How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

Hate comments and dislikes are a big factor for many on YouTube, because they tend to be demotivated from these. As a YouTuber I have gone through similar experience. Many-a-times when I received hate comments and dislikes on my videos I felt like quitting on YouTubing. So today we are going to describe how to deal with hate comments & dislikes on YouTube.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

When you have a hate comment or dislike on any of videos on your YouTube channel, that’s actually a positive opportunity for you. Let me explain. When YouTube considers your video to rank higher on search results they consider a number of factors, like viewers’ engagement. This term ‘viewers’ engagement’ means to how much extent your viewers are engaged with your video. YouTube considers the fact whether your viewers are liking or disliking (in a word, rating) your video and commenting on it. They don’t bother if this engagement of your video is positive or negative. Recently many big YouTubers have revealed that dislikes on a video never affects a video negatively. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

It is not like that your video will not get rank just because it got some dislikes. On the contrary, dislikes on your video may help it rank higher, because they indicate higher viewers’ engagement of your video (so it is better to have negative comments than no comments at all). Remember that NOT every viewer is going to like a video no matter how good it is. Someone watched your full video and then put a dislike – this gives YouTube a clear indication that there is at least something positive about your video content; otherwise that person would never watch your video to the end. Like or dislike – it increased your video’s viewers’ engagement. Comments will do the same – be they positive or negative ones. The thing is that YouTube will never read the comments posted below your video, it will just count their number to have a measure of viewers’ engagement. YouTube’s system is designed only to detect spam comments. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

So now you see there is no reason for you to hate back your haters, because they are a blessing for you in a way; they bring about good results for your videos and you. Now let’s learn how to deal with these haters. The very first trick is that you must not hate them back. If you post ‘hate replies’ to their comments below your video, then the amount of ‘hate attack’ will simply increase on you which in turn will solve nothing. If you must reply to a negative comment, then try to be as polite as possible, behave like a call center or customer care representative. Your good manners will finally shame that culprit and make them behave good with you. Mark my words, they will be your best subscriber after that. So never to be disappointed. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

Another risk of posting bad replies to certain individuals is that if you keep doing that, then at a point YouTube’s AI will detect that there are a lot of spam comments on your videos and may ultimately suspend your channel. So giving back the same rude behavior will cause damages only to you, the channel owner and NOT the haters. We have seen that many YouTubers have reached success even if they initially received a lot of hate comments and dislikes. They never lost their heart because they were dedicated to their passion, the particular niche they worked on as a YouTuber. (This article is on How to deal With hate comments & dislikes on YouTube)

If you still want to get rid of these hate comments and commenters, then there are certain tricks that you can follow. First of all go to the ‘Channel’ tab of your channel (if you are on video manager, then you should easily find it.) Choose ‘Upload defaults’, then in the ‘comments’ section, allow only the ‘Approved’ ones.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

If you use YouTube’s built-in video editor to create a video, then you should go to the ‘Advanced settings’ of the video once it is created, because the ‘Upload defaults’ don’t work for videos created through the use of this video editor. In order to do that, first be on the video manager of your channel, then click on the ‘Edit’ option of your particular ‘created’ video.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

You’ll see the following options.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

Click on the ‘Advanced settings’ and then allow only ‘Approved’ comments.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

If you have this type of setting for each of your videos, then comments posted on your videos won’t be directly published, they will wait for your approval. To see recently posted comments and approve them go to ‘Community’ tab while you are on video manager and click on ‘Comments’ (unless you’re already there). Here you’ll see the published and the probable spam comments, also the ones awaiting your approval.

How to Deal With Hate Comments & Dislikes on YouTube

From here you can unpublish or trash any published comment, also choose to reply to a particular one. If you mark a few comments from a certain YouTube user as spam, it is likely that they won’t be able to post further comments on your channel. Also an user marked as ‘spammer’ by many runs the risk of losing their YouTube account/channel. If you think that a certain user has been harassing you by posting bad comments and you want them blocked from doing that, then you can choose to ‘Hide this user’s comments on your channel’. Watch the following short video to learn how to do that:

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