AdSense account: Know some details about it

Today we are going to let you know some details about your AdSense account. YouTubers who are new in the business don’t know how to use it properly. They have difficulty about it in almost every aspect, like how to add a new gmail/channel in an existing AdSense account, how to add banking details in payment section etc.

How to add a new gmail/channel in an existing AdSense account

While you’re on your AdSense account’s dashboard/homepage, you will see a panel of tabs to your left, click on the ‘Settings’ tab there.

AdSense account

You’ll be directed to the ‘Settings’ page. While you’re there and your mouse cursor is on the ‘Tab Panel’, just scroll down a bit and you’ll get to see this particular link with the name ‘Access and authorization’.

AdSense account

If you click on the link, the ‘User management’ page will appear by default. This is the page where you’re going to add another gmail/channel.

AdSense account

Some gmails might already have been added. Now type the gmail you want to add in the ‘Enter email address’ blank space. When you have properly typed it down click on the ‘Invite’ button. An AdSense joining invitation mail will go to that particular gmail inbox. Upon opening this mail, click on the ‘Visit this link’ link and go through the steps that follow. Your AdSense joining process will be complete.

By the way, it should be mentioned that besides inviting someone to join your AdSense account, you can also determine whether they are going to be a simple member or an ‘Administrator’. If you like them to be an admin, then check the box right to the added gmail id. You can also remove certain individual (gmail account) from your AdSense account simply by crossing them out, as you can see in the picture below. Remember that an admin can cancel out another admin. So consider these things before adding someone to your AdSense account, specially when making them an admin.

AdSense account

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