How to rank YouTube channel with keywords

Unable to find your channel in search results?

It is a common report of new YouTubers that they don’t find their channel in search results when they make a search with relevant keywords. In other words, they could not rank YouTube channel yet. Well, there are two main reasons for this to happen; they are described below.

(1) Malpractice of using similar name to rank YouTube channel

Many new Youtubers think that they should use most common keywords in their channel name. Like somebody making funny videos and uploading them names their channel ‘Funny Videos’. The thing is that there are probably hundreds, even thousands of channels on YouTube that have their name starting with the keywords ‘Funny Videos’. Some of these channels have been successful while others have not. So it is natural that any new channel with the same keywords will not be welcomed by YouTube’s search algorithm. That’s why they are not found on search results.

Someone naming their channel with common keywords must adopt keyword variations. Like, it is okay to name a channel starting with ‘Funny Videos’ if some extra words are to be added. These extra words might be ‘of India 2017’, ‘of all time’, ‘-the best ones’ etc. If some unique variations like these are adopted, then YouTube’s search algorithm will surely be interested in your channel this time. And it’ll be easier for you to rank YouTube channel.

(2) Lack of optimization for your channel (not using ‘channel keywords’)

The second reason why your channel is not showing in search results is that may be you haven’t optimized your channel with relevant keywords. Even if you used ‘channel keywords’, may be they were not the right ones to rank YouTube channel. Without proper keywords a channel is like a boat floating randomly in the seas without sail, rudder and engine. So you need to know how to properly set channel keywords.

How to rank YouTube channel with keywords

First of all go to your channel’s dashboard, then to ‘Channel’ tab. Now click on the ‘Advanced’ button. Here you’ll see the place where you’re supposed to type your channel keywords, just do it. Suppose your channel’s name is ‘Funny Videos of India 2017’ and your cyber-name is Dx Arijit. Then your channel keywords might be Dx Arijit, Funny Videos 2017, Funny Videos of India, Comical Videos etc. You have to type these keywords and use commas in between them. (After putting the keywords be sure to press the ‘Save’ button below, or all your labor will go to waste.)

So anyone searching on YouTube with keywords like “Funny Videos of India” or “Dx Arijit” will probably find your channel. That means your channel will likely be on the first page of search results. And if your channel name is unique on YouTube, then anyone typing your channel’s name while on a search will directly find it, i.e. it will be the first result of the search.

How to find suitable keywords for your channel

To find suitable keywords you could use many tools including Google AdWords. Once you have signed into your AdWords account and been on the dashboard, you need to click on the ‘Tool’ menu. Now click the ‘Keyword planner’ on the drop-down menu. You’ll be directed to another page. This time you’ll click on the thing stating ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’. You need to type your channel’s name in the ‘Your product or service’ blank space and then hit the blue ‘Get ideas’ button below. Thus you will have some keywords suggestions there, choose the ones that suit you the most.

If you follow and go through the above-mentioned steps you will definitely have some success to rank YouTube channel. Now that you have read the current article I guess you might like the following one describing on-page and off-page optimization of your channel.

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