How to create YouTube auto backlinks – for new YouTubers

What are auto backlinks for YouTube videos?

Suppose if one of your YouTube videos is embedded in many websites, then people visiting those sites may tend to watch your video. Thus it is likely to get many views. The automated process of putting your video’s link in many sites in a very short span of time is known as auto backlinking. And the links you leave in those sites are called ‘auto backlinks’ or simply backlinks for this particular video of yours.

There are many specialized sites and apps that offers you this automated and quick service. That means if you visit such a site and provide them with your video’s link/url, they will put that link in many other associated/affiliated sites on your behalf and thus embed your video on them. The number of sites where your video will be embedded depends on your preference. A wise decision is to choose 50/100 sites and not more than that in a day.

Use backlinks in a limited amount

Backlinks might be a great way to get views on new YouTube channels. But rumor has it that backlinks should not be used excessively, or your channel might get terminated. So if you want to use it, then do it in a limited amount. You should not create like 500 or 1000 backlinks for a single video in a day. An amount of 50 to 100 backlinks is just fine for a newly uploaded YouTube video.

Also you should not use backlinks for all your YouTube videos in a single day. Suppose you knew nothing about backlinks even yesterday and today you came to know about it. So you may decide to backlink all your videos right away, just know that this might be harmful for your channel.

Many successful YouTubers now-a-days used backlinks for their YouTube videos at some point. So I’m not against its use, just wanna let you know about some unwanted consequences that you might get yourself into.

Why YouTube might terminate your channel if you use too many backlinks?

You must have heard (and may have used also) online services that give as many likes on your Facebook page as you want. These websites are also ready to give you as many views as you want on your YouTube videos. Some of these services charge you while others do it for free (just to popularize their sites). Well, if YouTube finds that you have used these weird and shortcut techniques to get views, they might simply terminate your channel. Because the viewers who viewed your videos, they didn’t do it out of interest. They did it because they simply work for those sites.

YouTube videos are supposed to have natural views and viewers, not artificial ones. So once you’re caught adopting these unfair means, YouTube might choose to terminate your channel. Our suggestions is that you never use those services. Even Facebook may permanently unpublish your page if it is found to contain fake likes. But backlinks services are a little bit different from the above-mentioned ones. They don’t compel anyone to watch your videos. They simply embed your videos in certain sites and anyone feeling interested may choose to watch your video. It is very similar to promoting your YouTube video or channel on Facebook with paid advertisements.

Why too many backlinks in a short span of time are dangerous?

Now there might be a question in your mind as to why excessive use of backlinks is dangerous. As we have compared this process as similar to promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook with paid ads. The thing is that your YouTube channel new or old, has some characteristics, like recent average watch-time. If you take services of fake views or simply too many backlinks for your videos, your recent average watch-time will drastically change. Because in case of fake views the duration of watching is most likely to be around 20-30 seconds. In case of backlinks service, the average watch-time may differ significantly from that of your natural views, wherever they might come from (Facebook or YouTube’s watch-page/suggested videos).

So once your channel’s recent average watch-time changes drastically YouTube’s automated system or officials may determine that you must have taken some unnatural ways to promote your videos, which is against YouTube’s policies. That’s when they may choose to terminate your channel.

Whatever, learn to use backlinks for your YouTube videos

At this point I hope you have got the idea that backlinks can be used in order to promote YouTube channels and videos, but in a limited amount. Now let’s learn how to create backlinks for YouTube videos. It’s not difficult, just go through the following steps.

Find and copy your video id

First you have to take your video id. This thing is different from the url. If your video url is, then your video id is vweyv15dShge. So you have to take this value. You can do that by visiting the ‘edit’ section of your YouTube video while you’re on video manager. If you’re on this section, you need to look at the url of the page. The portion you find after the ‘id=’ thing is your video id. You can also take a look at the mid-right portion of the screen. There in a box you’ll see your video’s url in a different format, like So you know again where to take your video id from.

If you find this process hard, then there’s another way to find your video id. Just right-click on your video while you’re on your channel’s homepage/videos-page. A pop-up menu will emerge where you need to click on ‘Copy Link Location’. Now paste the link somewhere (like in a notepad or word file), then take (copy) the portion after the ‘watch?v=’ thing. Or you can paste the link in the provided blank space of the backlinks service site and then delete unnecessary characters/portions.

