YouTube analytics: Dig into the details of your channel

What are YouTube analytics?

In simple terms, analytics are the details and numbers of a website. A YouTube channel can be considered as a website from a logical point of view (just visit the homepage of a channel and look at the url). So your YouTube channel can be described in terms of numbers; like how many subscribers it has, the total number of views, which videos are getting more views, average watch time etc. Obvious as it is, analytics of a website or a YouTube channel are always changing. These data are sometimes ascending and other times are descending. If they are going down all of a sudden, then you have to find out the reason behind this.

If you never followed these data, you would never know whether or not your channel is going down. Then the only way you could know about this is your reduced AdSense earnings on a particular month. Frankly, when I first started YouTubing, I didn’t know anything about analytics for the first few months. But I was lucky, my channel only ascended in that period of time. Once I learned to observe these data, I could track the ups and downs of my channel.

Channel Dashboard: the gateway to YouTube analytics

Most new YouTubers only know how to upload videos, they don’t have a clue to what YouTube analytics are. The very first time they get to see some numbers on their channel, is through their channel dashboard. When they have uploaded a couple of videos which start to get views, they see a few numbers on the ‘Dashboard’ page of their channel. These numbers tend to increase on a daily basis and are accompanied by graphs. In most cases, the graphs are zigzag; which indicates that the numbers don’t increase steadily. Sometimes they increase, sometimes decrease. Even if the numbers increase only, the increment is not the same every day.

Part of YouTube dashboard shows analytics for the last 28 days
Part of YouTube dashboard shows analytics for the last 28 days

The above image shows part of a YouTube channel’s dashboard which is the summary of analytics for the last 28 days. It is obvious from the graphs that for a long period (almost 15-16 days) the condition of the channel only deteriorated. And then suddenly it seems to recover. So through the analysis of your dashboard or analytics page, if you realize that your channel is going down, then you can attempt to stop such decline.  That’s why analytics are so important to run a YouTube channel successfully.

Here we need to clarify the ambiguity the dashboard data creates for most new YouTubers. As you can see in the above image that views have values of 64k and 35k, which are different from each other. Well, 35k means the number of views the channel got in last 28 days; whereas 64k means the total number of views the channel got since it’s inception.

Dashboard leads to analytics page

At the lower end of this demo-analytics presentation known as dashboard, lies the blue link ‘View all’. You need to click on that to see the full-fledged analytics of your channel. The page with url where you arrive on shows these data for the last 28 days by default. Well, you can see your channel analytics for any time-frame, except for today and yesterday. Because it takes a little bit of time for the YouTube officials to process and verify a day’s data for a YouTube account and then to put it for display. In order to have analytics for any time-frame of your choice, you need to go to the upper-right corner of the screen and then select one from a drop-down list.

Select a time-frame to observe the analytics of your channel
Select a time-frame to observe the analytics of your channel

Upon selection, you get to see four main sections in the upper-middle portion of the page, namely: Watch time, Views, Average view duration and Your estimated revenue. Each section are summarized by a number and a graph. If you want to see the details of any section, you need to click on it; you’ll be directed to that specific page. Below these prominent four sections are a few small sections which depict how many Likes, Dislikes, Comments, Shares, Videos in playlists and Subscribers you got in your selected time-period.

Top 10 videos are listed with varying earnings on them

Below the sections and subsections mentioned above are listed top 10 videos of your chosen time-frame. They are ranked on the basis of watch time. So between two videos the one with higher watch time will be placed higher. But the irony is that a top video may not have earned more compared to a lower-ranking video. That’s why it is often seen that a video has acquired a lot of views and watch time, but the earnings on it is very little to zero; whereas an average video has earned handsome amount for you compared to the previous one.

The probable reasons for this are content and selection by advertisers. If the content of a video is not advertiser friendly, then it may not earn you any money, no matter how many views and watch time it has accumulated. Also the advertisers may not select all your videos to put ads on, even if all of them have good content and are advertiser-friendly. Here’s an article for you detailing how you can make your YouTube videos advertiser friendly:

Make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly

The top 10 videos’ list shows every piece of data both in actual figure and percentage. This clearly demonstrates how much importance google/youtube puts on percentage values when it comes to analytics and ranking. That’s why it is better to upload 5-minutes videos onto your channel instead of 10-minutes videos, if you knew for sure that your average watch time would remain within 3-4 minutes. Here’s the link to an article of this blog which describes the importance of percentage watch time in the context of your YouTube channel’s ranking and growth.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

Top geographies of viewers on a channel

Your Youtube videos are watched by people from around the world, unless its content is based on a language and/or culture that is too much localized. If your videos are above average standard, they are supposed to get viewers and subscribers from every corner of the globe. This is more applicable for videos described in English. Previously it was said that most YouTube viewers were from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. That is, people from these two countries watched YouTube videos more than any other country. But in the last couple of years this scenario entirely changed.

Upon finding about the success and earnings of YouTubers more people are being interested in this profession day by day, specially from developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. While they create contents, they also stay updated about their fellow YouTubers’ and competitor’s activities. Thus they become bound to watch others’ videos, interested or not. This practice makes them kind of addicted to YouTube gradually. There are people now who watch YouTube videos, not because they are bound to, but because they feel interested and entertained. However the top geographies of a channel are depicted in percentage on YouTube analytics page.

Top geographies depicted in percentage on YouTube analytics page
Top geographies depicted in percentage on YouTube analytics page

Traffic sources: Where your videos are being watched

As you can see in the above pic, most views of the channel under consideration are from suggestions on YouTube’s watch-page and homepage. This is applicable for all channels that are not new anymore. The homepage suggestions are often referred as ‘Features’. That means when your videos are suggested by YouTube on a viewer’s YouTube homepage on their browser, then those videos are said to be featured by YouTube.

Second biggest traffic source is external websites, like social media platforms as facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Your YouTube videos might be embedded on other websites as well. People watching your videos on those websites and social medias are said to generate traffic for your channel which is termed as ‘External’. While your channel is still new, you might get most of your traffic from this particular source.

