YouTube myths that need to be busted

How long have you been YouTubing? If for a while, then you’re already familiar with a number of YouTube myths. Now I’m tired of these myths, so I think it’s high time I busted them here on my blog. In facts, it is these YouTube myths that made me introduce this blog in the first place. Well, here are the myths I’m talking about. Check to see if you already heard of and believe in them.

Channel activities shouldn’t be accessed from multiple devices

On many YouTubing groups and forums I have seen many throwing this question as to whether YouTubing activities is allowed on multiple devices simultaneously. Well, it certainly is. You can use not only your PC, but your phone also; it’s not going to be a problem. Rest assured about that.

New channels must be created in new devices with new internet connection

Now that’s a common misconception among most of the people. Once their old channel is terminated, they think they must buy new devices (PC or mobile) to create and operate a new channel. Well, they are totally wrong about it.

Some YouTube myths might prompt you to buy a new computer although you already had one
Some YouTube myths might prompt you to buy a new computer although you already have one

Google/YouTube authority don’t ban your device id and internet ip for trivial reasons like using misleading metadata, infringing someone else’s copyright and thus leading to account termination. Well, they might ban your device and ip if you had decided to play with them in the first place. I once did this sort of severe violations and as a punishment Google banned my device. I have an article on this blog describing that incident. May be you’ve already read it. If you haven’t, go find it yourself. (This post is on youtube myths)

The thing is that even if a device is banned, YouTubing activities are allowed to do on it; only you can’t create new channels in such a device. Because if you do, they will be terminated within 24 hours of time. I’m giving you all these advice based on my firsthand experience. So never think that I might be misleading you.

Someone else’s videos can be used without copyright claim if edited before uploading – one of most stupid YouTube myths

No matter how much edit and modifications you put into one of someone else’s videos, you don’t have any right to upload it unless you get written permission from the video creator. Some people even say that any portion with duration of less than 15 seconds from any YouTube video can be used without copyright claim. This is wrong too. You can’t use even 1 such second.

Once a guy took a few screenshots from one of my YouTube videos and made a slideshow video out of them. I filed a copyright infringement allegation against him and took his video down. So you see YouTube is very strict when it comes to copyright protection. (This post is on youtube myths)

Old AdSense account can’t be used on new channels

Well, I can’t blame others for having this superstition or myth. This is because I myself had this one. When my first YouTube channel got terminated, I thought the AdSense account on my name was useless. So I applied for another AdSense on my mother’s name. The thing is that AdSense team don’t justify who actually sent the application. I guess they’re not capable of it. Despite that AdSense’s current system is running pretty well. They just need to have legitimate bank accounts where they can send the payments, that’s all. (This post is on youtube myths)

Let me share with you a little secret of mine. Before I came to know that a single AdSense account can be used for as many YouTube channels as you want, I already had applied for and got approved AdSense accounts for my mother, my wife and my elder brother. The fact is all those accounts actually belong to me. I used all of them for multiple channels. I received payments from three of them. The fourth one was unable to send me a payment because I switched the channel to another AdSense.

The point here is that you don’t need to create new AdSense account to monetize a newly created YouTube channel, your old AdSense will do just fine. To know more about AdSense, click on either or both of the following links.

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Slideshow videos won’t be given ads from AdSense

This is another of wrong YouTube myths. I have seen many slideshow channels earn handsome amount of money. Some are happily earning to this day. I too created a few slideshow videos for one of my channels and they earned me a good sum.

Well, you need to use multiple images to create a slideshow video, right? If you use someone else’s copyrighted images to create a show and YouTube finds about this, they may choose to NOT serve ads on that video. Though they’re not going to terminate your channel right away for this, unless of course you receive three consecutive copyright strikes based on people’s allegations. (This post is on youtube myths)

So before creating slideshow videos, make sure that you have explicit right to use the associated images. Here’s the link to a detailed article on this topic:

Slideshow videos lead to account termination?

Creating a lot of BACKLINKS to YouTube videos can lead the channel to termination

I have seen a couple of YouTube videos based on YouTubing tips where the viewers are suggested to use backlinks in a limited number. The reason why it’s so is that backlinks in mass quantity supposedly creates artificial traffic on a YouTube channel. Thus according to them the channel runs the risk of being terminated. I too believed this myth for a few days. Then I thought it through and realized that the backlinks sites never verify whether the video really belongs to the person who’s using their service. (This post is on youtube myths)

If excess use of backlinks really could lead the account to termination, then your enemy party would have founded an easy way to ruin you. So the bottom line is that use of backlinks in any size can not be bad for a YouTube channel. Another of YouTube myths is busted just like that.

Learn how to use backlinks:

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