If for some reason you can’t copy the url by right-clicking, then simply click and watch your video. This way you’ll get to see your video url in the address-bar of the browser while watching it. Just copy the portion after the ‘…watch?v=’ thing.

Visit the ‘auto backlinks’ site

Although there are many sites that offer backlink service, but we suggest the one with url When you’re on this page you’ll need to paste your video id in certain yellow blank-space. Then you’ll need to paste your ‘YouTube Keyword’ which is either your video’s specific keyword for SEO purpose or the whole title. Then you will have to choose the number of backlinks, which we suggest to be 50 or 100 for the reasons stated previously. Now hit the grey button that says ‘Start backlinking’ and the backlinking will start.

info you need to provide to create YouTube auto backlinks

You’ll get to the progress of the task you’ve assigned to this online page/site. A few of backlinking attempts may be rejected, but you don’t need to worry about that. While backlinks are being generated, you can check some of the urls/sites where your video has been embedded. You’ll most definitely be happy to see that they automatically embed your video in so many sites in a very short span of time, that too free of charge. You may see ads on your embedded video, but these ads don’t belong to your channel, these are the ads collected and put by the sites themselves.

YouTube auto backlinks are generated one after other

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10 mistakes that new YouTubers make: Advice for them

Are you frustrated because you’re making videos but you’re not getting the views and subscribers that you want? In this article we’re going to talk about 10 common mistakes that new YouTubers make. And how to fix them so that you can get more views. They are discussed below.

Looking into the viewfinder, not at the lens

If you have a camera with a front-facing screen, it could be tempting to just stare at yourself. Whether you’re shooting in your bedroom or out vlogging, you shouldn’t do that. What you ought to do is look directly into the lens, because that way you’d be making eye-contact with your viewers. Let us present a real-life example of that. Imagine one of your friends talking to you and instead of looking into your eyes, he’s basically looking at your forehead. How awkward would that feel! The same thing is applicable to your precious viewers. That’s why we would suggest the beginners to look at the lens while shooting.

Spamming comments

Many new YouTubers choose to spam other YouTubers’ videos’ comment sections. You probably have seen this before. People usually spam there with comments like ‘Sub4sub’, ‘Like4Like’, ‘Hey I have subscribed to your channel, now you subscribe to mine’ etc. What they try to do is heavily promote their YouTube channel on someone else’s channel by adopting unfair means. So we suggest that instead of spamming you could try to have engagement with other YouTube users. You may post positive comments in other people’s videos after watching them and thus they will get a chance to discover you.

Bad or confusing titles

We have experienced that many new YouTubers have a tendency to blindly imitate other successful YouTubers, specially the famous ones. Many of them start the title of all their videos with their channel’s name, or phrases like ‘Today’s vlog (a number)’. As one of new YouTubers you should have a searchable content in the first part of your video title.

You shouldn’t use any kind of ‘insiders’ language’; because let’s face it, there are no insiders on YouTube. This means that you should not use any language in the title that is understood only by you and some of your associates and by nobody else. If you choose to use such language your video may be considered as spam or it may get community strike because of having misleading content. By providing appropriate title and other metadata in your videos you basically pave the way for them to be found by your potential viewers and subscribers.

Being inconsistent

This is a mistake many new YouTubers make. They show inconsistency in uploading quality video content. We have seen many who uploaded for a couple of weeks to find that their channel hasn’t been popular or viral yet, so they got frustrated. You should at least upload a new video in every 3-4 days or a week. Because if there is no possibility of new videos to appear, then why would people subscribe to your channel? We have seen a few new YouTubers who uploaded like 10 videos in a month and then boom! No video in the next few months. So all that matters is consistency. It would be a great trick to go live on YouTube if you’re late to publish a new video. Also YouTube prefers those channels to promote that regularly and consistently upload videos.

