YouTube and Google don’t care who is misleading you to violate their guidelines

Frankly, YouTube and Google don’t care if you have been misled by someone to infringe certain guidelines of them. But when they find you doing so, they are likely to terminate your account or stop you from accessing a particular Google product such as YouTube or blogger. Here we present two examples of that.

YouTube and Google
YouTube might seem like an interesting place, but don’t forget about the complications that revolve around here
Many YouTube videos that pretend to be creative commons are actually not so

Yeah, it’s a fact that all the videos on YouTube that seem to be creative commons are actually NOT available as creative commons.

YouTube was first launched in 2006 and two or three years later it was owned by Google. Ever since Google has been modifying YouTube’s features, policies and structure. But guess what, this social networking platform is still far from being perfect. That’s why YouTube can not detect if somebody illegally passes a copyrighted content as creative commons. (This article is on YouTube and Google)

This is particularly true for videos which don’t have content id activated. Such videos are more prone to be stolen. Because once they’re uploaded on someone else’s channel, the original creator of the videos has no clue to that. This is the reason big creators like T-Series always have activated content id service for their YouTube videos.

Now just assume that you are a general YouTube user and have a YouTube channel. You have uploaded a couple of videos onto your channel and a few of them got viral. That’s when someone just comes along and steals a few of your videos and reuploads them onto their channel. Then s/he might choose to set ‘creative commons’ as user’s license for those videos. Which means anyone can reupload these videos partly or fully after editing and modification.

Now a third guy comes along and uploads your video onto his channel mistakenly assuming that it’s a creative commons content. If that’s so, you can impose copyright strike on this guy’s channel and take his video down because the video actually belongs to you. (This article is on YouTube and Google)

Many people lately have been victimized of this phenomenon described just above. To know more about creative commons crisis, you can read the following article:

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Sub4sub, like4like activities are illegal on YouTube and google

Did you know that sub4sub and like4like activities are actually illegal on YouTube? If you’re caught doing this, your YouTube account/channel may be terminated just like that. Yet many people have been doing this in the hope that they won’t be caught. Some even don’t know that these activities are totally forbidden on YouTube and Google.

I was contacted by such an individual almost one month ago. He alleged that a certain YouTube video has encouraged him to do these activities. And this way he earned a lot of subscribers on his channel until it was finally terminated. Clearly the ‘sub4sub’ thing was the reason for termination in this case. It’s a matter of sorrow that the original video which promotes and encourages these activities was still online at the time I received the email from the above mentioned guy. May be it is still online and intact.

The reason for this is that YouTube depends on a report-based system to detect policy violations. If a certain percentage of viewers report a video, it is taken into account by YouTube’s AI and hence is likely to be removed as well. So based on this policy of YouTube, an infringing video can stay online and intact even for years if a significant number of a particular type of report has yet NOT been submitted against the video. To know more about this topic, you can read the following article:

Comment Spamming on YouTube can actually lead your channel to termination

If you’re interested to know YouTube’s actual policy regarding community guidelines, you should read the following article:

YouTube’s Community Guidelines Explained and Made Easy

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