Get Subscribers On YouTube By Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

We’re going to tell you three things that you might be doing to make people not want to subscribe to your YouTube channel. These are the things we see people do all the time on YouTube that are keeping others from subscribing to their YouTube channels. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

Get Subscribers On YouTube through the subscribe button
You want this on your channel, right?

The reason why we’re making a blog post about this is because we see a lot of people on different places on the internet saying ‘Hey, I’m putting up all these videos. Why are people not subscribing to my channel? What are people not coming to my channel for?  Why are they not subscribing when they do come to my channel? What’s going on?’

Well, we’re going to answer that question. See if you’re guilty of any of these three things so you can fix them in order to get more subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

Mistake number 1: comment spamming

Right now between two of my YouTube channels, I have about 6k subscribers. Because of that I get a lot of comments and unfortunately in some of those people are saying things like ‘Hey, check out my video’, ‘Hey, nice video. Come check out my channel’, ‘Hey, this is a great video. Come check out my videos and let me know what you think’.

Now before we go any further I understand that people instruct other YouTubers and general YouTube users to leave comments and basically ask them to check out their channels. They say, ‘Hey, how do I get traffic to my YouTube videos?’. One of the solutions to this problem that is commonly spread out on YouTube is to leave comments. But here’s the thing: you’re doing it wrong!

If you really want to get people to your YouTube channel through comments, you have to leave good and thoughtful ones. You can’t just drop by and say, ‘Nice video’ and spam your channel/video and then get out of there. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

Why this is considered a mistake?

When someone does this to my channel, I instantly hide that user’s comments from my channel or mark those as spam. If a certain user gathers a lot of his/her comments marked as spam, they might simply lose their YouTube account being identified as a spammer. Spam comments are taken very seriously by YouTube authority. For your information, I lost my very best first YouTube channel due to comment spamming; only I did the spamming on my own channel. May be you know when you’re about to report a YouTube account/channel, you are asked to select comments by the user that could be considered as spam.

Now the reason why I flag spam comments on my channels or simply hide them is because I’m the person in charge to keep my channel environment neat and clean. In case many people start to allege to YouTube officials that a lot of spam comments have been allowed on my channel, I then might be at risk. YouTube might choose to terminate my account in that case. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

If you must use comments to gather traffic on your channel

If you want to leave comments, then leave constructive ones. You need to leave comments that engage in the conversation, that way you become an active participant on YouTube. And you have to say legitimate things about the video, you can’t just jump in there for the sake of leaving a link to your video. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

Remember that the link to your channel is your username. That is going to show up in every comment you leave. If people become interested upon seeing your comment or the kind of conversation you’re having, then they might come and check out your channel. As a side note, this is also where channel branding and things like that come into play. This is because if you have an attractive avatar, there’s a good chance that people might see that and get curious. They might then say, ‘Hey, what’s this? I’m going to click on this and see what’s going over here on this channel because they just left a thoughtful comment.’

Number 2: ‘Upload schedule’ is important to get subscribers on YouTube

Now I’m not pointing fingers on this one, because I’m guilty too. You know on my channel, I upload videos irregularly. Because of that I know I’m hurting my subscriber count and view count. I know I’m hurting my input into YouTube’s algorithm to send me more traffic, because I’m not hitting that dateline every single week. It’s hurting me and it’s hurting you too as a YouTuber.

The reason why I’m saying this is that I want you to get subscribers and views on your channel. In a nutshell, make sure that you upload on a regular basis so that people can count on your content coming out and more importantly so you can please YouTube’s algorithm. Because if you’re uploading on a regular basis, you’re bringing more people onto YouTube, more people watching your videos and they watch your videos on a more regular basis, which pleases Google’s and YouTube’s algorithms. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

Number 3: content

We have all heard it ‘content is king’. Every single video that you make, you have to make it in a proper way. May be you have a handful of subscribers. Still you have to create your video in such a way (with all the care) as if you have 10 thousand subscribers. That way you show that you care for your subscribers by making your content as good as you possibly can.

When people find you sincere, they’re going to stick around and subscribe. They’re going to leave comments and appreciate what you’re doing. And above all, they’re going to respect you as a video creator. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

So to sum up number 3, you have to think your content through. You have to make content that is good and shows your viewers that you care enough about them to put the effort in creating quality content for them.

By being devoted to your viewers you’re actually making them share your stuff, interact with you and send you emails describing how cool your content is. If you focus on creating quality content that helps people, then you will definitely overtime get subscribers and views to your YouTube videos. (This post is on how to get subscribers on youtube)

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