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Happy New Year 2018 – A different type of post at the beginning of the new year

Thank you all my readers and followers! Happy new year 2018 to you all. Thank you for staying and sticking with me. May the new year bless you with whatever you want! This is basically a welcome post on the occasion of the new year.

In this post I’m going to tell you something different – something I never told you before. Up until now you have seen only the technical side of me. But today I’m going to introduce you to my romantic side as well. Actually I’m willing to share something about my personal life and past experience with you guys. Hope you will be along!

And for the tech lovers, don’t worry, I’m going to teach you something new even on this very post. Okay, let me start now. It’s about love life, it’s about romanticism! Did you ever fall in love? If you did, how many times? Were you able to pass some quality time with your loved ones? Do you have loving memories with them? I, for one, do. So here it goes!

The first girl I’m going to talk about was my student a few years ago. Surely the relationship between us was more than just a teacher-student relation (if you know what I mean). We had a good time together for almost one year and a half. Later we had a little bit of misunderstanding between us and eventually we broke up. Since then I have been following her on Facebook, either from my own id or someone else’s id. (This is a Happy new year 2018 post)

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Happy new year 2018 Jenny

She never showed her full face until recently. Yes, yesterday she just uploaded a wonderful image of hers as Facebook account’s profile pic. I got mesmerized to see that. But within a short I noticed that she was basically trying to show her engagement ring in her ‘ring finger’. I had nothing to say, but just to be happy for her.

Yes, no matter what, I’m happy that she’s engaged and going to be married soon. Knowing that I will never avail her, what other choice do I have? Well, want to know something that I’ve been doing secretly? I have been collecting her images from her Facebook profile. It wasn’t easy, she kept all the images sort of private, still I was able to do that. Now I’m going to let you know how. That’s the technical part of this post. (This is a Happy new year 2018 post)

DU Recorder is the name of the magic that helped me do it

I did this with the help of an Android app in my mobile phone. The name of the Android app is DU Recorder, you’ll find that in Google Play Store. I hope it is also available in Apple Store. Once you’ve installed the app in your phone, you need to run the app and go to its settings. Then slide the ‘Screenshot’ option from null to orange. Thus you’ll be able to take screenshots now.

Now visit any person’s Facebook profile and click on any image, even the profile pic. If you’re unable to directly save it into your device, then take a screenshot using DU Recorder. Once the shot is taken, you’ll have option to edit it by selecting the ‘pencil’ icon. If you click on that icon, you’ll see a few sub-options below. Choose the ‘crop’ option; an elliptical frame will show up. Resize it as per your choice by tapping, holding down and dragging on the screen. Then hit the ‘Save’ button. (This is a Happy new year 2018 post)

If you use your full attention, you’ll be able to make it look like it was never collected from Facebook and edited. However, be sure to NOT use these images for ugly purposes. Take me for example; although I uploaded the pics here, but I never revealed their identity. That way their privacy is not invaded. Because many beautiful girls look almost the same. Now, speaking of beautiful girls, how about the one in the following image?

Happy new year 2018 Farhanah

I know what you’re going to say: she’s not that cute like the first girl. Yeah, I confess that. But this girl is a highly educated one (still doesn’t compare to me!). Actually, she is from the same University and department I’m from, only a couple of years junior to me by age. I knew she always had a soft corner for me. I’m not sure whether it was because I was her departmental elder brother or something else. But I have to confess, I had soft corner for her too. I graduated from University with her and her batch mates.

Later I happened to meet her on an interview, for a job as a Writer/Editor at a publications company. Although she could easily avail a much better job, I just never figured out why she had gone there. However, interestingly enough, she just copied my answer scripts and availed the job for herself whereas I was kind of thrown out. I never thought this could happen while I was allowing her to copy my scripts. (This is a Happy new year 2018 post)

Anyway, I badly needed that job, but it was snitched away by her. So I started working as a freelancer for that company at the same department (Physics). She was then the second in charge of the department. I confess that I couldn’t always behave appropriately thinking the deception I just had to go through. She also treated me rudely on a couple of occasions. Later she left that job to pursue a technical career which she deserved, I just remained stuck with that publications company. Indeed, I finally had success as a writer and editor in that department once she was gone.

No matter what, I still had soft corner for her. I even sent her a friend request on Facebook, but she declined that. I guess she was a proud girl. Also she may not have forgotten the misunderstanding that we had between us on a couple of occasions. Nevertheless she had me on her gmail contact list and intentionally/unintentionally kept sending me inviting links to join different social media networks like Instagram, LinkedIn etc. I was pissed off at this and rudely told her to take me off her gmail contact list. She must have been hurt, but trust me, I had no other option for this play minded girl. (This is a Happy new year 2018 post)

Well, a few months ago I found that she didn’t quit on me yet. She contacted me on Facebook for some casual conversation. I cordially welcomed her as I had already forgotten the previous incidents. But she didn’t forget any of them; her activities and behavior clearly indicated that. Finding no other way, I just had to start a long term ‘mind game’ with her! As a part of that game, recently I messaged her that I was willing to see her. She then uploaded the above image as her profile pic, but made it undownloadable. Still I collected it, didn’t I?

I have some plans for her which I’m not going to share with everybody. Do you have any idea why that is? If you do, let me know in the comment box.

Happy new year 2018 once again

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