YouTube community guidelines appeal text: In case you got community strikes

As a YouTuber you need to know what you should write as YouTube community guidelines appeal text. This is because you might get a community strike any time no matter how innocent you are. YouTube’s automated system is report-based. So when a big portion of the viewers of a video report on it on a specific thing, YouTube’s system takes this into account. Then it may age-restrict or even remove the video from YouTube, based on severity of reports.

Another interesting thing is that the same video may get a community strike on one channel while it stays intact on another. The probability of a video catching a community strike depends on the views it gets. At primary stage, while it has very low number of views, it is not supposed to get any strike, even if most of the content isn’t appropriate. But when it starts to have a lot of views, the number of reports on it also may increase, hence the possibility of a strike develops.

YouTube community guidelines appeal text
YouTube might seem like a dark place when you get a community strike
A few samples OF YouTube community guidelines appeal text

There are actually a couple of ways to write YouTube community guidelines appeal text. One is as follows: “Some viewers have inappropriately flagged my video, that’s why it has been removed. But the thing is my video is no way in violation of community guidelines. So please reinstate my video ASAP”.

Or you could simply say “This video doesn’t violate YouTube’s community guidelines”. This single sentence worked for me at least twice. Yes, I too received community strikes a couple of times in my YouTubing career. I generally use the statement presented in the previous paragraph as YouTube community guidelines appeal text. But sometimes I run out of patience and don’t feel like writing much. That’s when I might use the single sentence. Surprisingly enough, it works.

It first worked on a video I was sure the community strike wouldn’t be removed from. But within just 24 hours of time the strike was lifted, only my video wasn’t monetized anymore. You could also use either of the above statements if any of your videos gets age-restricted which you think was a pure mistake.

My experiences on community guidelines strikes

My first ever YouTube channel never received community guidelines, although it had some inappropriate content. Let’s say, I was just lucky then; also YouTube’s rules and regulations weren’t enforced so crazily back then like the present time. The first time I received a community strike I had to lose my channel itself. It was not termed as ‘strike’ by YouTube, since they considered it as a severe violation and as a punishment simply terminated my channel.

In August 2016, I first received community strikes officially, that too two strikes in the same day. I remember I laid down on my bed for at least one hour after getting the second strike. I was sure that it was the doing of a Facebook group based on YouTubing. Indeed I had a few enemies in that, specially the admin. You may not know that there are groups out there who try to manipulate YouTube’s automated system.

When the admin of such a group passes a directive to the members to report a particular channel/video, they all do it and eventually take that down. What did you think there’s an appeal system on YouTube for? It exists so that YouTubers can appeal a video take-down if they think it was wrongfully done. However, when I first received those strikes I didn’t appeal at all, partly because I was very angry at YouTube’s automated system and out of my head and partly, I had another channel running successfully at that time. Also I wasn’t sure how to properly write the YouTube community guidelines appeal text.

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