Top 10 YouTube tips for the freshers

Ask the subscribers to press the ‘bell’ button

May be recently you have been acquiring a lot of subscribers, but your average views per day isn’t increasing proportionally. There could be many reasons behind it. One probable reason is that most of your subscribers haven’t pressed the bell button to get notifications from your channel. This button is found to the right of the ‘Subscribe’ button once a viewer subscribes to your channel. The bell button ensures that the subscriber gets notified once a new video has been uploaded on the channel. So asking the subscribers to press this button is surely one of great YouTube tips. You could do that at the beginning or the end of each video, even on live sessions/streaming.

Analyze ‘views by subscribers’

It is really important for your channel to get a lot of new subscribers each day, because YouTube takes into account views by subscribers. If they find that most views are done by people who didn’t subscribe to your channel, then you might be in trouble. This could mean a possible demotion for your channel. So the number of views per day and the revenue earned might also decrease. If you have a lot of views but viewers aren’t subscribing to your channel, then you have to find out why so. You might even upload a couple of videos on a different niche and observe the results of the change.

Treat your viewers as friends

This would be one of great YouTube tips to treat your viewers as your friends. If they make positive/constructive comments on your videos, be sure to respond to them. If the number of comments is really huge and it’s not possible for you to respond to all comments, then ‘Like’ some of those comments. These doings of yours put an impression on your viewers that you care for them.

‘Refurbish’ your old videos

This YouTube tips is for new YouTubers, who recently started to gain a lot of views. Since the videos you uploaded long ago didn’t get enough views, so you can re-upload them. You can do that through YouTube’s built-in video-editor ( or you can download them first and then re-upload. (Although the built-in editor will not be available after September 20, 2017.) Once the old video is properly re-published, be sure to delete that, or your channel might be flagged as to publish same videos over and over.

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Let your viewers know when you’re gonna publish your next video

You must have noticed that every TV channel has a specific schedule, which they maintain strictly. This way the viewers know when to come back to the channel to watch their favorite shows. The same way, as a YouTuber you should tell your viewers at the end of each video when the next will be published. (You could do that at any point of your current video as well.) This will create interest in their mind for your next video and you’ll be benefited. You could let them know this information on a banner on your video at certain instant, or you could tell them that orally.

Improving communication skills: one of great YouTube tips

The way you speak to your viewers, or the way your video is presented to them means a lot. There’s a saying that ‘First impression is the last impression’. When you have a new viewer, it is highly probable that they will quit on you in the very first minute unless you have a good communication skill and are confident enough. Not only that they will also think ‘this is a bogus channel’. So try to improve your communication skills and gather confidence in your mind and body-language.

Voice clarity of your videos

You should know that the voice-clarity of your videos means a lot. And the picture quality is also important. If the voice/sound is not clear and there is a lot of noise in the video, then viewers get easily irritated and they quit your video sooner; no matter how much value it might have within. So it would be one of great YouTube tips to advise you to use gadgets that can record good quality video/audio.

Try to make short videos

As a new YouTuber you should make videos which aren’t lengthy. Try to keep the video-duration within 5-6 minutes. Because study and statistics have shown that the average watch-time for most YouTube videos is 2-3 minutes. (That’s why when a channel has recent average watch-time greater than 2 minutes, it is likely to become viral.) Short duration is preferred because YouTube takes into account average percentage watch-time of your channel. One thing to note here is that your channel’s revenue is kind of proportional to its average watch-time. That’s why don’t make many videos with very short duration (like 2-3 minutes).

Don’t miss any trending topic

No matter what might be the niche of your YouTube channel, you should never miss a trending topic. This is specially applicable for ‘tech’ channels. You surely remember, a few months ago many YouTube channels got terminated in a very short span of time. Also many channels lost their monetization. So had you made a video at that time describing how to get those channels or the monetization back, people surely would have appreciated your video very much. So ‘Not missing’ any trending topic would be one of great YouTube tips.

Make sure audience retention graph remains straight or ascending

When you go to your channel’s analytics page with url,fe=17414,fr=lw-001,fs=17387;fc=0,fcr=0,r=retention, you get to see the audience retention graph for the last 28 days. Try to make sure this graph is always ascending, or at least straight. An ascending retention graph is likely to fetch you even more viewers and subscribers.

If your audience retention graph becomes descending at any point, then you should realize that there is something wrong with your videos’ content or niche. So you should try another niche or another sort of content then. In order to have an ascending or straight graph, you should emphasize on quality content of your channel.

Keeping the audience retention graph ascending is one of great YouTube tips

Extra YouTube tips for tech YouTubers: Do products/gadgets review

You should know that gadgets review is a very popular topic/niche when it comes to YouTubing. These videos are more likely to be viral. At beginning level, you should review cheap/budget-friendly gadgets which you may buy on your own. Once your channel becomes popular, companies will gift you these gadgets. There are multiple benefits of this sort of reviews/videos. First of all, you get free products/gadgets. Secondly, you are actually marketing on those companies’ behalf. So they will pay you for this service. The revenue will increase with number of views/subscribers.

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