Weak intros

The most important time of a YouTube video is its first 5 to 10 seconds. To have the viewers’ attention you need to make an intro for your video, but don’t make it too long like 30 seconds, or even 20 seconds. Nobody will wait that long to get to the point. You just need to summarize what the entire video is about, and really pitch it to the audience to create interest. And you have to do that in the first few moments of your video.

A power-tip from us to you new YouTubers is that you start the video with a question to the viewers. Have you seen YouTube videos that start with this question ‘Are you curious to know how to get more views?’ Then you know what we mean. By presenting a question like this you can compel a viewer to stick with you and watch your full video. In your case the question could most definitely be different. Just ask yourself what should be your question at the start of your video to hook the viewer and make them watch your video to the end.

Distracting background

We have found many new YouTubers to use busy and distracting background. Don’t make this mistake, as it is quite easy to clean up the messes and make a peaceful and attention-grabbing background. The thing is that your viewers are supposed to concentrate on your intended content, not on your busy and distracting background. If for some reason you can’t clean up that space, then go to another which is clean and appealing.

10 mistakes that new YouTubers make: Advice for them
This is a symbolic image of a new YouTuber who is looking for a good shot composition.

Bad AVL (Audio, Video and Lighting)

You now might be thinking that we’re suggesting you to buy new camera or expensive equipment. No, we aren’t doing that. All we mean that you should be thoughtful to shoot in a quiet place, so that the audio is good. You should be shooting in daylight in front of a window so that there is plenty of natural light available in the video. Don’t shoot in a dark room because video cameras need light to perform well. Now thinking about your video quality? The good news is that most smart-phones now-a-days record HD videos and there are many affordable cameras out there as well. So you can have high quality videos without exceeding your budget. As one of new YouTubers you should always think how to improve your AVL (audio, video and lighting).

Another mistake YouTubers make is that they try to center their face in the camera frame. It would be a good practice to keep your face in the upper portion of the frame instead of the center. And in order to do that you just need to bring the camera down a little bit. That way your head is near the top of the frame and your body is filling the entire frame. This is just a small trick to improve your shot composition.

Low energy

Low energy is the killer of attention. Nobody wants to see something boring, they want to see something exciting. Even if you’re searching something to get a quick answer, an exciting answer is much better than a boring answer. So here’s our tip for you: add up some extra energy in your body and mind while shooting a new video if that contains your audio or visual or both. You will see that successful YouTubers have a lot of energy in their body language while they give interviews and present tips-videos.

It’s a fact that when you perform in front of the camera your energy level might go down because of nervousness. You are not to blame for this, because there is a saying ‘The camera adds ten pounds’. So you have to work on boosting your energy. Always keep in mind that viewers like to find you energetic. You can connect to the person on the other side of the camera (the viewer) only by showing appropriate level of energy and enthusiasm.

Monetizing too early

Some YouTubers like to monetize their channel from the very beginning. Well that way they are basically distracting their potential subscribers with ads. So our suggestion to you new YouTubers is that you don’t plan to monetize until you have a good number of subscribers. Lately YouTube has changed some of their policies. Now a channel can’t be monetized until it gets 10k views. We’d say, this policy turned out to be good for beginner YouTubers. You know you shouldn’t worry about your earnings at first. Once you have gathered a significant number of subscribers, you surely will be able to earn handsome amount from then on.

Impatience of new YouTubers

Majority of the YouTubers that are successful today had to wait for a long time. They had to work very hard to build their audience. Your career on YouTube is more like a marathon than a sprint. So don’t get discouraged, keep learning, keep growing, keep getting better about all the details of YouTubing. Keep leveling up your content and keep hustling to build your influence on YouTube.

Lastly we would like to know what mistakes you think most new YouTubers make in their early stages. Let us know through your comments.

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Watch-time and percentage watch-time: Know the importance

Know the ultimate truth about your channel’s growth

If you are a new YouTuber, then you should realize the importance of average watch-time of your YouTube videos for recent time (like last 28 days). Watch-time and percentage watch-time are a direct indication of the quality of your YouTube videos and channel. That’s why these two terms are a lot more important than SEO of your videos.

Definitely you need to SEO your videos, but you should focus on the quality of your videos too. This quality depends on what sort of content are there in your videos. So the content has to be really nice and attractive to the general viewers. If your video content is really unique and exceptional and also useful to viewers in any way, like education, entertainment etc., then your videos will likely go viral.

