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MediaCube.Network – power-ups for your creativity

Mediacube.Network — is a large and reliable YouTube MCN that protects and supports creators on YouTube platform.
There are no specified requirements for your channel to be connected to Mediacube.Network. All the applications are processed entirely on an individual basis. However, there are a few important factors: the channel appearance, the quality of the offered content and the regularity of displaying videos.

MediaCube.Network offers:

· convenient payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, ePayments, Yandex.Money, QIWI Wallet, etc. Minimum threshold in the majority of them is as low as 1 US dollar.
· original music for your video! Partners get free access to the best music library, known as EpidemicSound.
· VidIQ Pro version, which will help you to analyze your content and make it better. You can grow your channel, get more subscribers and become more attractive for advertisers.
· the best and the timeliest tech support! If you have some problems with your YouTube account or your content – just let them know! MediaCube.Network can solve your issues on the spot.
· revenue share 80% to 20%. The same revenue share concerns Content ID system – in case your videos are being copied – you are welcome to benefit from those copies with the same revenue share.
· no lock-in partnership agreements: you can leave the network at any time with 1 month notice.
Here’s the video promo of MediaCube.Network from YouTube:
Who should join an MCN like MediaCube.Network
New YouTubers who face copyright problems too frequently, should join an MCN like MediaCube.Network. They will act on your behalf not only for your copyright protection, but also to keep you free from copyright infringement charges. You should most definitely stay honest when it comes to using others’ content. Still you could be a victim of copyright infringing charges when you could even lose your channel.

So my suggestion is that if you’re scared of copyright charges every now and then, you should probably join an MCN like MediaCube.Network. See, a 20% split of your YouTubing payment that you could receive through AdSense is nothing. Where will you get the money from if you lose your channel altogether? That’s why in my opinion, you had better join an MCN.
I too am planning to start a gaming channel. Then I will most definitely be facing copyright charges every now and then. That’s when I plan to join MediaCube.Network. Why I’m suggesting this MCN to you guys is that a few of my associates have already joined it and been paid every month the 80% of their revenue. According to them, their channel wouldn’t have lasted long if it were not for MediaCube Network.
Apart from copyright issue, this MCN offers you other advantages as well, which are listed above. So don’t wait any longer; join MediaCube Network right away and enjoy all the facilities and services it offers.