Slideshow videos lead to account termination?

Who/what is responsible for termination of channels based on slideshow videos?

Lately there has been a rumor that ‘Slideshow videos lead to account termination. At least, slideshow videos don’t earn much revenue by AdSense’. Well, a rumor is just a rumor; and there are grounds for this declaration. Firstly, it is not slideshow videos that lead to YouTube account termination, it is something else. May be, it is copyright infringement that leads to account termination. Now there might be a question as to how’s that? We’re going to explain that here.

Suppose that you are a YouTuber who made slideshow videos and uploaded them onto your channel. And within a few days you found your account terminated. So you jumped to a conclusion that it must be your slideshow videos that were responsible for your YouTube account termination. And you started to blame yourself and your luck as to why you chose to upload slideshow videos onto your channel in the first place. Well, I tell you again: there is nothing wrong with the decision to upload slideshow videos. May be it is the images that are to blame. Are you sure that the images that you used to make those slideshows are rightfully yours?

Be careful while collecting images to make slideshow videos

Many people don’t give a damn while collecting images to prepare their slideshow videos. It is they who get caught in the act. Because even images that you intend to use on YouTube have to be either yours, or you must have proper permission to use them. You can not simply download images from or other search engines and use them to prepare your slideshow videos. Because most of these images already belong to other websites/YouTube channels.

So if you use these random pictures without proper authentication, then it is highly likely that sooner or later you’ll get caught; copyright claims will be imposed on your channel, and it will simply vanish without showing the exact reason behind the termination. YouTube/Google authority likes to maintain strict privacy of their company. Sometimes they prefer NOT to come up with explicit explanation. This is why when they find certain channel which have infringed their copyright policies, they may simply terminate it without explaining much. Most channels that have been terminated have a red banner saying that ‘This account has been terminated for spam, deceptive practices, copyright infringements or other violations of YouTube’s policies’.

How to download images without copyright risk

If you need to download a couple of images that you are gonna use to make slideshow videos, then there is a safe technique to do that. And you can download them from google. com itself. All you have to do is to use a special button.

First of all, you need to type the keyword in google search box and hit ‘Enter’, thus see the results. Then you need to switch to ‘Images’ tab and press the ‘Tools’ button. Upon pressing that you’ll see the ‘Usage rights’ sub-button. You need to click there. It’s basically a drop-down button. Upon clicking it you’ll see a few options. You need to choose between options no. 2 and 3. If you’re planning to modify the downloaded images, then choose the 2nd option that reads ‘Labeled for reuse with modification’. If you’re planning to not do any edits/modifications on the images, then choose option no. 3 which is ‘Labeled for reuse’.

Choosing right images for slideshow videos

There you have it!

This way you can download as many images from as you want, you run absolutely no risk of getting copyright strikes or account termination. Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong if you choose to base your YouTube channel on slideshow videos. You just have to make sure that the images you’re going to use come from authentic sources, that’s all. I have seen many slideshow channels that are running very successfully, months after months, year after year without getting any copyright strikes. They must have properly followed YouTube’s policies regarding copyright. And the channels that didn’t follow those policies got terminated ultimately.

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Creative commons videos – Things you should know

What is creative commons in YouTube?

Suppose you’re creating a video on top 10 tourist spots and you need a couple of clips regarding that. Now it is not possible for you to visit those places physically and record those clips. All you can do is use YouTube’s built-in resource known as creative commons. This is a library of videos that are basically owned by creators, still they are re-usable by other YouTubers. Before using them to create new videos, they must be edited.

Previously YouTube had a rule that creative commons videos could be used only through YouTube’s video editor with url But things are about to change as YouTube has declared that they will get rid of this video editor within 20 September, 2017.

Are you planning to use creative commons videos?

If you’re unable to create new videos, then you can use creative commons videos. Even if you’re good at creating videos and you do that once in a while, you might still need these creative commons videos. Like as in the case mentioned at the beginning of this article (top 10 video). So the thing is that as a YouTuber you should know the proper use and details of creative commons videos.

Firstly, come to know where to find these videos. If you’re using YouTube’s built-in video editor, then you’ll see a ‘cc’ link (in a circle) in the middle of the screen while you’re on the editor page. You need to click on it. Then you need to make a search on your particular interest. In my case, I just made a search for clips on ‘Mosharraf Karim’ who is a very famous and popular actor in my country. You can see my search results in the following picture.