My experience on average watch-time that I couldn’t but share

Here I like to share my experience on watch-time. When I first started YouTubing almost one and a half years ago, I had no idea about the importance of watch-time and SEO. Within just a couple of months I realized that in order to grow the channel in views and earnings, I must upload content that would be appreciated by viewers, so that average watch-time would increase. That’s when I started to think what sort of content I should upload. After thinking and experimenting for a couple of weeks I finally found my particular type content that I was able to create and would increase my average watch-time. In short, I just found the niche of YouTubing that would suit me the most.

YouTubing niche: Choose a nice one

At this stage some might ask me what my niche was. Well, the thing is that every YouTuber’s niche doesn’t necessarily need to be the same. That’s why I prefer not to mention mine. I just can tell you this, to find your YouTubing niche you have to look inside your heart. Ask yourself what you’re good at and what sort of content you would be able to create easily. You know, as a YouTuber you are supposed to create your own content and not steal someone else’s, unless you plan to work on creative commons videos.

Factors YouTube considers to decide whether to promote a channel

When YouTube compares between two channels and finds that their average watch-time for recent times is almost equal, then it considers percentage watch-time. In this case, YouTube’s automated system naturally chooses the channel with greater percentage watch-time. Then again when two channels have the same level of percentage watch-time, the one with greater size of recent average watch-time gets preferred by YouTube.

There are many new YouTubers out there who say that they SEOd their YouTube videos, but still no good results and they hardly get views. Well the thing is that SEO of your YouTube videos is a secondary thing to consider when it comes to the question of your videos being viral, at least your channel getting significant number of views. The primary thing that is considered here by YouTube’s system is recent average watch-time. Once your recent watch-time improves, you can expect that your videos will get significant views from that point onwards.

Learn in brief what you need to do to have good watch-time

So my suggestions to you new YouTubers is that you focus on the quality of your YouTube videos. To ensure this quality ask yourself whether your videos are really useful and unique to viewers. If not, then try to change the type of content/niche of your videos. Once your channel starts to get significant views, try to develop or at least retain the watch-time size. Suppose for a couple of days your average watch-time is good, then you should get a lot of views in this period. Later, if your average watch-time falls down, then you may not get enough views as before. Even if your watch-time remains fairly constant, you might lose views if your competitors are somehow able to increase their watch-time.

Watch-time and percentage watch-time
This is a symbolic image to signify the importance of average watch-time of videos to grow YouTube channels

Come to know why number of views might reduce drastically

I experienced this phenomenon at least twice in my YouTubing career. In one of my channels, I had significant views for almost one month. Then all of a sudden the number of views declined drastically whereas my average watch-time was fairly constant. The thing is that my competitors on YouTube were able to develop their average watch time while I was not. The same thing happened to another of my channels two months later. So the bottom line is that if you want your YouTube videos to go viral, then you must somehow increase the average watch time for them. And once your channel is established, try to increase your average watch time even more. It’s the only way you can sustain in YouTubing, unless you have a lot of subscribers.

If you have a lot of subscribers like at least 50k, then your views per day will remain fairly constant unless it increases. So keep uploading quality content until you reach a big milestone of subscribers. Lastly for your information, when I mentioned about my competitors, I meant the YouTubers who used to upload the same kind of content that I did. Like, YouTubers who all upload funny videos and contents on their channels are competitors to one another. One uploading educational content should not be a competitor to another uploading funny/amazing videos.

How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages

Are you interested to have your channel verified?

In this article we are going to discuss how to get verified on YouTube with a phone number. Now there might be a question as to why Google would want to have your phone number. There are plenty of reasons for that. Google wants to make sure that you’re not using any VPN. Also it wants to know you personally, your phone number is a key to that. Once you give Google your number, they know for sure that you are real and don’t have intentions to commit crimes/violations. Even if you do any such thing, Google can contact the authorities and provide them with your phone number. These are some of the reasons why Google would want your personal number.