Now there might be a question as to what mean ‘Direct or unknown’. Someone watching your videos on your channel’s homepage or videos page creates traffic that is said to be ‘Direct’. Again, someone watching your videos from their browser’s history creates ‘Direct’ traffic for you. Apart from top geographies and traffic sources, another aspect to note here is the analytics of gender distribution among viewers. In all my channels, I have seen almost 94% male and the rest 6% female viewers. Nevertheless the percentage of female viewers might be a lot greater than 6%, if the majority of the traffic comes from developed counties like US, UK, Canada etc.

Gender and Playback locations of YouTube analytics page
Gender and Playback locations of YouTube analytics page

Also let’s analyze ‘Playback locations’ a little bit. Wherever viewers might have clicked on your videos (YouTube’s homepage/watch-page or channel’s homepage/videos-page/playlists-page), in 95% to 98% of the cases, they’ll be played back on YouTube watch page. In some rare cases (2%-5%) the videos will be played back on external websites and apps. Also the videos that are featured to new visitors on channel’s homepage are played back on nowhere else but the homepage itself. The percentage amount of these views is negligible compared to total views of the channel.

Average watch duration or audience retention in details

You surely remember about ‘average view duration’ which was mentioned earlier and described a little. Now let’s scrutinize this particular section for a channel. When you click on the ‘average view duration’ section of YouTube analytics page, you’re directed to another detailed page, where the graph might look somewhat like below:

Average view duration graph of YouTube analytics
Average view duration graph of YouTube analytics

As obvious from the above image, the channel’s condition is not exactly good, it’s kind of struggling. With an average watch duration of 56 seconds, this channel is not likely to grow and shine in near future. The most important fact is that the duration is not increasing either, it’s pretty much stuck near a steady value, or even degrading. If your channel’s condition is like this, then you have to take some drastic measures. The number one thing that you should try is uploading different sort of content. Like you can try tutorial or life hack videos, if you previously were uploading only funny videos. Surely you can upload videos based on multiple niches onto your channel and this practice isn’t going to harm the channel in any way.

The next things you should emphasize on are SEO and sharing of your YouTube videos. If your videos’ SEO scores are good, they are likely to be found by many new viewers and potential subscribers. And you have to constantly upload new videos and share them on different platforms as well. People who don’t upload regularly may lose views and watch time in a great scale. Regular upload doesn’t necessarily mean daily uploads; you can upload a video every alternate day, no problem. But the thing is that you should upload at least two videos per day while your channel is still new or struggling to sustain in a competition with others’ new channels. Once your channel is fairly established, you don’t need to share your newly uploaded or old videos on social media platforms, nor you need to upload on a strictly regular basis.

Google plus to promote youtube marketing and earnings

When you create a primary or brand google account, the associated google plus account doesn’t come automatically, you have to request for it. Although this is exactly not a request, you just have to manually join google plus, that’s all. Just type “” in your browser’s address-bar while you’re logged into your particular google id. You’ll get to see the ‘Join google+’ (‘Enable google+’ in case of brand accounts) link on the upper-left corner of the screen, you need to click on there.

Click on the 'Join google+' link to join google plus
Click on the ‘Join Google+’ link to join google plus

In case you’re joining google plus from a brand account, you’ll see the following notice/cautions. By reading them you easily know what they mean, so you just need to hit the confirmation button.

A few warning-like declarations when you're about to join a brand google plus account
A few warning-like declarations when you’re about to join a brand google plus account

Now you’ll be prompt to do something about your google plus name (in the meantime you may want to go through the policies and terms of use for google+). You can keep the original name (the one you provided while creating the google account or the latest one if you made any changes in that) or choose a new one. Remember that the name you choose on your google plus profile will be reflected on your entire google account. This could be a problem in case of a personal google account. For example, if your name is ‘Great Channel’ on your personal/primary account, then the mail receivers from you will know you by that freaky(?) name. Can you accept it?

If you can, fine; go ahead, choose whatever name that suits you for your personal or brand google plus account. Here you also need to enter your gender and birthday (like ‘September 29’). Upon entering these three information, you need to hit the ‘Create profile’ button below, your google plus account will be created. In the next step you’ll be prompt to choose your avatar or profile pic. You can keep your previous one (the one you selected as your channel’s profile pic). You can also choose a new one by changing the previous one with an already uploaded pic or by uploading a new pic from your device. Again remember this profile pic will be reflected on your entire google account; so a little bit of deliberation is required before you make any changes here.

Want to receive notifications from your google plus id?

When you have created your google plus profile for your particular primary/brand google account, you’ll see the following prompt. You need to choose ‘Turn on’ if you want to see what others comment on your google plus posts. For your information, youtube comments are powered by google plus. So even if your viewers keep commenting on your youtube videos, you may not properly see these comments, unless you have a google plus profile associated with that channel.

You may choose to turn on notifications from your google plus account
You may choose to ‘turn on’ notifications from your google plus profile

Apart from this, there are other advantages of having a google plus profile connected as well. For instance, you can promote your youtube videos and channel through the proper use of google plus. If you are a new youtuber, you surely publish/share your videos on facebook and twitter, don’t you? Well, you can use your google plus profile for the same purpose, although the number of google+ users is far less than that of facebook.

Posting a youtube video on your google plus profile

I hope you somehow will learn to manually post a youtube video on google+. In order to do that, you need to be on the ‘Home’ of your profile; so be sure to click on the ‘Home’ tab (which would be on the left-side of the screen), in case you’re not already there. Right after creating your google plus profile, you’re on the ‘Discover’ tab by default.

The interesting (actually NOT so interesting) thing is that when you click on the ‘Home’ tab for the first time and are Home, a colorful big square covers the screen with a ‘Continue’ sign which prompts you to get back to ‘Discover’ tab again. I just don’t understand why this happens. If this is a programming mistake by Google, then I hope they will fix it in their next version.

Surely you need to be on your google plus ‘Home’ to manually post/share a youtube video. Just remember that it has a url, so it’s kind of a link; hence be sure to use the ‘shackle/chain’ thing to post a youtube video; which is depicted in the following image.

