End screen of YouTube: Learn how to use it

YouTube’s Annotations and end screens are excellent ways to promote other videos on the channel and even other channels and prompt the user to subscribe to the channel. In this tutorial we shall learn how to use ‘End screen’ on a particular video on your channel. In the next one, we shall learn to use ‘Annotations’.

While you’re on your channel’s video manager, click on the drop-down sign next to the ‘Edit’ option of the particular video; a drop-down menu will emerge from where you’ll be choosing ‘End screen & Annotations’.

End screen

You’ll arrive on the page for ‘End screen’. Here you can add up to 4 elements. It is best practice to give links to two of the other videos on the channel. These two videos have to be the most relevant to the current one. Then you can add a link to promote another channel of yours or somebody else’s or even a playlist on your current channel. If you have an website of your own which has been verified and approved by YouTube on your current channel, then you can add the site’s link instead of promoting another channel or a playlist. And you will use the fourth link to prompt the viewer to subscribe to your channel, even if they may already be your subscriber. Remember that the duration of the end-screen is 5-20 seconds. Your video has to be at least 25 seconds long to have an end-screen.

End screen

As depicted earlier, you can add up to four elements to promote your content, channel and websites. Elements can expand to show more information on hover on desktop and on tap on mobile devices. This is a great advantage of end-screen over annotations, as they work on mobile devices too whereas annotations don’t.

When you’re going to add a video or playlist, you will have three options: (1) Most recent upload (2) Best for viewer (3) Choose a video or playlist. if you go for ‘Best for viewer’ then YouTube AI (Artificial intelligence) will choose a video most relevant to the current one, so you can try this. But my personal favorites would be option no. (1) and (3). Since I like to add two videos on the end-screen, so I will choose ‘Most recent upload’ for one and select another video for my second option.

In my third link I will prompt the viewer to subscribe to my channel. And in my fourth link I will promote someone else’s channel. In return I plan to have some advantage from them, like financial advantage. I could even promote my another channel or a channel owned by any of my friends or relatives. For that I don’t plan to charge them anything. The ‘website’ thing seems a little bit risky and confusing to me at this moment; also none of my websites have the same kind of content that my YouTube channel has. That’s why I don’t like to add my site’s link currently to the end-screen. Once the website thing (terms & conditions) becomes crystal-clear to me, may be then I’ll be brave enough to add my site’s link. Till then best of luck to everyone. Have a nice day!

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