Creative commons search results

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Make a direct YouTube search to find cc videos

There is another way to find cc videos, you can make a direct search for them on YouTube. Suppose I made a direct search of ‘Mosharraf Karim’ clips on YouTube and had some results. Now I need to filter the results. I click on the ‘Filter’ button first and then on ‘Creative commons’ option/feature, as shown in the following image. Finally I have the desired results, now it’s time to choose one or more from many clips available.

YouTube's search Filter

Is it okay to download cc videos and re-upload after modifying them?

If you’re planning to fully re-upload a cc video after minor edits like putting a brand, then you’re thinking wrong. Because creative commons videos are not meant to be used like that. They are supposed to be partially used and that too for specialized purposes. Like you’re creating a top 10 tourist spots video; to do that you can use a cc video on Tajmahal partially. If you’re going to use a cc video fully, then make sure that it’s a part of your bigger video. The point is that you can’t simple ‘copycat’ a cc video, they are not for that purpose.

Now the question is whether cc videos are to be used only through YouTube’s built-in video editor? Or they can be downloaded too and later modified and re-uploaded? Previously YouTube had a strict policy that cc videos are to be used only through the mentioned video editor, but lately things have changed. YouTube itself has decided not to keep this editor anymore. Which means only one thing – creative commons videos can surely be downloaded and edited by external video editor and later re-uploaded, but in the appropriate way indeed as described above.

Risk of copyright strike when using creative commons videos

Many people have been lately reporting that they used certain videos through creative commons policies, yet they received copyright strikes. Now there is a question as to why’s that? The thing is that you need to be 100% sure about the true owner of a certain clip and also if it’s available as creative commons, before you can use that.

Sometimes people illegally copy someone else’s clips to prepare their own video and they declare in the description of the video that it is re-usable (cc). When you decide to use their ‘copycat’ video, you basically are stealing the content owned by original creator. Thus unknowingly you are violating YouTube’s policies regarding users’ copyright. So always try to get to the root, i.e. the original creator of certain video clip. If they grant you permission to use that, then you can do that. Also you can request them to make their clip available as creative commons. When you have used a cc clip, be sure to give credits to the original content creator in the description box of your edited/made-up video on YouTube.

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YouTubing niche: Choose a nice one

Find a unique YouTubing niche

To be a successful YouTuber you need to choose an appropriate and unique YouTubing niche (topic/idea) for your channel. ‘Appropriate’ means you have to choose a topic that people are commonly interested in. You should not choose a topic that people would find odd, irrelevant and awkward. On the other hand, ‘unique’ means you need to choose a niche that is not frequently used by YouTubers. Here are some YouTubing niches that you can work on.

Top 5/10/20 videos. Best 5 and worst 5 videos. You can make videos on physical fitness and gymnasium. Also videos on successful people’s biographies could be a good choice. Children’s funny moments: suppose you give lemon pieces to several children to taste, then record their facial expressions; it surely will be funny. You can YouTubing if you’re a legal adviser/lawyer and have a good grasp on country’s laws, like marital laws, laws on lands etc.

Like travelling? This hobby can be your suitable niche

You can make your YouTube channel based on tourist points and attractions. You can go to those places and record videos on surroundings. Also you can advise people on how to get there, what will be approximate expenses, why they should visit those places etc. School-level science experiments can also be a good YouTubing niche. You can even create a channel based on motivational speeches/ideas. Gardening and farming can be another nice YouTubing niche. There are channels which are based on trolls and comedy. If you and your associates are good at acting and comedy, then you can try it.

Travelling places can be a good YouTubing niche
Travelling places can be a good YouTubing niche

Expert on career counseling? Try this as YouTubing niche

May be you’re good at career counseling. Then you can try this as the niche/topic of your channel. You can discuss to your viewers how banking career is, what they need to do to join army/force. Also what should be their career strategy if they would like to join medical studies/engineering/hotel management. You can even advise people on different insurance companies and their policies, also on share/stock market, Forex, currencies, bitcoins. If you’re good at teaching a particular language, then you can sure try that as your YouTubing niche.

