How to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

In this tutorial, you will know how to take your face and presence off YouTube. You might require to do this in case somebody uploaded a video on YouTube that shows your face and/or presence explicitly. If you go through all the steps of the following procedure correctly, you may be able to take down such an infringing video.

Recently I have been contacted by a lady named Karla on this particular issue. She sent me the following mail:

‘I created A YouTube account back in 2013 and posted some really stupid stuff. At this point I cannot remember the password to it and I want It deleted, I don’t care much about recovering it I would Just like it gone. I haven’t had any luck trying to claim the account and don’t know if there’s anything I can Do to prove to YouTube and google that the account is mine, I am Clearly in the videos. Please let me know if you can help me in any way !!!’

Well Karla, it seems like you didn’t leave any option to recover your account and you’re not interested to recover that either. In that case, to take your face and presence off YouTube you can still do certain things. First of all, you have to log yourself into a brand new YouTube/Gmail account. Then you have to visit the following link/page:

Info you need to provide on the page

Once you’re on this page, you have to fill in a couple of information about yourself, such as your legal first and last names. Then you have to provide the url of the channel which is revealing your personal information, face or presence. In your particular case, Karla, it’s your own channel that you no longer have access to. Still it doesn’t matter whoever this channel might belong to; you can go ahead and report it anyway. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

After providing the url of the channel, you have to provide the urls of the videos where your face and/or presence are shown. The urls of the videos have to be separate by spaces.

check boxes and radio buttons to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

Now you have to indicate the information you wish to report. Select all that apply here. These check boxes are not mutually exclusive, so you can select more than one. Karla, in your case, you might want to select the first three boxes. Because I believe not only your image and voice, but your full legal name is somehow revealed in those videos as well. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

time stamps and radio buttons

You also need to identify where the questionable content appears within the video(s). In Karla’s case, I believe it’s ‘within the video’. I think she didn’t provide personal information in the title or video description. Now Karla, You also have to indicate where in the video the questionable content appears. That means you have to mention time stamps, like 2:14 or 3:00-3:10.

If you have provided urls of multiple videos, you have to click “Add additional” to identify where you are located within each URL. So as you can see, this is pretty neat and precise. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

Now between the two radio buttons provided in the section ‘has this content been copied from your own channel or video’, you should select ‘No’. This is because, you’re reporting your own channel, Karla!

Do NOT check the box that says ‘I am the legal guardian of a child or dependent in the video’, because you’re representing none other than yourself. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

Additional info you have to provide

Now you have to provide additional information regarding your appearance or actions in the videos. You should be using the following language:

“The videos and channel I’m reporting actually belong to me. I just lost access to this particular Google account and don’t have an option to recover it either. Now I don’t want the videos to be online anymore; this would be an invasion to my privacy. That’s why I like to have this channel down (terminated) as a whole. I can submit proof of my claim if it’s needed.”

Yes, Karla, you must be ready to provide proof as to you’re that particular lady (seen in the video). Now it all depends on your location and country. In my case, a national ID card would do the job. If you’re in USA, then social security number may do the job. Frankly, I’m not a big expert on this. So you have to figure that out for yourself: which document you should submit to Google in order to support your claim. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

Now that’s How to Take your Face and Presence off YouTube

If you’re successful in completing the procedure, those videos and channel of yours will certainly be removed from YouTube. Hope you got satisfactory answer to your concern, Karla. (This post is on how to take your face and presence off youtube)

With that said, I’d like to add that this particular procedure could be used by anyone who thinks their privacy is infringed on YouTube. Because YouTube is growing in size every single day, someone might just upload a content on this social networking platform that reveals your identity and information to mass people. In that case, you can not only take actions through YouTube (in the above procedure), but can bring the culprits to justice also if they’re within your reach.

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