YouTube added Limit to display number of Ads on your Videos

Are you privy to this update on number of ads shown on YouTube videos?

Recently YouTube made a huge update on the number of ads to be displayed on YouTube videos. From now onwards there will be three different $ signs besides YouTube videos: green, yellow and black. The green $ sign indicates that the associated video is perfect for ad showing, there is nothing wrong with it. Plenty of ads will be shown on these videos with green $ sign.

But the problem is about the yellow and black $ videos. The yellow $ sign indicates either of the following two things:

(i) The associated video is not perfect for ad showing. It has a tiny bit of problem, either with the metadata or the content.

(ii) Even if the video has no problem at all, the thing is that advertisers are not exactly interested to put ads on these videos.

YouTube added Limit to display number of Ads on your Videos

Appeal if you think this is simply a misunderstanding

As the owner of the channel you still have one last chance, you can appeal for a yellow or a black $ sign video only once. Because anybody including artificial intelligence/automated system can make a mistake. After reviewing the YouTube authority will let you know their decision regarding your video. They will either correct any mistakes previously made or leave the monetization status of your video unchanged.

While no ads will be shown on black $ sign videos, only limited number of ads will be shown on yellow $ sign videos. As a result you can expect little earnings from these videos. This is why as an experienced YouTuber my suggestion to you is that you should always follow all the community and copyright guidelines of YouTube. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t have any unmonetized or partially monetized videos. If all your videos are fully monetized then number of ads shown on your videos as well as your YouTube earnings will have no upper limit.

Now that you have read the current article, I guess you might like the following one which describes why YouTube authority may consider your videos ineligible for monetization.

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