Riddles new YouTubers face – Did you too go through these situations?

In this knowledge base article we’re going to present a few riddle like situations that almost all new YouTubers have to go through. Read this article to the end and see whether you too faced such riddles.

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The view count problem: Most new Youtubers face

May be you just started to have views on your YouTube videos. And you somehow learned to use realtime analytics to track number of views. These views also reflect on your AdSense dashboard. But you don’t see the views to increase on your channel’s video manager or dashboard page right next to the videos themselves. And you’re astonished as to why that is.

Well, for your information, Google/YouTube officials firsthand check whether you earned the views in a legitimate way or not. Once they have done the checking and found nothing wrong about it, they approve the true number of views on the video manager and dashboard pages of your YouTube channel. This approval usually takes a few hours, so nothing to worry about; just relax, you’re going to get what you deserve.

Earnings are not reflected on AdSense

YouTube earnings are different from blog earnings in the sense that they are not updated daily on AdSense. Rather they are updated once in a month.

You might be familiar with a blogger who says he has earned $21 today. So you jumped to a conclusion that earnings on AdSense are updated daily. Honestly, in case of blogging, it’s even better; because earnings are updated every once in a while (every 10-20 minutes). But you shouldn’t expect the same for your YouTube earnings. I am not exactly sure why AdSense has a different policy for YouTubers.

Well, at least you get to know your daily earnings on your channel’s dashboard. And the neat thing about this is that you’re going to get the exact amount that shows on dashboard. I haven’t heard of any exceptions to this day. If your channel’s dashboard shows that you have earned $300 in a certain month, then you can expect exactly $300 to be deposited into your bank account from AdSense at the end of the next month. It is that much neat, Google hasn’t ever played around with this thing yet.

If you are not satisfied yet and want to see some practical numbers on your today’s YouTube earnings on AdSense, it’s possible too. The numbers you can see are called estimated earnings which are most obviously not your actual earnings. We shall publish a post on how to find those earnings soon.

How to handle ‘the AdSense PIN’ thing

Once new YouTubers earn at least $10 on their AdSense dashboard, they are sent a four digit PIN. But they just don’t know how to handle this PIN. They wonder as to how many times they should apply for the PIN. Well the answer is: they can apply for the PIN for three times. Every time YouTubers apply for a new PIN mail, the ‘official’ time it should take for the mail to arrive is twenty one days. But in actual case, it might be a little longer than that: almost one month or may be 35 days.

So once you apply for a PIN, after 21 days you can apply again. And don’t worry, no matter how many letters you get, they will contain the same PIN within them. So once you have submitted an application to have a PIN, it doesn’t mean that you can’t submit again; because you most certainly can do that no matter what.

Even if you believe the first mail is processing on its way to your physical address, you can appeal for a second time, and a third time. After three consecutive submissions, if you still don’t receive any of the mails, then you can use your bank statement. You need to simply scan this document and upload the image onto your AdSense.

My experience regarding the ‘uploading image’ thing

My experience says that AdSense doesn’t even verify this uploaded image. (Not that I’m encouraging anyone to adopt any unfair means.) I am saying this because one moment I uploaded the scanned image of my bank statement and the next moment¬†they said my AdSense account was verified. How did they verify the document in the blink of an eye? I believe documents like this need to be verified manually and it takes around 6-8 hours on an average to do that. However, it is just my experience that I thought I could share with you guys.

May be AdSense has a policy that once a certain individual uploads the scanned copy of their bank statement or any other official document that has their physical address on it, their AdSense account is instantly verified without human intervention. Because you know AdSense account is really valuable to all YouTubers and they won’t possibly play around with it. That’s why Google’s AdSense team believes that anyone trying to upload such document has to be genuine and sincere, for their own sake. However, it is simply a conspiracy theory from me; I don’t claim it to be 100% correct.

YouTube AdSense: Things you should know about it as a youtuber

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