Always use the 'link' option to post a youtube video on google plus
Always use the ‘link’ option to post a youtube video on google plus

Using Google+ to share a video right after publishing or at a certain schedule

Did you know that you could manually share a youtube video on your google+ profile right after publishing it, without having to open the profile first? Well, you can certainly do that even if you had not chosen automatic sharing of your YouTube videos on Google+ at the instant of publishing. Once the uploading, processing and metadata setting of your video is done, you can publish it right away. If you do that on the ‘upload’ page itself, you’ll see a couple of social media buttons now to conveniently share your video. It will look kind of like below.

Click on the google plus icon to share your recently published video
Click on the google plus icon to share your latest youtube video

Upon clicking on the google+ icon, the following dialogue box will appear. You can type in a few words as to why and what you are sharing. And then click on the blue ‘POST’ button, your video will be shared on google plus just like that.

How many times have you shared a youtube video on your google plus account?
How many times have you shared a youtube video on your google plus account?

Instead of publishing right away you can schedule your youtube video to publish at a later time. When you do that, be sure that the time and date are correct on your device (PC/mobile) that you’re using to schedule the video. Also YouTube needs to show the correct time-zone for your location. If the time-zone is not correct on YouTube on your browser, your video could be published at a wrong time even if you thought you chose a correct timing.

Take the following screenshot for example. My time-zone is GMT+ 0600, so you should realize where I am now physically. Anyway I have scheduled this particular video to publish at 9:00PM on September 30. I also have checked the boxes next to twitter and google+ icons, so that upon publishing the video will be automatically shared/posted on these two platforms. Well, automatic publishing of YouTube videos is not allowed on facebook yet. And in order to do that on twitter you first have to authorize this activity through your twitter account. One other thing: you’ll get to see the google plus icon here only if you already created a google+ profile to associate with your particular youtube channel.

Scheduled publishing of youtube videos and their automatic sharing on google plus and twitter
Scheduled publishing of youtube videos and their automatic sharing on google plus and twitter

Like to share a youtube video while/after watching? Use google plus

When you hit the ‘Like’ button while watching a video on youtube’s watch-page, you’re prompted to share it as well on social networking platforms. You can choose facebook, twitter, google+ or any other of your accounts. If you like to share it on google plus, then you got to have an account of your own. So creating a Google+ profile might just be a good idea, whether you’re a youtuber or not.

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Use another gmail to manage y0utube brand channel

If you want to manage your y0utube brand channel under another gmail, it’s possible. You’ll just have to connect the channel with that particular gmail id, that’s all. There are two ways of doing it; one through y0utube channel itself, another through the associated google+ account.

Advantages of connecting a y0utube brand channel with another gmail

If your y0utube channel is a brand account, then you should associate it with another gmail. Because, God forbids, should your primary channel/account ever get terminated, you may lose access to your brand channel as well, unless it is already associated with another gmail.

When my first primary y0utube channel was terminated back in March 2016, I lost access to the associated brand account which I designed as a ‘ghost stories/paranormal activities’ channel. I uploaded a couple of videos onto that and it just started to gain views. Then all of a sudden this unexpected incident (termination) happened and I was dumbstruck. Later I found a way to associate that brand channel with another gmail in order to manage it; because once you lose access to y0utube under a particular google/gmail account, you can no longer use that gmail to manage any brand channels associated. This type of thing happens when your primary/personal channel is terminated. To know more details about the difference between primary and brand channels click on the following link.

YouTube money: What it is and how to earn it

How to add or remove managers of your y0utube channel

Here the word ‘managers’ doesn’t necessarily mean different people only. It could be different people (like you and your close friend) or different gmails owned by the same person (you). In order to add or remove such managers you need to click on the channel icon which would be in the upper-right corner of the screen while you’re on any page of your channel. When the popup menu appears, just click on the gear icon on it, you’ll be directed to your channel’s account page with url

The popup menu that appears when you click on y0utube channel icon
The popup menu that appears when you click on your channel icon

Now click on the blue ‘Add or remove managers’ link which you’ll get to see in almost the middle of the page. You’ll arrive on a page which doesn’t actually belong to y0utube, but to your google account in general.

The google account page where you can 'manage permissions' to access your brand y0utube account
The google account page where you can ‘manage permissions’ to access your brand account(s)

Now you need to click on the big blue ‘MANAGE PERMISSIONS’ button, upon doing so a dialogue box will appear which will show your personal/primary y0utube account (which is yourself) as the primary owner. So now it’s time to assign another owner (which could most certainly be another of your gmails). To do that, you just need to click on the ‘+’ sign which would be in the upper-right corner of the dialogue box (this sign is followed by a ‘human/person’ symbol).

Upon doing that a submission(input) box will appear where you have to type either the secondary owner’s name or their gmail address. I prefer to type gmail id in this case, because these are more precise (totally different from one another). Also you need to assign them a role as owner, manager or communications manager. If the secondary gmail belongs to you, then you can assign it as ‘owner’. Be sure to choose a very faithful and trusted person to assign this particular position; just remember that one owner can cancel out another owner. If you assign one of your friends as ‘manager’, then they will most possibly be able to do all the things that you’re capable to do except for deleting the channel or assigning another owner/manager.

Whatever, after typing the gmail and assigning the role hit the ‘Invite’ button. You’ll see that gmail-holder as ‘Invited, owner’. They will have to accept your invitation, otherwise the process will not be completed. If it’s you who is accepting your own invitation, or someone else’s; then go to your particular gmail account. Open the mail containing the invitation and accept it. When you click on the big blue ‘Accept’ button, you’ll be directed to a google account page where you’ll have to press on the ‘Accept’ button once again. This page will show who’s (with what gmail id) inviting you to manage what brand account as which role.

When the assignment is complete

Now there might be a question as to how you know whether the role assignment process is complete. When the invited person (you or your close friend) has accepted the invitation, you’ll receive a mail on your gmail confirming that. Also when y0utube will be accessed from the other gmail id, your brand channel will show on the list of the popup menu which appears upon clicking on the channel icon. Now it will be possible to switch between that brand channel and any other brand/primary channel, as expected.

How to assign another gmail to manage a y0utube brand channel when the primary one is already terminated

Now this becomes a great problem for many YouTubers when their primary channel is terminated and brand channel is intact. Since their y0utube access is denied, so there’s no way they could manage that brand channel using that gmail. Well, there is a remedy to their problem; they could now assign that channel to another gmail/google account. In order to do so they’ll just have to go through the following steps.

