Slideshow videos lead to account termination?

Who/what is responsible for termination of channels based on slideshow videos?

Lately there has been a rumor that ‘Slideshow videos lead to account termination. At least, slideshow videos don’t earn much revenue by AdSense’. Well, a rumor is just a rumor; and there are grounds for this declaration. Firstly, it is not slideshow videos that lead to YouTube account termination, it is something else. May be, it is copyright infringement that leads to account termination. Now there might be a question as to how’s that? We’re going to explain that here.

Suppose that you are a YouTuber who made slideshow videos and uploaded them onto your channel. And within a few days you found your account terminated. So you jumped to a conclusion that it must be your slideshow videos that were responsible for your YouTube account termination. And you started to blame yourself and your luck as to why you chose to upload slideshow videos onto your channel in the first place. Well, I tell you again: there is nothing wrong with the decision to upload slideshow videos. May be it is the images that are to blame. Are you sure that the images that you used to make those slideshows are rightfully yours?

Be careful while collecting images to make slideshow videos

Many people don’t give a damn while collecting images to prepare their slideshow videos. It is they who get caught in the act. Because even images that you intend to use on YouTube have to be either yours, or you must have proper permission to use them. You can not simply download images from or other search engines and use them to prepare your slideshow videos. Because most of these images already belong to other websites/YouTube channels.

So if you use these random pictures without proper authentication, then it is highly likely that sooner or later you’ll get caught; copyright claims will be imposed on your channel, and it will simply vanish without showing the exact reason behind the termination. YouTube/Google authority likes to maintain strict privacy of their company. Sometimes they prefer NOT to come up with explicit explanation. This is why when they find certain channel which have infringed their copyright policies, they may simply terminate it without explaining much. Most channels that have been terminated have a red banner saying that ‘This account has been terminated for spam, deceptive practices, copyright infringements or other violations of YouTube’s policies’.

How to download images without copyright risk

If you need to download a couple of images that you are gonna use to make slideshow videos, then there is a safe technique to do that. And you can download them from google. com itself. All you have to do is to use a special button.

First of all, you need to type the keyword in google search box and hit ‘Enter’, thus see the results. Then you need to switch to ‘Images’ tab and press the ‘Tools’ button. Upon pressing that you’ll see the ‘Usage rights’ sub-button. You need to click there. It’s basically a drop-down button. Upon clicking it you’ll see a few options. You need to choose between options no. 2 and 3. If you’re planning to modify the downloaded images, then choose the 2nd option that reads ‘Labeled for reuse with modification’. If you’re planning to not do any edits/modifications on the images, then choose option no. 3 which is ‘Labeled for reuse’.

Choosing right images for slideshow videos

There you have it!

This way you can download as many images from as you want, you run absolutely no risk of getting copyright strikes or account termination. Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong if you choose to base your YouTube channel on slideshow videos. You just have to make sure that the images you’re going to use come from authentic sources, that’s all. I have seen many slideshow channels that are running very successfully, months after months, year after year without getting any copyright strikes. They must have properly followed YouTube’s policies regarding copyright. And the channels that didn’t follow those policies got terminated ultimately.

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