Bulk edit YouTube videos: Save a lot of your time and labor

Do you need to edit YouTube videos on a massive scale after uploading them? Then just know there is a shortcut way to do that. It’s called ‘bulk-edit’. You can use this feature to put/change settings as category, common tags, comments approval, monetization etc. Nevertheless in order to edit other aspects of YouTube videos like cards, custom thumbnail, end screen etc, you have to click on each video’s ‘Edit’ option individually and then make the changes manually.

In fact, these aspects are not only sophisticated compared to the previously mentioned ones which are pretty much simple to bulk update, but they are also unsuitable for bulk edit. For example, you will not possibly use the same cards on many of your videos, right? Again, you’re not going to use the same thumbnail for many videos, let’s face it. Well, without any further intro, let’s now learn to use this amazing feature known as ‘bulk edit’.

Know the purpose of these check-boxes

You must have seen the following check-boxes while you were on your channel’s video manager. The purpose of them is to enable you to edit YouTube videos on a bulk/massive scale.

Check boxes before you bulk edit YouTube videos
Check boxes before you bulk edit YouTube videos

While doing bulk edit, you just need to check¬†the boxes next to the videos you’re willing to edit. Then you need to click on the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu. It will unfold and you’ll get to see many attributes/aspects of your YouTube videos. You can click on your desired property that you want to change for multiple videos. If you don’t see your desired aspect there, then click on ‘More actions’. This time you’ll definitely see that, just click on it.

The menu for bulk edit youtube videos
The menu for bulk edit youtube videos

Suppose I have selected two videos to bulk edit (as depicted in the above image). And the first property I’m going to set/change for them is ‘Category’. Since I think these videos are educational, so I select the category ‘Education’; you can choose according to your discretion and preference. Now I can hit the blue ‘Submit’ button and the process will start.

But wait, I want to add another ‘action’ here. This time I am going to set ‘Video language’ for those two videos. So I just need to click on ‘Add actions’ menu and choose my desired attribute. I remember these videos were described and lectured in English, so that’s what I selected. Now I could obviously add more actions, so could you. But for me it’s kind of done, so I would like to hit the ‘Submit’ button now.

Choose as many aspects as you like to bulk edit YouTube videos
Choose as many aspects as you like to bulk edit YouTube videos

Well, this is how you’re supposed to bulk edit YouTube videos of your channel. I have just shown the procedure in simplest manner, in your case it could involve many actions. No matter how complicated it might look, it’s surely going to save you a lot of time and labor.

One thing to note here is that if you mistakenly added an action, then you can get rid of it just by clicking on the minus(-) sign next to it.

What’s the biggest number allowed when it comes to bulk edit youtube videos?

Now there might be a question as to how many videos can be bulk edited like this at a time. The answer is ‘All of them’. Yes, you surely can bulk edit all the videos of your YouTube channel at a time. But in order to do that you have to check the box next to ‘Actions’ menu, instead of checking individual boxes. Once you do that all the videos on the page (where you’re at now) will be selected. For your information, a page of YouTube video manager can have highest 30 videos.

Well, once all the videos on the current page are selected, you’ll be given an option to ‘Select all your videos’. You can do that if you want to, by clicking on the link shown. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have 50 videos on your channel and ‘comments’ were simply allowed to publish on all of those. But once you started having some hate comments published automatically, you just got alerted. Now you want to allow only manually approved comments. In that case you could select all your videos and hence do the bulk edit.

Also you can choose as many aspects as you like to undergo change/update at a time. The thing is that if you choose to add too many actions at a single time, you might just get confused and bored. So I suggest to split this ‘updating’ job into few parts. Like, if you need to bulk update 15 aspects of a few videos, then you may choose to have 5 actions at each time.

Once you hit the ‘Submit’ button, it is going to take a little bit of time to have the process finished. The time it takes depends on how many videos and aspects you’ve chosen at a time.

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