WordPress tips and tricks 2017 for beginners

If you are a newbie on WordPress, here are some cool WordPress tips and tricks 2017 for you. May be you know how annoying it is to have a lot of spam comments. You just published a few posts and within a short time, your site seems to be flooded with spams. To get rid of it you might install strong plugins as I did for another site. Then no comment may appear even for months. This is annoying too. So today I’m going to show a way to go around this.

wordpress tips and tricks 2017 for beginners

The plugin I’m talking about is WP-SpamShield. Once I installed this on my other blog, comments stopped appearing. So I’m now planning to get rid of this plugin. On this particular (YouTubing tips) blog I have both Akismet and Jetpack installed. I’m not exactly sure which one does the job of spam protection. Most possibly Akismet, because Jetpack provides me with statistics on this blog. (This post is on wordpress tips and tricks 2017)

How to take care of ‘Awaiting spam check’ manually

I’ve tried the automatic spam check procedure, but it took me too long and at some point totally stopped. I do not feel like trying it again. So instead of the automatic procedure I’ve been doing it manually in recent times. All I do is click on the ‘Awaiting spam check’ link and see whether any links have been inserted in the comment. Any links found are directly deleted, because I don’t want my blog to send traffic to other sites. This is required because I can’t guarantee that these sites are all safe places for my visitors.

wordpress tips and tricks 2017 for beginners

I don’t want any visitor to be misled and robbed of their private information. Also I edit the commenter’s name if needed. Sometimes people write misleading words instead of their real names. One such person posted a comment that showed his name as ‘How to enlarge Pe*is’. I readily edited the name by deleting the last word and the link provided. Thus I made sure the comment was free from spam. (This post is on wordpress tips and tricks 2017)

I can not just delete all comments that have links and misleading words within them, because comments are needed for showing viewers’ engagement. The more legitimate comments and likes I have on my blog posts, the more engaging the whole blog looks. This in turn should bring good results for the site, like more traffic and better SEO standpoint.

Try not to update your posts in a massive scale if not urgent: one of new wordpress tips and tricks 2017

I recently updated a number of my blog posts in a massive scale and I suffered because of that. These edits did me more bad than good. If you make major changes in a blogpost, it might lose all the likes it previously acquired. Thus it is going to lose its strong position in Google search results. (This post is on wordpress tips and tricks 2017)

For example, the most popular post of this blog had about 35/40 likes when I decided to insert two new paragraphs in it and checked it for misspellings. I even redistributed the content in the post. I guess the insertion of new paragraphs was kind of unnecessary and no major changes should have been made, since the post didn’t have any major flaw. That’s why, there is a saying that ‘don’t fix it until it’s broken’.

After loosing the likes the post didn’t seem to be as popular as before, it hardly got any views. That’s when I learned my lesson which I’m sharing with you guys now. I’ll be sharing more wordpress tips and tricks 2017  in a future post.

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