First visit this link with url at the lower portion of the page while you’re logged into the Google account which has its primary y0utube channel suspended. You’ll get to see your brand accounts. Now click on the right-facing arrow associated with your desired brand account.

Assigning another gmail to manage a y0utube brand channel
Assigning another gmail to manage a brand account when the primary y0utube account is terminated

You’ll arrive on the google page where you can assign new people/gmails to take care of your y0utube brand account, the page with the big blue ‘MANAGE PERMISSIONS’ button. And you know the rest (what to do) unless you haven’t gone through the above paragraphs carefully.

There’s most probably another (a third) way to assign the brand account a new gmail id, it’s through the associated google+ page. Once I went through this procedure for one of my brand channels whose primary channel had already been terminated. But the process I just showed here is meant to be easier, so I prefer not to describe the ‘google+’ procedure. Nevertheless you could try that and let me know whether you were successful in doing that, in the comments box.

Copyright infringement claim system on YouTube: NOT perfect

I am writing this article from my experience on YouTube’s weird copyright infringement claim system. To be totally honest, I’m not quite sure whether it is still weird, because I didn’t have to go through any copyright infringement claim procedure the last couple of months. But it was weird at least back in 2016 while I had to deal with this system a few times and gathered some bitter experience.

Why YouTube’s copyright infringement claim system is weird

As a new YouTuber I didn’t know how YouTube’s copyright infringement claim system worked. I thought that YouTube’s copyright system was flawless; if I didn’t steal anybody’s content, I would not have to suffer – which was surely far from true. You could get copyright infringement notice and strikes even if you uploaded your own content. Let me now explain how’s that.

Suppose someone reuploaded one of your YouTube videos on their channel. And then for some reason you deleted that video from your channel and reuploaded it – like what many new YouTubers do. As a result of your actions, you may now get a copyright strike from that individual who stole your video in the first place, because their video is older than yours in regards of time. So if they choose to file a copyright infringement claim on you, YouTube authority will just consider the fact that you uploaded the video later, so you must have STOLEN it from their channel.

Experience gathered when I was a new YouTuber

I was a victim of this weird system back in August 2016. Earlier I imposed copyright infringement claim on many channels for stealing my content. As a result a certain individual was very much angry with me because of my actions and he decided to manipulate the copyright infringement system of YouTube against me. He first stole one of my YouTube videos and waited a while for me to reupload that on my channel.  And when I did that for some reason, he imposed a copyright strike on my channel – which was surely out of the blue for me.

I was dumbstruck indeed, but that’s when I just came to realize how YouTube’s copyright infringement system actually worked. For a few months (September-October 2016) while I didn’t have enough business (earnings) on YouTube, as a favorite pastime I just played with many innocent YouTubers based on this weird system. Don’t blame it on me now, the blame is on YouTube itself. To know more details about what I exactly did, go through the following article.

Youtube channel suspended repeatedly? Check if your device is banned.

Counter notification is stronger than original copyright claim

Suppose you just found someone copied your YouTube creation and you submitted a copyright infringement claim to take that video down and thus imposed a copyright strike on their channel. Wait, DON’T just be so overjoyed yet; cause that person has the freedom to send you counter notification of copyright. And if you’re unable to manage legal document (court order) to restrain that YouTube user from uploading the video within 15 business days, then taken-down video might be reinstated.

This is surely a tricky way to go around for genuine YouTube creators. Because in most countries it is very difficult to manage a legal document like that (which applies for some online content! The judge might be quite astonished to hear about that – seriously). And the culprit who reuploaded your YouTube video in the first place, may decide to provide wrong info in the counter notification. When someone claims that they reside in some other country apart from mine, it becomes impossible for me to manage those documents and YouTube doesn’t even bother to verify their actual location. I am saying this because once a culprit got away like that after stealing my content and the only thing I could do was to keep his video down only for a couple of days.

Well, If you are a company that creates and publishes videos of their own, there is certain thing you can do; you can apply for content id. This way anyone copying your YouTube creation (visual and audio) will be automatically detected and you sure will have an upper-hand in the copyright notification process, although this is disputable. Let me explain how.

How I became a victim of a wrong copyright infringement claim (content id match)

Let me share with you my recent experience which will make the idea crystal clear to you. Recently I used my TV set top box to record a program which rightfully belongs to BTV, my country’s public television station. They don’t have a channel on YouTube, nor they reserve any of their copyrights strictly. That’s why unlike all private TV channels, it is super easy to steal BTV’s content; they will never send a copyright infringement notice in any way – that’s for sure. That’s why many YouTubers from my country have been stealing BTV’s contents for quite a long time now, without having to face any legal actions. I, for one, never stole BTV’s content until recently.

There was a program on BTV on the occasion of Eid which was too mouth-watering for me, I just couldn’t hold the temptation. I recorded that using my TV set top box and uploaded on my ‘experimental’ channel (I run this channel only to stay updated on latest YouTubing trends). Within 48 hours of time, I just had a copyright notice (content id match) from certain channel. Well the thing is that this content could no way belong to them, because it is rightfully BTV’s. I came to see that this particular channel illegally uploaded not only BTV’s contents, but other private TV channels’ contents as well and they are still getting away with that.

The steps I followed to file a dispute

Well, I might be an occasional content-thief, but one thing is for sure – I didn’t download it from their YouTube channel and it didn’t legally belong to them either. So I have decided to file a dispute on that, here’s how I’m going to proceed. While I’m on video manager, I click on the blue link that reads ‘includes copyrighted content’.

signs indicating copyright infringement on your video
signs indicating copyright infringement on your video

Then I reach a page where I have to choose one option out of a few given. I chose ‘The content is in the public domain or is not eligible for copyright protection’, because this option best describes my case.

You must choose your particular case why you think you haven't copyright infringement on your video
You must choose your particular case why you think you haven’t copyright infringement on your video

After I hit the blue ‘Continue’ button, I have to go through the following confession:

You must acknowledge what you are about to do in the counter copyright infringement process
You must acknowledge what you are about to do in the counter copyright infringement process

Then I have to explain in my own words why I think I haven’t violated anyone’s copyright and how I have uploaded the content rightfully. It’s on the next page. I put the following explanation (just for you to see/observe, should you ever have to go through this process).

