here describes how to do that, just read it to the end and you’ll find the answer to your query.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

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