Advantages of getting your YouTube channel verified

There are lot of advantages of having your YouTube channel verified. Firstly you can upload videos with duration longer than 15 minutes. Once you’re verified, it doesn’t matter to YouTube how lengthy your video is. Although once I uploaded videos longer than 15 minutes on an unverified channel, but I can’t do that anymore. May be it was a glitch in YouTube’s system back then in October 2016. However you can still try that on your channel and let me know what happens.

Another advantage of having your channel verified is that you can use custom thumbnails. This is crucial thing/point. This is the reason why you must phone-verify your YouTube channel. Because you just can not do with thumbnails provided by YouTube’s automated system, most of the times they are very boring. These thumbnails may even seem irrelevant and misleading. I was obliged to verify my channels a couple of times just because of this situation, to be able to use custom thumbnails.

Also you are not allowed to live-stream while you’re still unverified. Previously scheduled publishing of videos was not allowed on unverified channels. But this is now allowed, at least according to my experience. If you experience otherwise, please let me know.

If you know any other advantages of having your YouTube channel verified other than the above-mentioned, then kindly let me know. You know when you share your knowledge with others, it never lessens. (This article is on how to get verified on YouTube)

Myths about YouTube channel-verification

There are some myths among people regarding the phone-verification of YouTube channels. Some believe that even though you can earn money on an unverified channel, it must be at some point phone-verified to withdraw that money. This is just a myth, is a false idea and has no basis. Because verified or not, your channel’s earnings will transfer to the associated AdSense account at certain time each month. So you can withdraw that money at your ease. Nevertheless every AdSense account has to be verified to withdraw earnings, but that’s a different story.

Another myth about channel-verification is that verified channels’ videos are likely to get viral, while it is very challenging to make videos of unverified channels viral. This is again just a myth, it has no basis. Because whether a YouTube video will go viral or not depends solely on the content of the video. It has nothing to do with the verification status of the channel. If the content is nice and percentage watch-time is close to 70%-80% (or at least greater than most other contemporary videos), then the video is likely to get viral. (This article is on how to get verified on YouTube)

How to get verified on YouTube and the advantages


Now how to get verified on YouTube

Now it’s up to you to decide whether your channel will be verified or not. You know in 2016 many YouTubers had countless channels. For example, I knew some YouTubers who each had 15-20 channels. And every now and then some of their channels got terminated, so they created newer channels. This is the reason these YouTubers didn’t choose to have their channels phone-verified. Because with each phone number you can verify only four channels in a year, two with message and two with calls. When the year is finished, you can use that number again to verify newer channels.

But the situation is different this year. I don’t think now-a-days YouTubers have a tendency to run multiple channels. So I don’t see any reason for you to keep your YouTube channel unverified. Also for the ‘custom-thumbnail’ thing I personally suggest you to get your channel verified. Now let’s show you how to get verified on YouTube.

First you need to go to ‘Channel’ tab while you’re on video manager or dashboard of your channel. When you’re on Channel’s Status and features page, you’ll see the blue button saying ‘Verify’, just click on it. Then provide your phone number without the country-code because your country will already be selected there. Now whether to use message or call. I personally prefer ‘message’, may be you do the same. But if you already recently used ‘message’ twice from your phone number and now want to have a third or fourth channel verified, you need to use ‘call’.

If you have chosen message, then a six-digit pin-code will come to your phone which you need to enter on your channel’s verification page. If you selected ‘call’, then a lady machine-voice will call you and it will let you know the six-digit number and also will tell you not to share the number with anyone else. This is how to get verified on YouTube.

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How to rank YouTube channel with keywords

Unable to find your channel in search results?

It is a common report of new YouTubers that they don’t find their channel in search results when they make a search with relevant keywords. In other words, they could not rank YouTube channel yet. Well, there are two main reasons for this to happen; they are described below.

(1) Malpractice of using similar name to rank YouTube channel

Many new Youtubers think that they should use most common keywords in their channel name. Like somebody making funny videos and uploading them names their channel ‘Funny Videos’. The thing is that there are probably hundreds, even thousands of channels on YouTube that have their name starting with the keywords ‘Funny Videos’. Some of these channels have been successful while others have not. So it is natural that any new channel with the same keywords will not be welcomed by YouTube’s search algorithm. That’s why they are not found on search results.

