How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages

Are you interested to have your channel verified?

In this article we are going to discuss how to get verified on YouTube with a phone number. Now there might be a question as to why Google would want to have your phone number. There are plenty of reasons for that. Google wants to make sure that you’re not using any VPN. Also it wants to know you personally, your phone number is a key to that. Once you give Google your number, they know for sure that you are real and don’t have intentions to commit crimes/violations. Even if you do any such thing, Google can contact the authorities and provide them with your phone number. These are some of the reasons why Google would want your personal number.

Advantages of getting your YouTube channel verified

There are lot of advantages of having your YouTube channel verified. Firstly you can upload videos with duration longer than 15 minutes. Once you’re verified, it doesn’t matter to YouTube how lengthy your video is. Although once I uploaded videos longer than 15 minutes on an unverified channel, but I can’t do that anymore. May be it was a glitch in YouTube’s system back then in October 2016. However you can still try that on your channel and let me know what happens.

Another advantage of having your channel verified is that you can use custom thumbnails. This is crucial thing/point. This is the reason why you must phone-verify your YouTube channel. Because you just can not do with thumbnails provided by YouTube’s automated system, most of the times they are very boring. These thumbnails may even seem irrelevant and misleading. I was obliged to verify my channels a couple of times just because of this situation, to be able to use custom thumbnails.

Also you are not allowed to live-stream while you’re still unverified. Previously scheduled publishing of videos was not allowed on unverified channels. But this is now allowed, at least according to my experience. If you experience otherwise, please let me know.

If you know any other advantages of having your YouTube channel verified other than the above-mentioned, then kindly let me know. You know when you share your knowledge with others, it never lessens. (This article is on how to get verified on YouTube)

Myths about YouTube channel-verification

There are some myths among people regarding the phone-verification of YouTube channels. Some believe that even though you can earn money on an unverified channel, it must be at some point phone-verified to withdraw that money. This is just a myth, is a false idea and has no basis. Because verified or not, your channel’s earnings will transfer to the associated AdSense account at certain time each month. So you can withdraw that money at your ease. Nevertheless every AdSense account has to be verified to withdraw earnings, but that’s a different story.

Another myth about channel-verification is that verified channels’ videos are likely to get viral, while it is very challenging to make videos of unverified channels viral. This is again just a myth, it has no basis. Because whether a YouTube video will go viral or not depends solely on the content of the video. It has nothing to do with the verification status of the channel. If the content is nice and percentage watch-time is close to 70%-80% (or at least greater than most other contemporary videos), then the video is likely to get viral. (This article is on how to get verified on YouTube)

How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages


Now how to get verified on YouTube

Now it’s up to you to decide whether your channel will be verified or not. You know in 2016 many YouTubers had countless channels. For example, I knew some YouTubers who each had 15-20 channels. And every now and then some of their channels got terminated, so they created newer channels. This is the reason these YouTubers didn’t choose to have their channels phone-verified. Because with each phone number you can verify only four channels in a year, two with message and two with calls. When the year is finished, you can use that number again to verify newer channels.

But the situation is different this year. I don’t think now-a-days YouTubers have a tendency to run multiple channels. So I don’t see any reason for you to keep your YouTube channel unverified. Also for the ‘custom-thumbnail’ thing I personally suggest you to get your channel verified. Now let’s show you how to get verified on YouTube.

First you need to go to ‘Channel’ tab while you’re on video manager or dashboard of your channel. When you’re on Channel’s Status and features page, you’ll see the blue button saying ‘Verify’, just click on it. Then provide your phone number without the country-code because your country will already be selected there. Now whether to use message or call. I personally prefer ‘message’, may be you do the same. But if you already recently used ‘message’ twice from your phone number and now want to have a third or fourth channel verified, you need to use ‘call’.

If you have chosen message, then a six-digit pin-code will come to your phone which you need to enter on your channel’s verification page. If you selected ‘call’, then a lady machine-voice will call you and it will let you know the six-digit number and also will tell you not to share the number with anyone else. This is how to get verified on YouTube.

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