“The YouTube channel which claims the copyright has uploaded the video wrongfully in the first place. This video is a property of BTV, the state-owned television station of my country and they don’t protect their contents with copyright. So I have the same right to upload this video as them.”

A few words on content id

Content id is one way to detect whether or not someone is uploading your content on YouTube. If someone has, then there are a few options for you to choose from: (1) you can block  the content on their channel so that people won’t be able to view it from there (2) you can let the video play on their channel while you get partial/full revenue from that video. In order to create cover songs and videos like these, if someone takes your content and mixes with their own, you get partial (probably half of the) payment. If your whole video was simply reuploaded by them, then you get the full revenue/payment.

Be careful while submitting a copyright infringement claim

In case you’re not a company and don’t have ‘content id’ service activated for your YouTube channel, you have to manually find any probable copyright infringement of your contents. If you found any such, you may choose to submit a video takedown notice to the uploader via YouTube. The whole process is described neatly in the following article. But you need to be careful while doing that. If YouTube authority suspects that this copyright claim of yours is fraudulent in any way (like the content doesn’t really belong to you, or you have provided wrong info even if the video is rightfully yours), then they will not process the request.

You may now readYoutube copyright claim: Learn how to do that

They will then tell you to either send them further proof and basis on your copyright claim, or retract that. If you still choose to proceed when it seems like a ‘bluff’ to YouTube authority, they might decide to terminate your channel/account as a punishment; so that as a YouTuber you never dare to do that (‘apparently’ false copyright claim) again. This is also meant to be exemplary for other YouTubers. So my suggestions is that when you receive the mail from YouTube saying that they’re suspecting you of having submitted fraudulent copyright claim, you should immediately retract that claim instead of proceeding further. That way you could at least save your channel.

My ‘NOT so cool’ experience regarding this

Now once again I’m going to share with you guys another experience of my YouTubing career which states why I think YouTube’s copyright infringement claim system is far from being perfect. The thing is that once I submitted a copyright claim against one channel. The next day I received a mail from YouTube like the one stated above. I was confident that I should proceed as it was solely my content; I had previously created it. But when I showed my confidence with some further explanation, it was not received cordially by YouTube authority, they rather decided to terminate my channel once and for all. The bottom line is that – my content was stolen and I didn’t get compensated, on the contrary they simply took actions against me, how rude!

Original content creators, beware!

One grave problem for YouTube content creators is that once they have their channel terminated, they may not file a copyright notice to people who wrongfully re-uploaded/used their contents. Suppose one of your YouTube videos was reuploaded by certain individual on their channel on September 20. Then for some reason your own channel got terminated on September 21 and you created a new one on September 22.

You then uploaded all your videos that were on your previous channel. The irony is that although you’re the rightful owner of your videos, still you now can’t send video takedown notice to that individual any more. On the contrary, they can send you this if they want to; since according to YouTube their online video was uploaded earlier than yours. Now don’t just pull at your hair and get your head overheated by thinking these awful facts; considering me, who for one, had to go through this horrible situation himself.

Make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly

Turning the green $ sign into yellow?

Many YouTubers lately are alleging that the green $ sign next to many of their YouTube videos have started to turn yellow. They’re wondering as to why’s that, since they think their videos are quite YouTube advertiser friendly. Well the thing is that there is surely something wrong with those videos, that’s why it’s happening so. They just have to figure out where the problem lies for each of those videos, that’s all.

yellow $ sign indicates video NOT YouTube advertiser friendly
The yellow $ sign that terrorizes many YouTubers now-a-days

Well, according to YouTube only a few ads might be shown on those videos; where the reality is that no ads will be shown on those, since many videos with green $ sign aren’t getting enough ads now-a-days. It’s because hundreds of thousands of new YouTube channels have come into existence lately and most of them have been approved for monetization as well. Like you and me, many people are now looking forward to earning some money on YouTube. So as a competitive YouTuber you must not leave any of your videos with yellow $ (demonetized) and let your channel ruin. That’s why you need to know how to make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly again. But first things first, come to know why green $ signs are turning yellow in the first place.

Why YouTube would demonetize your videos

Your YouTube videos were monetized so that ads could be shown beside them and viewers are supposed to click on these ads to view the advertisers’ websites and make some purchase of their products/services. Thus YouTube videos are a great way for advertisers to promote their business. But to serve that purpose these videos have to be YouTube advertiser friendly. It means that while watching those videos the viewers must not be in a bad mood. In other words, videos which tend to ruin many viewers’ mode while viewing are termed as NOT YouTube advertiser friendly.

Suppose a viewer is watching a YouTube video which has some violence or hate speech inside it and s/he gets agitated/angry. If any ads show up at a time like this, the respective company’s brand-image may be ruined to that person. Even if s/he previously liked the company and its products/services, they may not like it any more after this incident. So this sort of thing could prove to be even harmful for business organizations instead of doing them any good.

This very scenario stated above has ruined many companies’ image in past times, specially in 2016, so advertisers can’t afford it anymore. That’s why they have put pressure on YouTube to get rid of this situation. YouTube too decided to get rid of these videos and channels, so they terminated many channels a few months back. And the ‘termination spree’ is still continuing, although lately YouTube adopted a new policy: STOP serving ads on videos which are not YouTube advertiser friendly instead of terminating the channels. When they find videos that are not suitable for ads-showing, they mark them with yellow $ sign. YouTube mainly depends on viewers’ reports to decide whether or not a video is YouTube advertiser friendly.

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Which videos are NOT YouTube advertiser friendly?

YouTube videos that have sensitive and/or controversial content within them are flagged as NOT YouTube advertiser friendly. So as a creator/YouTuber you have to make sure that your videos don’t have such content. Be very careful if your videos are about news and views.