Not only languages, you can teach other subjects as well on your YouTube channel: like maths, accounting etc. May be you’re an expert on technology, like android apps. Then you can create a channel based on these tutorials. You can also try review on new mobile phone models and latest gadgets. If you like poetry then you can try it as YouTubning niche, simply recite the poems to your viewers. There are people who established their YouTube channels on cover songs, cover dances. choreography, playing instruments like guitars, piano etc.

Like to interview people or show magic tricks?

If you’re good at taking interviews of people, then you can try it. You can even add some humor while interviewing. If you’re expert on showing magic tricks, then you can try it as your channel’s YouTubing niche. ‘Life hacks’ could also be a good choice. There are many people out there who don’t know how to fill ‘online applications’ for govt and private jobs. You could show them how to do that. ‘Ethical hacking’ can be a good YouTubing niche.

Then again, may be you are good at photography. In that case teach people how to do that properly. Let them know where and when they should take their photos and also how. May be you’re good at Photoshop or video editing. These can also be good choice as YouTubing niche. May be you have a good personality. Then you can teach people how to develop their personality. If you know how to drive motor vehicles, then you can teach people to do that. You can also teach people to do maintenance or repairing machinery if you’re good at that. If you’re an expert on bike or cars, then show your expertise to people.

Creating slideshows on daily news is a good YouTubing niche

You can make video slideshows on daily news and views. You can react to movies on your channel as to recently you saw a movie and then as a critic you discuss the pros and cons of that o viewers. If you and your friends are good at acting, then you can make video clips: some of them may be funny and prank, no problem. If you have a good camera as DSLR then you can record nice pictures and clips of atmosphere and thus can have some attention from the viewers. If you like to pet animals like dogs, cats then you can create a channel based on it. You can record funny/unusual clips on them and also train people on how to properly take care of their pets by giving new tips each and everyday.

If you’re interested in games and sports, then you can create a channel based on this particular YouTubing niche. You can focus on a single sport or more than one sports, just suit yourself. You can always use creative common clips, so I don’t see any reason for you to worry about managing clips. There are YouTubers out there who base their channels on Football, Cricket, WWE and even video games. You yourself can present sports news or you can make a little bit drama along with friends/associates while presenting the sports’ news, it’s all up to you.

Have expertise on health tips? Then try it

You can base your channel on health tips. If you’re a doctor or a physician or a health expert, then you can deliver tips on how to stay healthy. You can advise people on certain diseases as to what they need to do if they have it, how to do its treatment and what medicine should be taken etc. You can also create a channel based on fashion, hairstyle and footwear. If you’re a designer or software developer then it can be your YouTubing nice. Tell people how to develop software or test them. You can show your skills if you’re good at interior designing.

Your channel can be based on prank videos. You may be expert in presenting double-meaning jokes, then do it on your YouTube channel. Cooking, beauty tips, ayurvedic advice and astrology can also become the niche of your channel. May be you’re interested in politics. You can base your channel on that. Political jokes are also a good and popular YouTubing niche. These jokes include short comedy films on politics. You can also try cartoons and animations. Create animated cartoons/clips and put music/song into it.

May be you’re good at hardware networking, then you can try this particular niche. Also you might have many ideas on how to make money, you can share them with people. You can base your channel on entrepreneurship or self-employment. You can also show your skills on arts, paintings, crafting.

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7 security tips for your WordPress website

Strong username and password for your WordPress website

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to ensure the security of your WordPress website is to have a unique username and a strong password. Don’t use ‘admin’ as your username, nor any other predictable word. Also while setting a password, make sure that it consists of both lowercase and uppercase letters and also one or more digits. That way your password will become super strong and nobody will be able to break it easily.

Strong username and password makes sure that your WordPress website is not vulnerable to hacking. No matter what sort of content your website might contain, somebody may always try to break your security systems and thus take over your WordPress website from you.

Keep everything updated on your WordPress website

There are plugins and themes on your WordPress website. Always keep them updated. Also make sure that you use the latest version of WordPress available. Websites that don’t update their plugins, themes and WordPress version regularly, are more prone to be hacked. When you attempt to update your WordPress version, you might be prompt to backup your website, be sure to do that. It’s necessary to make sure that you don’t lose any data on your site while updating. ‘updraftplus’ is a good plugin to backup your website data.

