How to report a YouTube channel – When someone has really crossed the line

If you think a certain YouTube channel has really crossed the line, it’s okay to report that channel. Just don’t misuse this procedure to cause harm to someone who is innocent in YouTubing activities – even if they might be your deadly enemy. So here we come up with an ultimate post – How to report a YouTube channel.

When you visit a channel’s homepage, you have an option to report/flag that channel. This option is supposed to be in the upper right corner. But now a days YouTubers are very smart, some are even cunning. These people may improvise their channel homepage in such a way that you may not find a direct way to report that channel. In that case, you should attempt to report any video on that channel. When you’re about to choose an option to report the video, you’ll get to see the little blue link saying ‘Report a channel’, you need to click on it then. You’ll now be directed to a page where you’ll get to see the following reporting options.

How to report a YouTube channel

Harassment and cyberbullying

If you think a certain channel/YouTube account is harassing you in a way, you can take actions against it. May be they have uploaded one or more videos with a view to harass you. May be they are harassing you in some other way, like mentioning you or your channel in various YouTube videos’ comment sections. Whatever it is, if you think they’re doing it illegally and you don’t deserve it, then you have to choose this option ‘Harassment and Cyberbullying’ while reporting that YouTube account/channel.

At this stage you may be asking as to what is cyberbullying. To put in simple terms, Cyberbullying is the practice of violating online rules, regulations and protocols. Or in other words, being inappropriate and indecent in language or actions or both towards someone in the virtual (internet-based) world is called cyberbullying. When someone uses the internet and/or any social media platform like Facebook, YouTube to harass you or let you down, this activity is actually cyberbullying. (This article is on How to report a YouTube channel)

To know more about ‘harassment and cyberbullying’ click on the following link. This one is provided by YouTube itself.


New YouTubers often try to make their channel look like an established/famous channel. That way they expect to draw more attention and viewers towards their YouTube channel. They often use confusing names for their channels, so general viewers get mixed up and end up being on their creepy channel/videos and have bad user experience. (This article is on How to report a YouTube channel)

Some people even use someone else’s logo and channel art, so that their channel looks like another’s. This practice is known as impersonation. If someone impersonates your channel or simply your YouTube account, then you can report them. When ‘impersonation’ is found by YouTube officials, they instantly terminate those channels.

Violent threats

I guess you all know what violent threats are, so no further explaining that, just an example may suffice here. A few days ago, I saw a Facebook video where a Bangladeshi expatriate was threatening the prime minister of the country, Sheikh Hasina with a sharp instrument in his hand. Now this is surely a perfect example of violent threats. I think nobody would do such thing on YouTube. But if someone even gets close doing that, their YouTube channel will certainly be terminated right after reporting. (This article is on How to report a YouTube channel)

Child Endangerment

I don’t want to give another example of child endangerment on this blog, as I already mentioned this in a previous article. You may go ahead and read that, link is given below. The ‘child abuse’ section describes the example I’m talking about.

How to report a YouTube video: In case you found infringing videos on YouTube

Hate speech against a protected group

Here ‘protected group’ means people who are already revered and respected by most. I can give you an example here, it’s about a publications company I worked for a couple of years. (This article is on How to report a YouTube channel)

Now if I mention that company’s name and describe how rudely they behaved with me, it might be considered a ‘hate speech’ against that company; because to most people of my country that company still has clean image. Here it really doesn’t matter whether I’m speaking truth or not, because YouTube is not a place for judgement or putting your personal opinion that might hurt at least a few people. YouTube is supposed to be a place for entertainment and education.

So the bottom line is that nobody is allowed to offer a hate speech here against anybody else. If ‘hate speech’es are found and reported, the channel is bound to be terminated. (This article is on How to report a YouTube channel)

Spam and scams: how to report a youtube channel

In August 2016, I uploaded a few videos on a newly created YouTube channel. Those videos were basically clips that showed what my nephew and niece did in a shopping mall and a park. As far as I’m concerned, YouTube is NOT a place for personal videos. If you upload just one or two personal videos on your YouTube account/channel, it might be okay. But when you upload a lot of personal videos on your YouTube account, it may be an issue. This is specially true if (somehow) many people find your videos useless and non-entertaining. If they choose to report your videos/channel as spam, it could be terminated overnight.

Now let me give an example of ‘scams’. I told you in a previous article that my first ever YouTube channel was suspended due to comment spamming. Well, I might be wrong about that. May be it was terminated because some people thought I showed ‘predatory behavior’. Then again, may be it was because a few people thought I adopted means of ‘scams’. Actually there was a ground for such assumption, I can’t exactly blame them for it. I hope you’re familiar with my comment on my YouTube videos that got my channel suspended.

The comment and the ‘scam’

‘Dear viewers, recently some people have been illegally uploading my videos on their channels. If you happen to find such a channel, be sure to report them. Such thieves and bandits should be banned from YouTube anyway.’

This was my common comment in the last few videos of my first ever YouTube channel. No sooner had I posted this comment in three or four of my videos than my channel got terminated. I guess people might have reported my channel for adopting unfair means aka scams. They thought I wanted to eliminate my competitors, that’s why I was urging them to report their channels, which was not the case actually. Still just think about it – I didn’t provide any proof that I had not sold my contents to other people.

Someone may argue that I previously had sold those videos to other people, or had granted permission to upload them. Now I had troubles with these people, so I decided to get their channels terminated one way or the other. Well, if I really had this sort of evil motive, I would be said to have adopted unfair means or scams. If you ever think a certain channel has adopted such scams, don’t feel hesitated to report it. (This article is on How to report a YouTube channel)

I could have gone through sub-sections as well, but that would make this post a 4000 words article. That’s why, I’d like to put an end to today’s post right here.

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