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One tip on keyword research and one tip on WordPress

Here’s a little correction on the last post on keyword research

In my latest post on keyword research, I said that you could use Google search box instead of AdWords keyword planner. Well, you certainly could, but there is a tiny problem when you solely depend on Google search box for keyword research. The thing is that you might have several suggestions, you just don’t know which one would be best to pick for focus keyword. In order to find that you still need AdWords search results on keyword research.

You should choose the keyword/phrase with the highest frequency as focus keyword. And the rest of the phrases you find at the bottom of Google search results could be used as tags. Just make sure that they are relevant to your particular copy (blog post or YouTube video description).

Then again if any frequently searched keyword/phrase is good enough for you to use as focus keyword, then you don’t need to go through the hurdle of Google AdWords; plain and simple.

What I learned lately on WordPress android app

Lately I have had some bitter experience on WordPress android app. I found that the app still needs to be modified further. Soon I’m going to report this issue to the related authority.

I was reading a published post of this blog for review purpose. At the bottom of the article, I saw ‘Comments are closed for this post’. I knew I had not closed comments for any post. So I thought it must have been a mistake by me. Many times my one and a half years old son randomly hits the keyboard. I don’t stop him from doing that, I just minimize all the windows during that time.

So I thought may be I forgot to minimize the browser window and WordPress settings were changed by my son unwillingly. Well, I checked the settings on my PC and found them to be okay, no changes were made. When I viewed a post on my PC browser, I saw ‘comments are allowed’. So the conclusion is that the WordPress app automatically shows the ‘comments are closed’ thing for every post on it’s Android version, regardless of the original comments settings.

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