How to create YouTube auto backlinks – for new YouTubers

What are auto backlinks for YouTube videos?

Suppose if one of your YouTube videos is embedded in many websites, then people visiting those sites may tend to watch your video. Thus it is likely to get many views. The automated process of putting your video’s link in many sites in a very short span of time is known as auto backlinking. And the links you leave in those sites are called ‘auto backlinks’ or simply backlinks for this particular video of yours.

There are many specialized sites and apps that offers you this automated and quick service. That means if you visit such a site and provide them with your video’s link/url, they will put that link in many other associated/affiliated sites on your behalf and thus embed your video on them. The number of sites where your video will be embedded depends on your preference. A wise decision is to choose 50/100 sites and not more than that in a day.

Use backlinks in a limited amount

Backlinks might be a great way to get views on new YouTube channels. But rumor has it that backlinks should not be used excessively, or your channel might get terminated. So if you want to use it, then do it in a limited amount. You should not create like 500 or 1000 backlinks for a single video in a day. An amount of 50 to 100 backlinks is just fine for a newly uploaded YouTube video.

Also you should not use backlinks for all your YouTube videos in a single day. Suppose you knew nothing about backlinks even yesterday and today you came to know about it. So you may decide to backlink all your videos right away, just know that this might be harmful for your channel.

Many successful YouTubers now-a-days used backlinks for their YouTube videos at some point. So I’m not against its use, just wanna let you know about some unwanted consequences that you might get yourself into.

Why YouTube might terminate your channel if you use too many backlinks?

You must have heard (and may have used also) online services that give as many likes on your Facebook page as you want. These websites are also ready to give you as many views as you want on your YouTube videos. Some of these services charge you while others do it for free (just to popularize their sites). Well, if YouTube finds that you have used these weird and shortcut techniques to get views, they might simply terminate your channel. Because the viewers who viewed your videos, they didn’t do it out of interest. They did it because they simply work for those sites.

YouTube videos are supposed to have natural views and viewers, not artificial ones. So once you’re caught adopting these unfair means, YouTube might choose to terminate your channel. Our suggestions is that you never use those services. Even Facebook may permanently unpublish your page if it is found to contain fake likes. But backlinks services are a little bit different from the above-mentioned ones. They don’t compel anyone to watch your videos. They simply embed your videos in certain sites and anyone feeling interested may choose to watch your video. It is very similar to promoting your YouTube video or channel on Facebook with paid advertisements.

Why too many backlinks in a short span of time are dangerous?

Now there might be a question in your mind as to why excessive use of backlinks is dangerous. As we have compared this process as similar to promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook with paid ads. The thing is that your YouTube channel new or old, has some characteristics, like recent average watch-time. If you take services of fake views or simply too many backlinks for your videos, your recent average watch-time will drastically change. Because in case of fake views the duration of watching is most likely to be around 20-30 seconds. In case of backlinks service, the average watch-time may differ significantly from that of your natural views, wherever they might come from (Facebook or YouTube’s watch-page/suggested videos).

So once your channel’s recent average watch-time changes drastically YouTube’s automated system or officials may determine that you must have taken some unnatural ways to promote your videos, which is against YouTube’s policies. That’s when they may choose to terminate your channel.

Whatever, learn to use backlinks for your YouTube videos

At this point I hope you have got the idea that backlinks can be used in order to promote YouTube channels and videos, but in a limited amount. Now let’s learn how to create backlinks for YouTube videos. It’s not difficult, just go through the following steps.

Find and copy your video id

First you have to take your video id. This thing is different from the url. If your video url is, then your video id is vweyv15dShge. So you have to take this value. You can do that by visiting the ‘edit’ section of your YouTube video while you’re on video manager. If you’re on this section, you need to look at the url of the page. The portion you find after the ‘id=’ thing is your video id. You can also take a look at the mid-right portion of the screen. There in a box you’ll see your video’s url in a different format, like So you know again where to take your video id from.

If you find this process hard, then there’s another way to find your video id. Just right-click on your video while you’re on your channel’s homepage/videos-page. A pop-up menu will emerge where you need to click on ‘Copy Link Location’. Now paste the link somewhere (like in a notepad or word file), then take (copy) the portion after the ‘watch?v=’ thing. Or you can paste the link in the provided blank space of the backlinks service site and then delete unnecessary characters/portions.

If for some reason you can’t copy the url by right-clicking, then simply click and watch your video. This way you’ll get to see your video url in the address-bar of the browser while watching it. Just copy the portion after the ‘…watch?v=’ thing.

Visit the ‘auto backlinks’ site

Although there are many sites that offer backlink service, but we suggest the one with url When you’re on this page you’ll need to paste your video id in certain yellow blank-space. Then you’ll need to paste your ‘YouTube Keyword’ which is either your video’s specific keyword for SEO purpose or the whole title. Then you will have to choose the number of backlinks, which we suggest to be 50 or 100 for the reasons stated previously. Now hit the grey button that says ‘Start backlinking’ and the backlinking will start.

info you need to provide to create YouTube auto backlinks

You’ll get to the progress of the task you’ve assigned to this online page/site. A few of backlinking attempts may be rejected, but you don’t need to worry about that. While backlinks are being generated, you can check some of the urls/sites where your video has been embedded. You’ll most definitely be happy to see that they automatically embed your video in so many sites in a very short span of time, that too free of charge. You may see ads on your embedded video, but these ads don’t belong to your channel, these are the ads collected and put by the sites themselves.

YouTube auto backlinks are generated one after other

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