YouTube FAQs: Commonly asked questions – part 1

If you are a new YouTuber then there might be a lot of questions in your mind on YouTubing. Here we answer 2 commonly asked questions aka YouTube FAQs. They are listed and described below:

Q. My channel is not found when I make a YouTube search on it, why’s that?

A. Many new youtubers make a YouTube search on their channel’s name, but they don’t find it. There could be many reasons behind it. One is channel’s name itself. Is it unique? Suppose your channel’s name is ‘Funny videos..’. There are thousands of channels and contents with this particular keyword and many of them have been successfully running on YouTube for a long time now. So it’s natural that when someone makes a YouTube search with a commonly used keyword, the most popular channels will appear at the beginning of the search result. That’s why be sure to choose a unique name for your channel. (This article is on 2 YouTube FAQs)

Secondly your channel’s name may not be found on YouTube search results even if the name is unique. This could happen if you have a little content (may be only a few videos) on your channel and that too with an insignificant number of views. Since your videos have not been popular yet, your channel’s name may not be suggested by YouTube even if it sounds unique.

The thing is that as a new youtuber you shouldn’t worry about this issue. When your videos will get rank and popularity and thus help your channel grow bigger, it’s name will automatically be suggested by YouTube when searched with proper keywords. So at this moment just concentrate on uploading quality content. (This article is on 2 YouTube FAQs)

Q. How do I know whether my channel has been monetized?

A. If your new channel has got at least 10k views and then you applied to YouTube to monetize your channel and they approved it, there might still be a question on your mind as to how you know if your channel has really/properly been monetized. To be sure of that, just go to your channel’s video manager page and then click on ‘Channel’ tab. Here in the ‘Monetisation’ section click on the ‘View monetisation settings’ link.

YouTube FAQs

If you see the blue ‘Review or change AdSense association’ link in the following page, then your channel is surely monetized and you have nothing to worry about it. (This article is on 2 YouTube FAQs)

YouTube FAQs

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