How to customize YouTube homepage – part 2

This blog post is basically a continuation of a previous article on how to customize YouTube homepage. In that post we learned to add ‘Tabs’ on your channel’s homepage. In order to do that, click on the gear icon which is to the left of ‘Subscribe’ button. A dialogue box will open, where you’ll change ‘Customize the layout of your channel’ option from white to blue (left to right), thus selecting this option. You may as well change ‘Show discussion tab’, if you choose to let your viewers comment on your channel.

As a result of these actions by you, a few tabs will now appear on your channel’s homepage, which will look like below:

how to customize youtube homepage
Adding a few tabs to customize your channel’s page

Now add a few sections here on the ‘Home’ page of your channel. First of all, you can choose ‘Uploads’. Then, you may choose ‘Popular uploads’ and ‘Created playlists’. You can add more sections if you feel like, no problem. You can even change the order in which the sections appear. However, each section may be either ‘horizontal row’ or ‘vertical list’. FYI, most people choose ‘horizontal row’ for such a section. (This post is on how to customize youtube homepage)

how to customize youtube homepage
Adding a few sections on your channel’s homepage

Now go to the ‘About’ tab which is the rightmost tab on your channel’s page.

how to customize youtube homepage
‘About’ tab of your channel’s page

Click on the circular ‘+’ sign to edit the respective section. Put some text in the description box, describing your channel’s purpose and view and also who this channel is for. Then you can provide an email address of yours for business inquiries. Also select your channel’s country. If you think that most viewers of your channel will be from USA, then select ‘United States’. After that you can add up to 5 custom links. You may provide the links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ page etc. Thus you have properly customized the layout of your channel. (This post is on how to customize youtube homepage)

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