Comment spam WordPress: Bloggers stop it and look for alternatives

What I need to say on comment spam WordPress

I have been facing comment spamming since my first day of blogging. People have been throwing spam comments on my blog. Although it is very easy to identify spam comments, I always have been thinking about getting rid of them once and for all. Unable to do that right away, I hereby like to say a few words to all new bloggers on comment spam WordPress.

comment spam wordpress
You might be sometimes fatigued of spam comments

I understand that people have been comment spamming because they believe it will do them good in the long run. It is very similar to YouTube spamming where they throw unwanted comments with links and stuff. It’s high time everyone stopped comment spamming on big platforms as WordPress and YouTube.

Why ‘comment spamming’ isn’t going to help you

When you say ‘Hey nice post/video, come on check out my link/channel’, you’re drawing attention of virtually no one. Because people take a look at your comment and they identify it as a spam right away. So if you  really want to gather traffic by commenting, then leave positive and constructive comments that add value to the conversation.

That way you’re actually making people believe that you’re a good fellow. So then some people will definitely be interested to know more about you. Thus they will visit your YouTube channel or click on your WordPress name to visit your site/post.

What you should do instead of comment spam WordPress

There are alternatives when it comes to means of growing your blog. Commenting on others’ blogs is certainly a way. But in my opinion, SEO would be a stronger tool than comment spam wordpress. I have been using Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress for the last couple of months and have found success. I for one, never thought about comment spamming. Also to gather traffic using SEO, I believe you need a bit of luck. I’m saying this because I have been using SEO on my other blog, but have had little success on it. I guess content plays an important role in this regard.

If you fail to gather enough traffic through SEO, you could try Facebook and other social networking sites. Facebook could be proved to be a very strong platform to grow your blog’s audience. I have seen sites/blogs that earned 95% of their traffic through social networking sites, yet they have a good ranking in Alexa.

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