Google AdSense forum: How effective and helpful is it? – Here’s my experiences regarding it.

Why and how i introduced this blog

Has this blog been useful to you in any way? If yes, then thank Google AdSense forum and YouTube forum first. This is because these are the places where I got my idea to introduce this blog. I visited those forums first a couple of times back in the month of January, 2017 and found that many people didn’t get satisfactory answer to their queries. I also found that I knew answers to many of their queries. So I decided to start a blog on YouTubing tips instead of answering their questions randomly on the forums.

The first few days I put links to my articles on the forum. But they marked it as spam and banned all my accounts that posted on the forums with links. Here ‘ban’ means they wouldn’t allow me to comment on forums anymore. Nevertheless I was still able to use other Google services. So my plan to help out the people on forums with their queries and simultaneously gather traffic on my blog went in vain.

The thing is that I never wished to be titled as a ‘top contributor’ or ‘expert’ on a forum. So I quit on those forums and SEO’d my articles and thus gained traffic. This is how the purpose of this blog was ultimately served. I have been able to provide people with accurate, authentic and to-the-point information regarding YouTubing and AdSense. (This blog-post is about Google AdSense forum)

Google forums might give you wrong information

Yeah, it’s true that you might get wrong and misleading information on google forums, even from the experts. For example, on Google YouTube forum, it was suggested that people who had their previous channel terminated, must use a new computer/device and a new internet connection with different ip. They even suggested to get rid of the old AdSense account to create a new one.

Well, the truth is none of these are necessary unless Google has banned your device id or internet ip. As far as I am concerned, Google is not likely to ban your device/ip for trivial reasons like YouTube account termination. If you commit a very serious crime or annoying thing (like the one I once did), only then they might do that. Check out the following article to know about my experiences regrading this sort of ban.

Youtube channel suspended repeatedly? Check if your device is banned.

If you have gone through this, you now know what a big crime I had committed so Google was obliged to punish me that severely. Although I was pretty confident that nothing would ever happen to me and continued the criminal activities. Well, now the question is, did you ever do this sort of criminal activities to Google? I hope not.

Let’s face it, putting misleading metadata and infringing someone else’s copyright aren’t crimes big enough for Google to ban your device and/or ip. They may at most terminate your YouTube account in those cases. But you’re always free to create new channels and continue with your YouTubing career. Now if you want to know the real facts about YouTube AdSense, you need to read the following blog-post:

YouTube AdSense: Things you should know about it as a youtuber

I have composed this article based on my own experiences and YouTubing activities. Indeed, a couple of my channels got terminated as well, yet I created new channels and used the already existing AdSense account for them. And I never had to face problems regarding that.

HOW these people became ‘experts’ and ‘top contributors’?

Now the question is if these people are prone to giving you wrong info on Google forums, then how the heck did they become ‘experts’ and ‘top contributors’ in the first place? Well, it’s not like that all the info they provide to the general forum users are wrong; in fact, most of them are actually correct. But 5%-10% of the total info and suggestions they offer are surely wrong, I say this from my personal experience. Recently I have seen that they’re still suggesting people to buy new PCs, take new internet connections and open new Adsense accounts. So the percentage ratio mentioned above is not less than 5%, that’s for sure.

Well, to err is human, so i like to pardon certain individuals for providing wrong info unknowingly. But there is something else that I can not forgive and forget about. It’s just that I have found some experts and top contributors on Google AdSense forum to be haughty and behaving improperly. There are some who seem to be determined to mislead people in one way or another.

For example many times people ask why their AdSense applications are still pending for the last 3/4 months. In most of the cases these people are bombarded with accusations, blames, rejections and disapprovals. They are often told that their blogs/sites aren’t suitable for AdSense and they will never get approved. But the irony is many of them at last have had their AdSense appeals approved. So they never forget the misbehavior and misleading suggestions they received on the forum in the first place. (This blog-post is about Google AdSense forum)

It’s time google took some measures

Although these so called experts and top contributors were elected for these positions based on general forum users’ votes and ratings, Google now must stress that they should never behave inappropriately. And they must not attempt in any way to have anyone dashed or disheartened; that’s surely a very bad practice. I for one, was once bullied and misbehaved on Google AdSense forum. They said I would never get approved by Google AdSense for this blog. Check out the conversation thread here.!msg/adsense/s3brjVc2rgo/KLRdSvDqAgAJ

A bully even went so far as to threaten to snatch away my domain name by saying that I mimicked to sound like, which was obviously a bluff. He even told me that he had reported my site to Google regarding this. If he really did it, then may be Google  didn’t pay any attention to his bogus complaint as always they have more important business  to handle. Also I was totally honest while choosing my domain name. If I preferred to be tricky, I could have chosen instead of the current name.  But I didn’t do that because I thought it was YouTubing tips I  was planning to base my blog on, so the name should simply be, unless of  course if no one had taken it already. 