Suppose you published a video on your channel that speaks against Donald Trump, you being a strong supporter of the Democrats. Although this video may entertain many Democrat-supporters as you, it might ruin any Republican supporter’s mood as well. These people then may decide to report your video as inappropriate, they’ll opine that your video contains hate speech. YouTube’s automated system then takes these reports into account and may demonetize your video, that’s when the green $ sign turns yellow/black.

If a few reports are submitted, then it will turn yellow. If a lot of reports are submitted, then it may turn black. A huge number of such reports may even remove your video from YouTube as inappropriate content and impose a community strike on your channel. In a situation like this, you may even lose your channel (being terminated) out of the blue. So you need to keep in mind the factors which make your YouTube videos NOT YouTube advertiser friendly.

Your videos have to be YouTube advertiser friendly
YouTube now-a-days is a great way of earning money online, isn’t it?

Things you need to remember while making a video

While creating a YouTube video based on politics or religion, make sure it doesn’t have any content that is too much sensitive/controversial. Also you should avoid uploading videos that have violence, sexual and harmful content. Suppose you posted a video that shows how to perform a dangerous stunt. This may encourage many youngsters to try the same and get them in danger eventually. So videos that have this sort of content will be easily flagged as inappropriate, leading to NOT YouTube advertiser friendly. The same thing is applicable for videos that teach how to hack or something immoral.

In brief, to make your videos YouTube advertiser friendly, you have to strictly follow YouTube’s community guidelines. Violating those may not only deprive your YouTube videos from getting ads and revenue, but could lead your channel to termination as well. If you must create a video that shows something challenging/dangerous, then be sure to put a disclaimer at beginning. Make sure that viewers of any age/class are not misguided by your videos/channel.

Are your metadata YouTube advertiser friendly?

Apart from those stated above, your video may lose monetization if it contains inappropriate/misleading metadata. The metadata of a YouTube video consists of four parts: title, description, tags and thumbnail. Make sure that they have been appropriately/properly selected and designed. If your videos’ metadata are misleading and were designed only to get more views and revenue, then the green $ signs may quickly turn yellow before you can react at all.

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What to do to get monetization status back

If any of your YouTube videos has its green $ sign turned into yellow, then in order to turn it green again, first check whether or not the content within the video is totally clean. To check that be sure to follow YouTube’s community guidelines strictly. If you make a little bit of Google search, you’ll definitely find where to read those guidelines. Also you can read our following article to know more details about YouTube’s community guidelines. Although designed to let the common readers know about the possible reasons of YouTube accounts’ termination, this article surely is a detailed version of the community guidelines laid by YouTube in the first place.

YouTube account suspended for no reason? Well, not really.

After making sure that your content is clean, you need to check out if the problem is with the metadata you provided. If so, try to make a few changes there to turn the video YouTube advertiser friendly once again. In most of the cases, the problem is with thumbnail. So look at your thumbnail first. If it seems controversial, then change it and go to the monetization settings of your video and thus request to review your video again for monetization. It might take 2/3 days for YouTube authority to review it, while you’ll see the notice under the yellow sign that reads ‘under review’.

What happens when the review is complete

If they now find it as YouTube advertiser friendly, they will turn the $ sign green again, otherwise will leave it at that yellow status. Nevertheless you can make another slight change in your video’s metadata and once again request for review. Suppose that even if you provided a decent thumbnail this time, it didn’t work. So now you have to assume that the problem was with the title of the video; think how to make it more decent (less controversial) and YouTube advertiser friendly.

After appealing for another time, if your video is still not back to monetization, then you should take the final attempt: where you need to change everything about your video. This includes all metadata as thumbnail, title, description and tags. After doing these changes request for review again to see what awaits your video’s luck.

A few last words about demonetization of your YouTube videos

Some people upon receiving yellow $ sign on some of their YouTube videos might think that their channel is very close to termination. Well, this is totally a wrong perception; your channel will never be terminated due to demonetization status, rest assured about that.

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How to feature videos and channels on YouTube

What means ‘Featuring videos and channels’?

Most of you guys may already be familiar with the term ‘feature’. For those who have slight idea about it, ‘featuring’ means to focus ‘limelight’ (attention) on something/somebody. You must have seen magazines that feature models, superstars and famous people. For example, Time magazine featured Nicola Tesla on their cover page in the year 1931, probably the best year for the inventor in his life. The same way you can focus/promote certain videos and/or channels on your YouTube channel.

How to feature a video and the advantages

Suppose you have uploaded a video that you think has quality content, but for some reason it’s not getting enough views like other videos on your channel. So in order to have sufficient number of views on this particular video you can feature it. In order to do that you need to go to ‘Channel’ tab while you’re on ‘Video manager’/dashboard and then choose ‘Featured content’ option. Now you need to click on the blue ‘Feature content’ button.

Once you do that, you’ll have to choose one between ‘Most recent upload’ and ‘Choose a video or playlist’. I most of the time choose the most recent upload. That way the featured content changes when I upload a new video. You know featuring the same content for an extended period of time may be pretty boring to the viewers. On some occasions I choose a particular video instead of the ‘most recent upload’. I do that for the reason stated in the previous paragraph. I never featured a playlist this way, but you can most certainly try that.

Feature videos and channels on YouTube
Don’t be thinking that you can feature only videos, not playlists.

If you choose to feature a particular video or playlist you need to select one such from a made-up list presented to you. Here you will see two tabs: one for videos and another for playlists. You may switch between these tabs if you require.

At which instant to feature the video/playlist

Once you have selected a video/playlist to feature, now it’s time for you to decide when this featured content would appear. The default option is ‘End of video’. Nevertheless you can choose any particular time instant (display time) of the current/running video when the featured content would be presented to the viewers. I personally consider the recent average watch-time of my channel when it comes to this decision. Suppose the recent average watch-time is 2:20, then I would like the featured content to appear at time-instant like 2:00 or 2:10; so that the viewer might choose another of my videos to watch instead of someone else’s video. This way they would stick to my channel for longer periods.

Feature videos and channels; choose time-instant
Some might choose ‘End of video’ while you may choose a particular time-instant inside the video

Experts on YouTubing suggest that you need to see your recent ‘audience retention’ graph to choose this particular time instant. If you see that there is a sharp decline at 2:00 instant in the graph, then you might want to set the timing of the featured content at instant as 1:45 or 1:50, just prior to the ‘sharp decline’ portion of the graph. That way you are attempting to retain the viewer to your channel. This procedure also might provide a way to increase your channels revenue.