Someone naming their channel with common keywords must adopt keyword variations. Like, it is okay to name a channel starting with ‘Funny Videos’ if some extra words are to be added. These extra words might be ‘of India 2017’, ‘of all time’, ‘-the best ones’ etc. If some unique variations like these are adopted, then YouTube’s search algorithm will surely be interested in your channel this time. And it’ll be easier for you to rank YouTube channel.

(2) Lack of optimization for your channel (not using ‘channel keywords’)

The second reason why your channel is not showing in search results is that may be you haven’t optimized your channel with relevant keywords. Even if you used ‘channel keywords’, may be they were not the right ones to rank YouTube channel. Without proper keywords a channel is like a boat floating randomly in the seas without sail, rudder and engine. So you need to know how to properly set channel keywords.

How to rank YouTube channel with keywords

First of all go to your channel’s dashboard, then to ‘Channel’ tab. Now click on the ‘Advanced’ button. Here you’ll see the place where you’re supposed to type your channel keywords, just do it. Suppose your channel’s name is ‘Funny Videos of India 2017’ and your cyber-name is Dx Arijit. Then your channel keywords might be Dx Arijit, Funny Videos 2017, Funny Videos of India, Comical Videos etc. You have to type these keywords and use commas in between them. (After putting the keywords be sure to press the ‘Save’ button below, or all your labor will go to waste.)

So anyone searching on YouTube with keywords like “Funny Videos of India” or “Dx Arijit” will probably find your channel. That means your channel will likely be on the first page of search results. And if your channel name is unique on YouTube, then anyone typing your channel’s name while on a search will directly find it, i.e. it will be the first result of the search.

How to find suitable keywords for your channel

To find suitable keywords you could use many tools including Google AdWords. Once you have signed into your AdWords account and been on the dashboard, you need to click on the ‘Tool’ menu. Now click the ‘Keyword planner’ on the drop-down menu. You’ll be directed to another page. This time you’ll click on the thing stating ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’. You need to type your channel’s name in the ‘Your product or service’ blank space and then hit the blue ‘Get ideas’ button below. Thus you will have some keywords suggestions there, choose the ones that suit you the most.

If you follow and go through the above-mentioned steps you will definitely have some success to rank YouTube channel. Now that you have read the current article I guess you might like the following one describing on-page and off-page optimization of your channel.

Youtube search: How to rank your video higher

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YouTube added Limit to display number of Ads on your Videos

Are you privy to this update on number of ads shown on YouTube videos?

Recently YouTube made a huge update on the number of ads to be displayed on YouTube videos. From now onwards there will be three different $ signs besides YouTube videos: green, yellow and black. The green $ sign indicates that the associated video is perfect for ad showing, there is nothing wrong with it. Plenty of ads will be shown on these videos with green $ sign.

But the problem is about the yellow and black $ videos. The yellow $ sign indicates either of the following two things:

(i) The associated video is not perfect for ad showing. It has a tiny bit of problem, either with the metadata or the content.

(ii) Even if the video has no problem at all, the thing is that advertisers are not exactly interested to put ads on these videos.

YouTube added Limit to display number of Ads on your Videos

Appeal if you think this is simply a misunderstanding

As the owner of the channel you still have one last chance, you can appeal for a yellow or a black $ sign video only once. Because anybody including artificial intelligence/automated system can make a mistake. After reviewing the YouTube authority will let you know their decision regarding your video. They will either correct any mistakes previously made or leave the monetization status of your video unchanged.

While no ads will be shown on black $ sign videos, only limited number of ads will be shown on yellow $ sign videos. As a result you can expect little earnings from these videos. This is why as an experienced YouTuber my suggestion to you is that you should always follow all the community and copyright guidelines of YouTube. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t have any unmonetized or partially monetized videos. If all your videos are fully monetized then number of ads shown on your videos as well as your YouTube earnings will have no upper limit.

Now that you have read the current article, I guess you might like the following one which describes why YouTube authority may consider your videos ineligible for monetization.

YouTube monetization: Video is Monetized Still No Ad_ Here’s why…