No matter what some bullies might say, I finally received my ‘congratulations’ email from AdSense team. The thing is that the ‘experts’ and ‘top contributors’ are no one to judge whether or not your blog/site is eligible for AdSense (they’re not Google’s employees). They just say and opine whatever they feel like. Sometimes they may say the truth or the correct thing, other times they may choose to be haughty and hypocrite.

I can’t help thinking that some of them are actually jealous because they can’t create a nice blog/site like you and me. All they do is spend time on Google forums by lecturing and sometimes misleading and harassing people. It’s high time Google stopped such misbehaving on their forums and engage some really capable, professional minded and nice behaving people to help out the general users. (This blog-post is about Google AdSense forum)

My recent experience on google adsense forum

When my AdSense application was approved for my blog, I implemented the ad code into my site’s sidebar. But instead of real live ads all I could see was a grey stripe. It was like this for almost a week since I had received the approval letter and then I thought it was a technical issue so I should present it on AdSense forum and I did so. The first 16 hours there was nobody to care about me. Then an ‘expert’ came along and said that my application was still under review, so I had to hold on for a little while. (This blog-post is about Google AdSense forum)

I was okay with that, but he also added that it was highly unlikely for my blog to get approved finally for AdSense. I asked why that is, but he just turned silent once and for all. Then a ‘top contributor’ came and said that my blog was based on technical/youtube tips and sites like this are not approved by AdSense anymore, which is totally a crap. Here I put the link to the conversation:!msg/adsense/B6Mi5PSdqKM/7X-Hox6wBwAJ

The thing is that Google never mentioned they don’t take any more technical blogs into their AdSense program. It’s just another myth created by the so called ‘experts’ and ‘top contributors’ to pacify and ‘control’ the general forum users. Two months ago, I was already lectured on the same forum that I would never get approved for AdSense, but I just have proved them wrong now. Here’s my ‘congratulations’ mail from AdSense team:

mail pic to present on Google AdSense forum

For your information, my AdSense account was previously a ‘hosted’ one which I used for my YouTube channels, now it has been upgraded to full version.

what really might have happened in my case

Well, it’s a well-known fact that when Google says ‘it’ll take three days for us to review your application’, they may actually mean three months. This is because hundreds of thousands of applications are submitted to Google AdSense team every single week, so it’s natural that for proper scrutiny they might take a while before approving an application.

When I first applied for AdSense it took me two whole months to get a reply saying that ‘your site doesn’t have much content to be eligible for our program’. That’s when I changed the layout of my blog and added some new posts and then applied for AdSense again. This time I forgot to put the ad code into my site html; so they rejected again, but sent that mail within just a week. So I applied for a third time and received the ‘congratulations’ mail after three weeks.

In this mail, they told me live ads would be served on my site just within a few hours. I guess they actually meant a few days, may be a few weeks. But having no clue to that, I thought it was a technical issue and turned to Google AdSense forum only to be harassed again.  Had I known this was actually another delayed process of AdSense team (the employees), I would never turn to that forum and let myself down. So I cursed my decision to get embarrassed once again.

The AdSense team is taking this time probably to see how well their ads fit into my site. If nothing goes wrong seriously, I am supposed to receive the final confirmation mail soon. Then again I’m not sure whether or not they confirm users about this. One thing is for sure, when an AdSense application is fully approved, live ads are supposed to show without any further delay. (This blog-post is about Google AdSense forum)

However, from the looks of it, it is obvious that some of the so called ‘experts’ and ‘top contributors’ on Google AdSense forum are just jealous they can’t create nice content like you and me; so they just won’t stop being haters. Here’s a YouTube video that describes how your haters might behave towards you. Have a nice day!

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