Whether to choose ‘Optimize timing’ and my experience regarding this

I am not sure whether ‘optimize timing’ thing actually does good to your channel and its earned revenue. But one thing is for sure, it increases the chance of your featured content to be watched. I don’t exactly know how YouTube’s automated system optimizes timing, but I can guess a little. It is described below.

May be YouTube uses the data for each user/viewer’s average watch-time. It is very much possible for YouTube to record and measure their average watch-time whether or not they have a channel of their own. Suppose a user’s average watch-time is 1:40 and the intended time-instant/display time of your channel’s featured content is 2:00. Since there is little gap between 2:00 and 1:40, so YouTube’s system may choose to present the featured item at 1:35 (which is sooner than 1:40) instead of 2:00. That way YouTube’s system might attempt to retain that particular viewer/individual with your channel.

I, for one, have always used ‘Optimize timing’, although not sure whether this helps develop my channel’s overall performance and revenue. Like I said earlier it surely increases the views on featured content. A few times I decided to NOT go for ‘Optimize timing’. But every time I did that, the number of total running views per minute seemed to instantly decline which I could not bear. So I always had to stick with ‘Optimize timing’.

How to feature channels?

In order to feature your other channels or those owned by someone else (like your friend or close associate), you need to go to your channel’s homepage. In case you didn’t know how to get there, you should first go to ‘Dashboard’ and then click on your channel’s name or the link ‘Visit channel’. Either way you reach your channel’s homepage. Now to the right of the page you’ll see the segment that reads ‘Featured channels’. You’ll see that if you previously customized your channel’s layout. In case you didn’t know how to do that click on the following link and read the article which at some point describes how to customize your channel’s layout.

How to make a Youtube account/channel and also customize it

Assuming that you have the above-mentioned section on your channel’s homepage, you need to click on the ‘+Add channels’ link, a dialog box will open.

You can either type the channel's name or its url while adding channels
You can either type the channel’s name or paste its url while adding channels

Now type in the channel’s name you want to feature or its url and then hit the ‘+Add’ button. You can add multiple channels like this. Once you finished adding channels, be sure to hit the ‘Done’ button. The thing is that I’m not exactly sure about the upper limit: how many channels you can feature like this. You can do some experiment on that and let me know the results/outcome.

What are ‘Popular channels on YouTube’?

Below the ‘Feature channels’ segment, you might see another section which reads ‘Popular channels on YouTube’. This is basically a list of some popular channels which have some similarity with your channel in content or in any other way. You can ‘Enable’ this option. Although enabled, you may not see any channel’s name there, if your channel is still new (hasn’t gathered enough views/subscribers yet). Once your channel too becomes more or less popular, you’ll get to see a few channels’ name here. In other words, once you start to see channels’ name here, you should be joyful to know that your channel has just crossed a certain success level.

Indeed, the more popular/successful channels’ name you see here, you should realize that your channel too is getting more popular. Because the channels that are presented here are a good match/parallel to your own channel, though I hardly use this feature/section. I kind of don’t rely on others’ channels to send me traffic. I also have a superstition that, by ‘enabling’ this option, I might lose viewers from my channel and in return get fewer viewers from other channels. This superstition originated from one of my bad YouTubing experiences.

Should you go for ‘Popular channels’ option or not?

Back in 2016, when my first YouTube channel started to receive success and handsome revenue, many people started to steal (re-upload) my content. By doing this they also had success whereas my channel’s revenue shrunk. At a time like this whenever I enabled ‘popular channels’ option, I got to see those criminals’ channels on the list which irritated me a lot. That’s why I never enabled this option on any of my channels’ homepage. Along with content they could easily steal my viewers because they had the same content as mine. Also YouTube’s copyright system was kinda stupid; bringing copyright allegations against those could get my own channel to termination. But that’s another story. No matter what, most successful YouTubers always keep the aforementioned option enabled; you can do the same.

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5 Apps Every YouTuber Must Have: Try them out

Today We’re going to share with you 5 apps that every YouTuber should have in their mobile phone installed. If this is your first time here and you want to know how to grow your channel, make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff, then keep following this blog so you don’t miss anything. Before we give you our list, let us know what apps you are using to help you with your YouTube creations, down in the comments below.


If you don’t have a computer-based editor and you want to make your thumbnail photos look incredible or even to improve the quality of the thumbnails that you use inside your videos, then ‘Snapseed’ is the solution for you. Snapseed allows you to add brightness, contrast, saturation; add ambiance to your photos and all types of other things that really make your photos grab attention and stand out from other photos that are out there in the internet. It is super-easy to use this apps and more importantly you can edit your photos using it while on the go.

image edited by Snapseed which is one of finest apps
image edited by Snapseed which is one of finest apps

Open camera

In a nutshell, open camera lets  you dial in all of your settings for your phone camera. In my case, I have a Samsung S7. When I do the selfie version (when I use the front-cam), it kind of doesn’t really perform that well. However, if I use open-cam, I can make all of these adjustments to make the picture look a lot better. Having that ability to dial-in your settings and hold the exposure in your phone camera is fantastic. Because it can help you shoot really good-looking views and footage that you can use in your videos. If you have a vlogs or any type of content on the run, then it can really help you dial-in, how good your video content looks. And when I say dial-in, what I basically mean by that is it makes that look better.


This apps is awesome. If you’re somebody that makes videos on your phone, or if you’re someone who wants to make some cool transitions or some text-slides, introduce the next segment in your video. In a case like these you could use this great phone apps known as ‘Legend’. Technically I can use ‘Legend’ to create the slides that would go in between each section if I were using slides.

With ‘Legend’ it is so easy to use, all you have to do is to put in the text you want and Legend will pre-make all of these awesome graphics for you. Once you have the graphics you want or the look you want, you can export those and use them in the files of your phone or computer. There’s a huge array of options in here; unfortunately you can’t customize them fully, but for what it is they offer they actually look pretty cool right out of the game.

