Change YouTube homepage layout: Make your channel look stunning

Is it a MUST to Change YouTube homepage layout?

Well, the answer is: it is not. It is kind of optional. This is because I have seen many channels get a huge number of views while they chose NOT to change YouTube homepage layout. They earned handsome amount too.

While I was new in YouTubing, I thought that people who didn’t change their channels’ homepage layout must be stupid. Because it is very easy to do that and also doing so makes the channel look stunning and user friendly. Then I found channels that ran successfully without paying attention to their homepage. People visiting their homepage would even see the message ‘There is no content on this channel’.

Change YouTube homepage layout
A YouTube channel with customized layout
Why these channels were successful without having to change their layout?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: a channel doesn’t need to customize its layout to have success. All is needed is great content. Once a YouTube channel has good content that viewers would like very much, it is going to have success sooner or later. Also the viewers hardly visit the channel homepage; they spent 99% of their time on YouTube’s watch page and homepage.

Still it is better to change YouTube homepage layout to make your channel user friendly. If a channel without customized layout scores 95 out of hundred, then it would definitely score more than that after having itself customized. It’s a common sense, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that. Then again, there are some people who like to pay attention only to quality content and not to ‘trivial’ things like customizing channel layout. I guess they’re happy with their 95% score.

how to change YouTube homepage layout, if you choose to

No matter what, you may choose to change YouTube homepage layout, because most successful YouTubers do the same.

In order to do that you first need to visit your channel homepage. Once you’re there, you need to click on the gear icon that would be left to the ‘Subscribe’ button. A floating page will appear where you need to change the sliding button next to ‘Customize the layout of your channel’ from white to blue. By doing this you kind of switched the whole procedure ‘ON’. By sliding the button back to ‘white’, you can choose to leave your channel homepage ‘not customized’. In other words, this is how to change YouTube layout back to original.

Change YouTube homepage layout
The first step to change YouTube homepage layout

Now it’s time to switch between tabs and pay attention to individual pages. If we try to cover everything in this post, it might be way too lengthy. That’s why we shall cover the rest in a future article which will be published within a week from now.

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