If you’re having a number of themes installed on your WordPress website, but use only one, then be sure to remove/uninstall any unnecessary themes that you don’t want to update regularly. Although it’s a good practice to have one extra theme on your site, even if you don’t have intentions to switch to it.

Take measures to minimize spam comments

There are certain measures that you can take to minimize spam comments on your WordPress website. Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Discussion’ tab of your WordPress dashboard. Check the box that reads’ Before a comment appears, comments must be manually approved’. Also you can type certain words and phrases in ‘Comment Moderation’ and ‘Comment Blacklist’ boxes that need to be taken care of when someone’s comments contain them.

Words and phrases listed in ‘Comment Moderation’ box make sure that comments get automatically held for moderation when they contain any of those. Also words and phrases listed in ‘Comment Blacklist’ box make sure that comments get automatically marked as spam when they contain any of those. To minimize spam comments you can even check the box that reads ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’. After making these changes be sure to press the ‘Save changes’ button below, or all your hard-work will go in vain.

Install ‘Sucuri’ plugin on your WordPress website

You need to install the following ‘Sucuri’ plugin which has 300,000+ active installs at this moment.

image of Sucuri plugin for WordPress website

Although it has a paid version, but the free version itself is capable of performing phenomenal tasks for your WordPress website. When you have installed this, you can run a scan on your site to see if it has been hacked already. To use this plugin fully you may need to ‘Generate API key’, although its free of cost.

Use a good hosting service

What hosting service you’re using plays an important role in securing your site. You may prefer to use a cheap hosting service, but remember that such one comes with its own problems and hazards. So try to use a reliable hosting service even if it might cost you a little bit extra.

Use SSL plugin on your site

SSL stands for ‘Security socket layer’. It may stands for even something else to some people. Whatever, you know what it is. You just need to use a good plugin of SSL on your WordPress website. It encrypts all the information that is being exchanged on your website and thus the hacker has never had a clue to what those information are. Also Google prefers websites that use SSL. The paid version is better to use. If money is not a issue for you to invest in your site, then you can use a good paid version of SSL plugin that costs you $50-$80 a year.

Be sure to backup your WordPress website

There are some good hosting services out there who offer backup services free of cost, thus they ensure that you never lose any data or information of your WordPress website. They even remind you a couple of times everyday to backup your website data. If your hosting service doesn’t offer you these, then you can use a free plugin to backup your website data. Its name is ‘updraftplus’.

Hide your Facebook profile: Get rid of spys and strangers

Facebook is becoming more popular day by day among users for its new and newer updates and features. This social media platform has been bringing new services to its users every now and then. No one can possibly think of leading a modern life now-a-days without a Facebook profile of their own.

Be it posting a status or uploading a picture or checking-in at somewhere, Facebook has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Not only have we had the whole world in our grasp through Facebook, but it also helps us establish connection with our lost friends.

Thinking about hiding your Facebook profile?

Many-a-times you may need to hide your Facebook profile. There are users out there who like to stay on Facebook on their own. They want to add only their real-life friends and acquaintances to their Facebook friends’ list and they’re not inclined to add strangers to that list. At the same time they don’t anyone other than their Facebook friends to find them, even if someone searched for them on Facebook using their email id or phone number. Well, there is a way to do that. You can use an option on your Facebook profile so that no one other than your Facebook friends can find you. Now learn how to do that.

How to actually hide your profile on Facebook

First of all, you need to go to the privacy settings of your Facebook profile. In the lower section of the page you will find ‘Who can look me up?’ part, just as in the picture below:

'Who can look me up?' section of Facebook profile settings page

Here you’ll see three options. In the first option you get to choose who can look you up using the email address you provided. You have to select one of the three choices: ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends of friends’, ‘Friends’. In the second option you get to choose who can look you up using the phone number you provided. In the third option you get to choose whether or not your Facebook profile is going to be linked with search engines other than Facebook itself.

If you keep your profile linked with all search engines, then people may find your profile on certain searches which may be good or bad depending on your particular case and choice. Suppose you’re a lawyer or a doctor, in that case you should keep your profile linked with all search engines. This way a person who is seeking legal or medical services will be able to reach you. But should you use your Facebook profile only to communicate with friends and acquaintances, then you should get rid of this linking. Best of luck with your privacy and Facebooking experience.

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