YouTube creator studio: one of must-have apps

If you’re not already using the ‘creator studio’ apps to help manage your YouTube channel, then you definitely need to download it right now. The creator studio apps will let you deal with the comments posted, look at your analytics and manage all the back-stuff of your channel while you’re on the go. If you have a Patreon account like I do, I’m just starting to open it up. They have an apps where you can manage your YouTube channel there, but they actually have it on the way  called ‘linge’ that you can’t currently download it. But once they open it to everybody, you can actually add content on the run.

Let’s say you’re out doing something like adding a picture or video clip to your Patreon feed while on the go. So basically it gives you that more intimate connection with the people that you’re into. Unfortunately at this point of time my Patreon account is new, so I don’t have ‘linge’ yet; they haven’t given me access. As soon as they roll it out, I’ll definitely be using as well.

Google keep

Just in case if you don’t have Patreon, ‘Google keep’ is next-up on the list. Personally I use ‘Google keep’ to help me organize my thoughts and ideas that I wanna do on my channel and websites. If I have an image that I want to make sure to put on my Instagram account, I instantly add it to my ‘Google keep’ so that I remember to put that later on Instagram.

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Top 10 YouTube tips for the freshers

Ask the subscribers to press the ‘bell’ button

May be recently you have been acquiring a lot of subscribers, but your average views per day isn’t increasing proportionally. There could be many reasons behind it. One probable reason is that most of your subscribers haven’t pressed the bell button to get notifications from your channel. This button is found to the right of the ‘Subscribe’ button once a viewer subscribes to your channel. The bell button ensures that the subscriber gets notified once a new video has been uploaded on the channel. So asking the subscribers to press this button is surely one of great YouTube tips. You could do that at the beginning or the end of each video, even on live sessions/streaming.

Analyze ‘views by subscribers’

It is really important for your channel to get a lot of new subscribers each day, because YouTube takes into account views by subscribers. If they find that most views are done by people who didn’t subscribe to your channel, then you might be in trouble. This could mean a possible demotion for your channel. So the number of views per day and the revenue earned might also decrease. If you have a lot of views but viewers aren’t subscribing to your channel, then you have to find out why so. You might even upload a couple of videos on a different niche and observe the results of the change.

Treat your viewers as friends

This would be one of great YouTube tips to treat your viewers as your friends. If they make positive/constructive comments on your videos, be sure to respond to them. If the number of comments is really huge and it’s not possible for you to respond to all comments, then ‘Like’ some of those comments. These doings of yours put an impression on your viewers that you care for them.

‘Refurbish’ your old videos

This YouTube tips is for new YouTubers, who recently started to gain a lot of views. Since the videos you uploaded long ago didn’t get enough views, so you can re-upload them. You can do that through YouTube’s built-in video-editor ( or you can download them first and then re-upload. (Although the built-in editor will not be available after September 20, 2017.) Once the old video is properly re-published, be sure to delete that, or your channel might be flagged as to publish same videos over and over.

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Let your viewers know when you’re gonna publish your next video

You must have noticed that every TV channel has a specific schedule, which they maintain strictly. This way the viewers know when to come back to the channel to watch their favorite shows. The same way, as a YouTuber you should tell your viewers at the end of each video when the next will be published. (You could do that at any point of your current video as well.) This will create interest in their mind for your next video and you’ll be benefited. You could let them know this information on a banner on your video at certain instant, or you could tell them that orally.

Improving communication skills: one of great YouTube tips

The way you speak to your viewers, or the way your video is presented to them means a lot. There’s a saying that ‘First impression is the last impression’. When you have a new viewer, it is highly probable that they will quit on you in the very first minute unless you have a good communication skill and are confident enough. Not only that they will also think ‘this is a bogus channel’. So try to improve your communication skills and gather confidence in your mind and body-language.

Voice clarity of your videos

You should know that the voice-clarity of your videos means a lot. And the picture quality is also important. If the voice/sound is not clear and there is a lot of noise in the video, then viewers get easily irritated and they quit your video sooner; no matter how much value it might have within. So it would be one of great YouTube tips to advise you to use gadgets that can record good quality video/audio.

Try to make short videos

As a new YouTuber you should make videos which aren’t lengthy. Try to keep the video-duration within 5-6 minutes. Because study and statistics have shown that the average watch-time for most YouTube videos is 2-3 minutes. (That’s why when a channel has recent average watch-time greater than 2 minutes, it is likely to become viral.) Short duration is preferred because YouTube takes into account average percentage watch-time of your channel. One thing to note here is that your channel’s revenue is kind of proportional to its average watch-time. That’s why don’t make many videos with very short duration (like 2-3 minutes).

Don’t miss any trending topic

No matter what might be the niche of your YouTube channel, you should never miss a trending topic. This is specially applicable for ‘tech’ channels. You surely remember, a few months ago many YouTube channels got terminated in a very short span of time. Also many channels lost their monetization. So had you made a video at that time describing how to get those channels or the monetization back, people surely would have appreciated your video very much. So ‘Not missing’ any trending topic would be one of great YouTube tips.

Make sure audience retention graph remains straight or ascending

When you go to your channel’s analytics page with url,fe=17414,fr=lw-001,fs=17387;fc=0,fcr=0,r=retention, you get to see the audience retention graph for the last 28 days. Try to make sure this graph is always ascending, or at least straight. An ascending retention graph is likely to fetch you even more viewers and subscribers.

If your audience retention graph becomes descending at any point, then you should realize that there is something wrong with your videos’ content or niche. So you should try another niche or another sort of content then. In order to have an ascending or straight graph, you should emphasize on quality content of your channel.

Keeping the audience retention graph ascending is one of great YouTube tips

Extra YouTube tips for tech YouTubers: Do products/gadgets review

You should know that gadgets review is a very popular topic/niche when it comes to YouTubing. These videos are more likely to be viral. At beginning level, you should review cheap/budget-friendly gadgets which you may buy on your own. Once your channel becomes popular, companies will gift you these gadgets. There are multiple benefits of this sort of reviews/videos. First of all, you get free products/gadgets. Secondly, you are actually marketing on those companies’ behalf. So they will pay you for this service. The revenue will increase with number of views/subscribers.